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  1. Meh . . . The shot about him failing as an athlete is pretty ignorant. The man can hit a golf ball. He's got a very short backswing but outstanding weight transfer (he uses his "incredibly wide axe" for maximum gain) and he slots his downswing like Kent Tekulve. He would undoubtedly throw a better first pitch than Obama, who grew up without a father.
  2. We've been saying that for two years . . . but Vichey Republicans . . .
  3. He arrived at his Golf Club at 11:01. He was dressed to play golf. He was photographed in a golf cart . . . WITH CLUBS. He returned to the White House at 4:00 . . . And you say this was "meeting/leisure" time? HE FREAKIN' PLAYED GOLF!!!! Do you think anyone cares a rat's ax that he played golf on a Saturday afternoon? Of course not. But freakin OWN IT, you freakin hypocritcal lying DoucheCanoe Baboon. Just OWN IT. And WFW, get your head out of his AX, you don't know what kind of Russian Prostitute Piss you might find up there. Shamefully, I have still not registered, but I'm about a 14. . . . which disgusts me.
  4. My (occasional) Sunday morning golf group titles the weekly sign up email "Sunday Service". I just proposed changing that to "Working at the White House". (I included your link)
  5. You know I know that! And you know that that's not my point. You're not helping. Even you and my man crush admit that campaigns fo matter, if only to a limited amount. But you CAN help. Since you are the expert, do you have an opinion as to whether or not the kind of attack ads that were effectively levied on Clinton as a result of the various Russian influences was enough to change the results of Pennsylvania and Michigan?
  6. I'll take this one step at a time for you . . . I don't get the Armstrong reference. He won the Tour 7 times . . . doping each time. Doping is cheating. We can't measure how effective the cheating was, but in my opinion, he was not a legitimate Champion. No evidence of cheating We KNOW Russia hacked our election . . . ILLEGALLY. Illegally seeking to influence an election is cheating. We don't know how effective the cheating was, but . . . PA, what do the Russians have to do with PA? . . . given the closeness of the race in Pennsylvania, even if the cheating was only effective enough to change 1/2 of 1 percent of the vote, it would have been enough to change the outcome of the election. What does campaigning and yard signs have to do with Russian Collusion? There are a TON of things candidates and PAC's do to influence votes. I gave a lot of examples. One of the most EFFECTIVE things they do is run attack ads on their opponents. Trump was getting weeks of daily attack ads FREE via the Russian sourced wikileaks emails and other Russian sourced fake news. Is all that clear enough now or should I type slower and use larger font?
  7. FFS . . . AGAIN? You must pleasure yourself to a poster of Lance Armstrong on your wall every night. Because, you know . . . just because he cheated doesn't mean it actually helped him win. He won by such a landslide. Do the math . . . 1 out of every 500 votes in Michigan and 1 out of every 200 votes in Pennsylvania and Hillary is our President. You don't think the all the fake news, all the hacked emails, etc, could have changed 1/2 of 1 percent of the vote in PA? Tell me why candidates campaign and raise money and run ads and have bumper stickers and yard signs and social media and . . . . It doesn't change a single vote. Gotchya.
  8. Actually, Comey is saying that. At least my understanding of his testimony so far is that they favored Trump, hated Hillary, and TRIED to rig the election. The investigation is on Trump Campaign collusion and (I assume) the extent of the Russians' efforts.
  9. I think it's more like this:
  10. Still drinking my coffee and I've already got two of y'all banging your heads.
  11. Wait:. Are they passing the information ALONG TO THE PUBLIC? Or are they TAKING A PASS on publicizing the information? f language ambiguity man.
  12. Profession and family: Cross the line. Short Jokes: okie doakie!!
  13. Wow. Obscure. Subtle. Brilliant. Took me a minute. Extremely well played.
  14. That felony conviction keeping you away?
  15. Right. If terrorism is our greatest threat then Russia is our ally. (Which is to say that when Obama mocked Romney for claiming Russia was our biggest threat, he could not have believe that Russia was still a problem...) And if the left is concerned about Russian aggression and human rights deprivation, we don't care about terrorism. Thank you for clarifying all of our options on this stuff. FFS.
  16. They have to "meet [him] halfway and stop being stupid."
  17. Wait. The one thing that we have established with absolute certainty is that you are, in fact, a liar. Why would you "punch back" at being called what you have been proven (repeatedly) to be? That's like me "punching back" for being called "arrogant!"
  18. FIFM
  19. Is it fair to say that our privacy was just sold down the river? What is the rationale for that vote?
  20. Love the running left handed hook and stepping out to run the offense occasionally. But REALLY love the full court chaos of Press Virginia. Too bad they are always too exhausted to make their shots.
  21. You feel shame for missing it yourself
  22. "LATE"??!!!?? What in blazes is WRONG with you people?!? Three pages into this thread and not a single ONE of you have asked the appropriate question in response to this thread title: "Did you hear about the three holes in the ground?" My work here is done.
  23. Whether I'm holding my breath is a matter of opinion? Oh . . . Never mind. The legitimacy of the president is not really a matter of opinion either. It is a matter of whether the Russian influence can be measured with a sufficient degree of validity to ascertain that they were the difference. I would maintain that if it can be PROVEN that he won because of their tampering, he is as legitimate a President as Lance Armstrong was a Tour de France Champion. (Actually less legitimate, because we know everyone else was doping at the Tour.) Regarding the 2nd point: I'm applying the Republican's argument. Not the Constitutional one.
  24. I ain't holding my breath . . . . I just don't want us to delude ourselves into thinking that 1) Trump is a legitimate President or 2) The Supreme Court Appointment reflects the Republican's claimed desire: "Will of the People".