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  1. These guys would rather change the ethics law than change their unethical practices. Good on Scott Ponder for making the protest. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.georgiapol.com/2017/03/29/dekalb-ethics-board-member-resigns-protest-legislative-attack/amp/ Scott Bonder, a DeKalb County commercial litigation attorney serving on the newly-constituted board of ethics, resigned yesterday in protest of legislative changes proposed this year. House members advanced a bill to change the appointment process for the board, in anticipation of a court ruling in a lawsuit by former county commissioner Sharon Barnes-Sutton that may invalidate the board’s appointment process. Appointments to the board overseeing ethical conduct for the county board of commissioners would be made by the county’s legislators and no longer by groups like the chamber of commerce or the bar association. Legislators — principally State Rep. Vernon Jones — have taken issue with public comments by the county’s ethics officer, Stacey Kalberman, about this pending legislation. Bonder’s resignation short-circuits those criticisms. Bonder, a former Marine and instructor at Emory Law School’s Trial Advocacy Program, made his objections clear in an open letter, below.
  2. It starts as a provocative analogy regarding faith and adoption of rules. But his presentation of the rules is so far off the mark, he totally undermines any legitimacy to that underlying analogy. So, yes. Moronic. Know something about the subject you are critiquing.
  3. Wait a minute . . . Wait just one G.D. minute . . . Maybe . . . . ? NO!!! Sort of . . . ?
  4. Ted Cruz celebrating that he no longer has the most punchable face in Congress.
  5. Last time we had so many snowflakes in this town in March, it was 1993.
  6. oops . . . thanks. Let me fix that..
  7. Two years ago, 92% percent of voters past Ethics Legislation that created an independent Ethics Board, rather than a Board appointed by the folks they were over supposed to be keeping in check. Now, two historically corrupt DeKalb County politicians are on the precipice of getting that legislation tossed out for a return to the Fox Guarding the Hen House past. http://news.wabe.org/post/former-dekalb-commissioner-sues-chief-ethics-officer Former DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton is trying to disband the county's ethics board again as she faces several complaints before that same board. Barnes Sutton is suing DeKalb's chief ethics officer, Stacey Kalberman, alleging she broke the law when she went to the Georgia state capitol to support legislation that would change how ethics board members are appointed. In 2015, the DeKalb County Board of Ethics scheduled a public hearing on ethics complaints pending against Barnes Sutton over her county spending when she was a commissioner. Federal investigators also have been looking into her expenses. But before that hearing could take place, Barnes Sutton challenged the constitutionality of the ethics board. Because of that challenge, the hearing was postponed indefinitely while the constitutionality question was resolved. Barnes Sutton specifically questioned the way members of the board were appointed. Under current law, the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, DeKalb Bar Association, Leadership DeKalb, and a group of local universities and colleges nominate and select four of the seven seats on the ethics board. Earlier this month, state Rep. Scott Holcomb introduced legislation that would allow legislators from DeKalb to vote on appointments to the ethics board based on recommendations from outside groups. The bill would allow the four private organizations to nominate candidates and pass those nominations to legislators who would make the final decision. While Holcomb and other legislators were writing the bill, they invited Kalberman to the capitol to provide an expert opinion on the bill. But this meeting caused further contention between the board and Barnes-Sutton. Credit JOHNNY KAUFFMAN / WABE Barnes Sutton claims that Kalberman lobbied for the law to be changed, thus breaking the county ethics law which prohibits ethics officers from involving themselves in partisan or non-partisan political activities or the political affairs of DeKalb County. Barnes Sutton filed a lawsuit against Kalberman and asked for the Ethics Board to be disbanded for its unconstitutionality. "You can't be involved in the politics of the thing—the law says the ethics officer can't do it," said Dwight Thomas, who is representing Barnes Sutton. "The law doesn't say the board couldn't do it, the law doesn't say the board's lawyer couldn't do it." But Kalberman's attorney, Darren Summerville, disagrees. He said she wasn't dabbling in politics, she was doing her job. "The very lifeblood of the ethics officer's job is the functioning of the board of ethics," he said. "So, I don't think that's an improper political statement or participation at all."
  8. Meh . . . The shot about him failing as an athlete is pretty ignorant. The man can hit a golf ball. He's got a very short backswing but outstanding weight transfer (he uses his "incredibly wide axe" for maximum gain) and he slots his downswing like Kent Tekulve. He would undoubtedly throw a better first pitch than Obama, who grew up without a father.
  9. We've been saying that for two years . . . but Vichey Republicans . . .
  10. He arrived at his Golf Club at 11:01. He was dressed to play golf. He was photographed in a golf cart . . . WITH CLUBS. He returned to the White House at 4:00 . . . And you say this was "meeting/leisure" time? HE FREAKIN' PLAYED GOLF!!!! Do you think anyone cares a rat's ax that he played golf on a Saturday afternoon? Of course not. But freakin OWN IT, you freakin hypocritcal lying DoucheCanoe Baboon. Just OWN IT. And WFW, get your head out of his AX, you don't know what kind of Russian Prostitute Piss you might find up there. Shamefully, I have still not registered, but I'm about a 14. . . . which disgusts me.
  11. My (occasional) Sunday morning golf group titles the weekly sign up email "Sunday Service". I just proposed changing that to "Working at the White House". (I included your link)
  12. You know I know that! And you know that that's not my point. You're not helping. Even you and my man crush admit that campaigns fo matter, if only to a limited amount. But you CAN help. Since you are the expert, do you have an opinion as to whether or not the kind of attack ads that were effectively levied on Clinton as a result of the various Russian influences was enough to change the results of Pennsylvania and Michigan?
  13. I'll take this one step at a time for you . . . I don't get the Armstrong reference. He won the Tour 7 times . . . doping each time. Doping is cheating. We can't measure how effective the cheating was, but in my opinion, he was not a legitimate Champion. No evidence of cheating We KNOW Russia hacked our election . . . ILLEGALLY. Illegally seeking to influence an election is cheating. We don't know how effective the cheating was, but . . . PA, what do the Russians have to do with PA? . . . given the closeness of the race in Pennsylvania, even if the cheating was only effective enough to change 1/2 of 1 percent of the vote, it would have been enough to change the outcome of the election. What does campaigning and yard signs have to do with Russian Collusion? There are a TON of things candidates and PAC's do to influence votes. I gave a lot of examples. One of the most EFFECTIVE things they do is run attack ads on their opponents. Trump was getting weeks of daily attack ads FREE via the Russian sourced wikileaks emails and other Russian sourced fake news. Is all that clear enough now or should I type slower and use larger font?
  14. FFS . . . AGAIN? You must pleasure yourself to a poster of Lance Armstrong on your wall every night. Because, you know . . . just because he cheated doesn't mean it actually helped him win. He won by such a landslide. Do the math . . . 1 out of every 500 votes in Michigan and 1 out of every 200 votes in Pennsylvania and Hillary is our President. You don't think the all the fake news, all the hacked emails, etc, could have changed 1/2 of 1 percent of the vote in PA? Tell me why candidates campaign and raise money and run ads and have bumper stickers and yard signs and social media and . . . . It doesn't change a single vote. Gotchya.
  15. Actually, Comey is saying that. At least my understanding of his testimony so far is that they favored Trump, hated Hillary, and TRIED to rig the election. The investigation is on Trump Campaign collusion and (I assume) the extent of the Russians' efforts.