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  1. By far my favorite analyst for the draft and always will be.
  2. I still see Dorian Johnson, Nico Siragusa, Issac Asiata, and Danny Isidora available at OG in the 4th round their was some really good OL talent that has fallen. Also see a stud named Caleb Brantley who fell to the 4th round a lot of people thought might go in the 1st round Carl Lawson still setting there along with Desmond King and alot of the 2nd to 4th round TE's that alot of people like. Theirs alot of talent i didn't figure would be there still to be had by us.
  3. Is that a Sarcastic liking or actually like our draft so far Sam?
  4. Really happy with this draft so far. Riley is a very acceptable pick and a legit 2nd rounder LB coming out. Had Riley as our pick on a few mocks i did but mostly as a 3rd rounder hoping he fell some which he did just not all the way down to our original 3rd. Still got him in 3rd so i wasn't totally wrong
  5. Give me Feeney, Rivers, Desmond king, or Jordan Willis at our pick and im a happy man no matter how the rest of the draft goes
  6. My top 6 needs are in order Edge Rusher RG FS OLB - starter or multiple position depth TE / Power RB I value them about the same right now and would be ok with either in the 4th round and on if we got most of the other needs finished.
  7. I wouldn't mind Reuben Foster either but don't see anyway possible him or reddick fall to us.
  8. That was the initial grade when we made the picks if you read the entire thing posted it shows he loved what we did after the season was over and gave us an A as the final grade at the end of it.
  9. Im all for college rules and starting them from the 50. Never have been a fan of the nfl OT rules at all but i always though the 25 yard line in college was a bit to easy as well.
  10. I'll go with Thomas as i don't think the Qb's are worthy of the #2 pick this year and can be had later without losing much talent at the position truthfully.
  11. I would probably do it for Derek Carr as i think he was somewhat close to ryan in MVP status last year for a good while there with less talent to work with overall. He is really young as well so i know i would have him for a long long time to come.
  12. Excuse you he will be a Patriot everyone knows their is a protocol on Te's. The Pats sign them 1st then everyone else can have what they don't want or deem acceptable.
  13. I don't mind CBS i'll use it at times but im with you on draft scout i like them a lot. My favorite football discussion forum is usually footballsfuture have been very active on their draft and mock draft sections for quite a few years now. Im not a big fan of Walters at all though and normally hate most of their work. Draft tek is not to horrible as well but not one i use as much as others. Now as for the FS thing it's possible people just don't want us to take one early but im a big fan of Baker and wouldn't be mad at him in round 1 or Maye in round 2. The other 2 guys i liked alot for us in the 2nd round were Marcus and a CB who's skill set is not as great a CB but would be perfect for a deep zone center field FS we use is Desmond King. Now on that note i personally realize we have multiple needs in RG, FS, Edge rusher, DTx2 and then later needs if we don't bring back a TE of Levine and Tamme we could use another TE to team with Hooper and Perkins in the 4th to 7th rounds with upside. To go along with TE depth i would target a Power RB likes James connor (man crush on him), and LB depth + a ST ace and returner maybe. I personally hope we target a RG in FA their are a crap ton of solid ones out there and maybe a good DT in FA Then in the draft hit Edge Rusher, FS, and another DT in rounds 1 through 3 then go BPA for depth everywhere.
  14. Actually bro im pretty big into mock drafting and looking at all the sites and write ups and stuff by scouts and analysts. As of right now Maye on most mock sites and draft boards of people who are atleast usually close to how the real draft goes has Maye being drafted around the late 2nd to late 3rd depending on how teams pick certain needs. The lucky thing for us is that not a ton of teams have big needs at FS and don't value the position quite as high as we would in our defensive scheme. Plus the CB and D-line positions are very top heavy this year with good talent and it seems alot of the experts have most of them as bigger needs and being taken earlier. This could play out well for us allowing us to get a D-line position in the 1st and Maye in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  15. Way to hold 1 game against the man when for the rest of the season he did a very good job and was better than the majority of #2 or 3 CB's in the entire league. He was actually on quite a few analysts all rookie teams when they listed 3 CB's. The 3 were usually Ramsey, Poole, and James Bradyberry. Considering the only 1 that really most people for sure was better than him was Ramsey and he was a top 5 elite prospect coming out i think Poole was by far the biggest and best pickup of all rookies since we got him after the draft.