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  1. A Super Bowl is a team accomplishment, not an individual one. Period.
  2. The patriots have won four with Brady at QB. Subtle but very important difference. You will not convince me, for example, that Trent Dilfer is more 'elite' than Ryan because he happens to have a superbowl ring.
  3. Eliteness is based on your performance within the team, not on the team's performance.
  4. No. Odell would whine, complain, pout and throw a tantrum the first time he didn't 'get his' in a game.
  5. Could say the exact same thing in reverse.
  6. How about we put Brady in a zone read offense and see how he does?
  7. I mean I'm not saying the patriots are bad far from it they're very good but they are nothing like the dominant force of previous Pats teams
  8. I forgot Pittsburgh without Rothlisberger earlier in the season and in the playoffs Pittsburgh without the best running back.
  9. Not against Seattle. Read your season schedule year was little sisters of the poor. I mean even the playoff teams you faced - geez two of them were Miami and one of them was Houston. Think about that.
  10. And you guys lost to the bills and the same Seattle team we just tap danced on. So what?
  11. Winning by a safety in overtime in a 2-0 game would cut it for me ...
  12. They are a very good team, but part of that reason is 'schedule'
  13. You put Ryan on those pats teams with the same surrounding talent, and he could say the same.
  14. Not moaning about him, mostly don't care about him but I still am not going to celebrate him at this point.
  15. Well, like us - you play man, we whack you over the head with Julio until you stop. You play zone, Ryan picks you apart.