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  1. I like finish kare 425 "final body shine" http://www.autogeek.net/finish-kare-425-detailer.html Great shine, super slick and easy to apply. It's great after Acwash, wax, or between washes.
  2. Just stop. These A holes are gaslighting us. This is not democracy. This is NOT how things are done. This is an abomination of our values, our sovereignty and our democracy. Proof? If this happened all the time, why didn't Trump just OWN it? Why does he keep saying ANY reference to the Russians trying to manipulate our elections as "Fake News" etc? Let's be clear. Putin got his man. It's bad enough that through fake news, out right lies, Wikileaks, and a really bad Democratic Candidate, a majority of electoral votes went to Putin's man. But it is pathetic that folks on this board and elsewhere are so far up the Ax of Putin's man that they minimize the obscenity that this election, and this president is to my country, to our country. I don't know what to call them, but they are not Americans. Putin got his man. The apologists ARE with Putin. The only questions are 1) Was Trump with Putin? and 2) Did Putin do enough to actually alter the election results.
  3. We'll never know how much Deal stole from his Campaign . . . But we know how much he cost Georgia Taxpayers . . . And . . . FFS, Snake . . . my wife was investigating EXACTLY those issues when she was fired. There was NEVER an accounting because the new Ethics director swept the whole thing under the rug. You don't have to trust the AJC, you have to trust the UNREBUTTED TESTIMONY at trial . . . And the findings by the Jury. And here's the really pathetic thing: It worked. It all works for him and folks like him. Because even though you are on this message board every day, and I have posted about this ad nauseum . . . you STILL don't get it. You STILL defend the PRECISE conduct that my wife was fired in order to cover up. YOU AND YOUR BLIND IDEOLOGY ARE THE SWAMP. Of course, if you don't trust the AJC . . . http://www.myajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/state-pay-million-settle-ethics-cases/mAin8BpNN9XSNoMpM6tFMP/ State to pay $1.8 million to settle ethics cases
  4. At least I have a link . . . http://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/gov-deal-campaign-pays-his-daughter-law-firm-600k/mpZDvVPqHe6WGI0n3UftQL/ http://savannahnow.com/news/2011-05-14/deals-office-slams-tv-report-about-daughter-law (Guess why there is "no evidence of concealment" . . . ) http://southernmagnoliacapital.com/?reqp=1&reqr=nzcdYz1vLac2LKAvYaOvrt== What if there was an ongoing investigation into the validity of these payments, but the person conducting the investigation was, according to findings of fact by a Jury, fired and replaced by someone chosen by Deal's Lawyer in order to shut down the investigation? And we never ever found out just how corrupt the payments were?
  5. Why did the French let an American beat them in their own national tour for seven years in a row?
  6. Not only are they a violent breed, but they treat their beyatches like beyatches.
  7. FWIW... I knew it was about losing the law license since the speech about the uselessness of the tape. Fits Chuck's motives and explains the name change
  8. Watching now, but having seen the title I thought I would leave this here http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/how-the-sunk-cost-fallacy-makes-you-act-stupid.html
  9. I assumed that he being sarcastic, and calling us simpletons for claiming that the Doberman thread was about Muslims . . . (It was . . . most people got it, some didn't. I didn't think it was that obscure, but whatever . . . ) But you think he is saying that that of course it was about Muslims, and we are being simpletons for . . . what? So, snake, Let me ask you: Do you understand that the Doberman thread was actually about Muslims, or do you think we are simpletons for asserting that it was (when clearly, in your opinion, it was not.) I'm having trouble here.
  10. I did not remotely admit to douchebaggery. I even posted that I have no issues with Dobermans, or people who have Dobermans. As I said, the thread was not about Dobermans . . . it was about Muslims. The fact is that Muslims are considerably less prone to violence than Dobermans, and yet . . . .
  11. I'm the kind of person who is perfectly willing to give a "like" to a pun that makes light on someone's loss of vision in one eye if that person has proven themselves over and over and over gain to have no honor whatsoever. Sorry.
  12. I presume you don't consider debating as a sport. You just stepped into a first round knock out.
  13. The Seahawks/Bucs games are pretty brutal. Last year, we played the Seahawks out there after their bye week . . . when we were coming off the Bronco game. This year, we go out there and play the Seahawks coming off a Thursday night game. We catch a little break playing on Monday night because I think our extra day detracts from their rest advantage. But we are massively hosed playing way out in Seattle on a Monday night then coming back to play the Bucs after their bye week.
  14. It's ok to only have 30% of support on an issue if the 30% percent care enough and the 70% don't. If you are on the right side of the "one issue voter" issues . . . .you are going to win a lot of elections. If you are a lot about a tax break and a little about Choice, you will vote for the guy who will cut your taxes. If you care a LOT about keeping illegals out but a little about Gay marriage . . . And so on. A majority of Americans support Gay Marriage now, but how many NRA members are going to give up guns to support marriage equality? Trump built a coalition of one issue voters. It's not a big tent . . . it's a big Tent City.