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  1. Or you are a complete A-hole for politicizing this death against all credible evidence to the contrary as well as the wishes of the young man's family. Move along to another obscene brain dead conspiracy theory and let this family have their peace.
  2. As the Falcons were desperately trying to stave off the brutal Patriot comeback in the fourth quarter and overtime in the Super Bowl. Head coach Snake "dirty harry" Deisel called a strategic time out and rallied his players. "Gentlemen, I know you're exhausted and there's no way to stop them. However, all hope is not lost. Don't try to tackle Tom Brady or break up his passes. Instead before, during and after every play, lobby the officials to do something about inflate gate. No no, I'm sorry, I have a better idea. Before during and after every play complain to the officials about SPYGATE!!!"
  3. I don't even see any evidence that freakin' ROGER STONE wrote that "article'. No do I see any sources in the "article" Are you going to address that?
  4. Snake . . . What exactly was BREAKING about the news from that article? Is there anything new at all? You do know Comey was a Bush appointee . . . Deputy Attorney General. Why isn't that mentioned in the "article." What was your purpose of posting this? Do you personally believe Comey is corrupt? Why would the CURRENT Deputy Attorney General criticize Comey for being UNFAIRLY HARSH on HIllary Clinton if his history and agenda is to let her off the hook? Why would everyone in the White house (until contradicted by Trump) claim that the reason Comey was fired was because he unfairly roughed up HIllary? Do you even try to distinguish between what is credible and not credible as a source? Who WROTE that article? What were their SOURCES? Does any of this matter to you? The biggest threat to this planet is B.S. And you spread it by the truckload. Disgusting. Just disgusting.
  5. The man has no shame. None. Completely boggles the mind.
  6. Pretty sure they are "Never Been Worn Dlx"
  7. Mrs. HM said about the same thing this morning. But I think it's perfectly appropriate to call them derogatory nob. Islamic names. I think "thugs" or "mobsters' is better. But I've got no problem with this rhetoric.
  8. drinkers only

    1. Nope 2. Coffee, but when I was racing, and really focused, I'd splurge on Cytomax for preride and ride, and Endurox for Recovery (which was super tasty) 3. Exceed was the first post Gatorade energy drink that made the scene. My team had some very fast juniors, the "development team" that got sponsored Exceed and Power Bars when they FIRST came out. I raced on Cherry Coke and Pop Tarts. I joked that it was for the Developmentally Disabled Team. It wasn't that funny then. It was a LOT less funny when, 25 years later, a few guys from my LItespeed BMW team showed up for a charity ride. It was in Chattanooga, home of Litespeed, and it was a GREAT event for a GREAT cause. But there was a big race going on that the heavy hitters were at. On a lark, I showed up with pop tarts for all the guys doing the race. I explained the whole thing from my old team and the developmentally disabled thing cause we were slumming it at the charity ride. Of course, someone hovereard the wrong part of the story, it got back to my team manager, and he was REALLY upset. Oops. 4. No racing. No team. No deals. Supersized Gatorade powder and Coffee K Cups at Costco.
  9. Not as awkward as the cement laying scene at the play ground . . . And I was thinking that they way the woman who helped him described losing her husband, it reminded me of the random civilian Hector had killed because he found the guy Mike had crossed up. But it was 8 years earlier so obviously not the same guy. But I wonder if Mike made a connection? And felt guilt?
  10. No way dude. Jason Kander is the Great Jew Hope.
  11. Disagree but plus 1 for the analogy.
  12. FIFY!!!
  13. I called Jones, but the last time he communicated with me was through his middle finger. I like this guy! BTW, anyone notice that props to Mrs.HM in the article?
  14. Trump at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Melania: "HolyMoses told me to ask you if you think this will . . . resurrect your Presidency . . . ?" (snickers) Trump: [Speaking for ABF folks] "How long does that hook-nosed S.O.B. think he can milk that joke?'