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  1. I think the key is to experience someone with opposing views long enough to recognize their humanity, but not so long that you figure out that they really are just a ***** canoe.
  2. It's too bad that anyone who is actually inspired to explore physics because of NDT is too stupid to actually contribute to physics in any way.
  3. Let's be clear about the true nature of this vicious breed. At their core, they are bred for destruction and death and violence, specifically the elderly, children, the week and disabled. We need to ask ourselves what kind of despicable human being would own such an animal? How can humans continue to bread, purchase and care of Dobermans? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/pet-doberman-kills-brooklyn-infant-article-1.339338 Pet Doberman kills Brooklyn infant
  4. What kind of threat do these guys pose for you such that you feel compelled to insult people like me who, In fact , are impressed by their ability to present science in an entertaining format. Particularly Tyson.
  5. I actually wept when Lou Reed died
  6. 13/20. Many lucky guesses. Tough quiz.
  7. Fair point. The only thing tougher about Snake than his (brutally well documented as fake) leed climbing of big mountains is his capacity to hang around here and subject himself to (brutally well documented as self-generated) abuse.
  8. So I leave my office in midtown at 5 and Tee off at Wolf Creek by 6 this afternoon. First hole is 560 yard par 5. Decent drive down the left side of the fairway. 220 yard hybrid to 90 yards, I've got my 58 wedge ready anticipating easy par or birdie. And my phone rings. Mrs. HolyMoses . . . I better answer it. She's hysterical. Laughing. Seems I left this thread open on her computer last night after I posted the picture of the "banned" Doberman on Doberman mutilation. She starts reading some of these posts . . . through her hysterics. There's a dude teeing off. He hits his drive. Mrs. Holy Moses is still hysterical: "Who's the guy who posted a video of a pig he calls Nathan Deal jumping over a doberman . . . " "That's MDrake . . . " She sounds like she's in tears . . . "Who posted the doberman's with the head coverings?" "That's ATL . . " The dude is about to his his 2nd shot. I put my phone on speaker, place it near my ball, and hit my approach. Fat. Trap. I tell Mrs. Holy Moses we'll talk about the thread later . . . She's still hysterical. Out and down in three. Bogie. Thanks a lot, guys.
  9. Who gets trolled by mods? ?!
  10. But you should not make statements like that without a disclosure WITHIN THAT POST that you have an interest.
  11. Do you have any idea how INSANE that is? Guess what: I am concerned about the planet and support Federal and International Laws that will protect the Earth. But my true goal to to keep 3rd world people poor. I support a woman's right to chose and want to keep abortion safe, legal, and rare. Because I want to limit population control as part of my marxist/socialist agenda. I want everyone to have access to health care . . . Because I want to control the masses and assert that same marxist ideogy. Question: When I achieve this Marxist Utopia that is the true aim of my Progressive values, who gets my Porsche? My Mountain House? My Stock Portfolio? I'll hang up and listen.
  12. Snake doesn't respond to me, but he "punch[ed] back" in response to the Doberman thread. Ok, I get that. (No, actually I don't. It makes no sense, but I'm trying to move on.) Please, Snake, articulate what exactly was the "punch" thrown in the Doberman thread? Was it a personal attack that justified the personal shot that was inherent in the Deal thread? Or was it a punch at a policy position that you have consistently taken on the Boards here?
  13. How do you suggest Nathan Deal has been punished? Am I to presume that you voted for Jason Carter?
  14. 'But some Dobermans are peaceful": This was a truly peaceful Doberman, Hashim, shown here cuddling with a cat. After this video was seen on the internet, Hashim was brutally and savagely mauled by other Dobermans. A video of that savagery against their own was posted on Yoytube as a message to other Dobermans who might BETRAY the true nature of the breed. I have posted it here: SUCH a peaceful breed.
  15. I like finish kare 425 "final body shine" http://www.autogeek.net/finish-kare-425-detailer.html Great shine, super slick and easy to apply. It's great after Acwash, wax, or between washes.
  16. Just stop. These A holes are gaslighting us. This is not democracy. This is NOT how things are done. This is an abomination of our values, our sovereignty and our democracy. Proof? If this happened all the time, why didn't Trump just OWN it? Why does he keep saying ANY reference to the Russians trying to manipulate our elections as "Fake News" etc? Let's be clear. Putin got his man. It's bad enough that through fake news, out right lies, Wikileaks, and a really bad Democratic Candidate, a majority of electoral votes went to Putin's man. But it is pathetic that folks on this board and elsewhere are so far up the Ax of Putin's man that they minimize the obscenity that this election, and this president is to my country, to our country. I don't know what to call them, but they are not Americans. Putin got his man. The apologists ARE with Putin. The only questions are 1) Was Trump with Putin? and 2) Did Putin do enough to actually alter the election results.
  17. We'll never know how much Deal stole from his Campaign . . . But we know how much he cost Georgia Taxpayers . . . And . . . FFS, Snake . . . my wife was investigating EXACTLY those issues when she was fired. There was NEVER an accounting because the new Ethics director swept the whole thing under the rug. You don't have to trust the AJC, you have to trust the UNREBUTTED TESTIMONY at trial . . . And the findings by the Jury. And here's the really pathetic thing: It worked. It all works for him and folks like him. Because even though you are on this message board every day, and I have posted about this ad nauseum . . . you STILL don't get it. You STILL defend the PRECISE conduct that my wife was fired in order to cover up. YOU AND YOUR BLIND IDEOLOGY ARE THE SWAMP. Of course, if you don't trust the AJC . . . http://www.myajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/state-pay-million-settle-ethics-cases/mAin8BpNN9XSNoMpM6tFMP/ State to pay $1.8 million to settle ethics cases
  18. At least I have a link . . . http://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/gov-deal-campaign-pays-his-daughter-law-firm-600k/mpZDvVPqHe6WGI0n3UftQL/ http://savannahnow.com/news/2011-05-14/deals-office-slams-tv-report-about-daughter-law (Guess why there is "no evidence of concealment" . . . ) http://southernmagnoliacapital.com/?reqp=1&reqr=nzcdYz1vLac2LKAvYaOvrt== What if there was an ongoing investigation into the validity of these payments, but the person conducting the investigation was, according to findings of fact by a Jury, fired and replaced by someone chosen by Deal's Lawyer in order to shut down the investigation? And we never ever found out just how corrupt the payments were?
  19. Why did the French let an American beat them in their own national tour for seven years in a row?
  20. Not only are they a violent breed, but they treat their beyatches like beyatches.
  21. FWIW... I knew it was about losing the law license since the speech about the uselessness of the tape. Fits Chuck's motives and explains the name change
  22. Watching now, but having seen the title I thought I would leave this here http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/how-the-sunk-cost-fallacy-makes-you-act-stupid.html