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  1. I really would love to have Maye on this team. Seriously.
  2. No. I am not calling you out. I do think there are some huge misconceptions on how to look at the position from system to system and from scheme to are one of the few who does have a clue.
  3. I notice the huge misunderstanding of what a FS is and isn't here lately.
  4. Graf and Bykowski aren't bad at all.
  5. You didn't offend anyone. Specifically myself. Maybe one day we will discuss why.
  6. Its called a Move Tight End. Sometimes the U, sometimes the Joker. Its a hybrid position. Size is not the key, but whether or not you can catch is. Its particularly to exploit mismatches. Its a changing position where the TE is only asked to block some. It is not to be confused with a WR.
  7. To me the Crawford signing was just another low level signing. Not good or bad. I like pretty much every thing else.
  8. Not even a little, but I won't cry if we get him.
  10. You're dead wrong. Williams isn't the only safety worth taking man. I love it, but he's not all there is. Feeney is just okay and is one bump from the end of his career. Hall is well loved on this board, but not that good. Jonnu is awesome. Brown is so so. I love Allen.
  11. Man, I don't care for either pass rusher, but Adoree and Baker would make me lose all care about it. Same with Walker. I love it! Period!!!
  12. @SamMills51. Is NOT a troll. Good dude if you ask me and I enjoy having him here.
  13. Nah, he's a TE. LOL!!! I know I know, but he will be playing TE man.
  14. I made a mock earlier. A mock is just that. Not authentic or real, but without the intention to deceive. That means it could happen, but not necessarily, not that way, maybe not that close, or maybe close enough. Every year during "mock season" that is the main thing used as a way to passive aggressively say, "I want this, not that." By simply saying, "He won't be available." No matter what happens, if we need "X" position, that is the position EVERY team is going to take. Even though out of 32 teams and 15 positions, its not possible for every player from that position, rated in the top ten of their position, to be gone. Someone will fall. Someone ALWAYS falls. Sometimes they slide to the lower half of the second day. I remember having Beasley in the 1st and Jarrett in the 3rd and being told it wasn't possible for Jarrett to be there. We took him two positions down. I only use projections from the site that I like. No others, because I like the one I like. LOL. Easy science there. They are projections only and I use them as a guideline. Which many here do as well. My site shows Tanoh at 3rd and 4th. Many here have him in the first for some wild reason i don't understand, but it doesn't make it wrong. I don't do trades, I rarely discuss them. Not because I don't like them, but rather, I don't know. I prefer to mock step by step. Its easier. Especially since a mock can take me a couple of days if I do the research very closely. A trade would take even more time. The statements made me think though. Since we really have no real idea, not even if the Browns will actually take Garrett, what COULD happen? I have heard from a few folks in the game, they thought the Falcons started giving out on the edge and in the secondary. Not one game was actually lost because of RG. Thing is, a few were lost not being able to get a short yardage stop, or stop the passing game of another team coming back late. This made me think. Our five main targets needed to be DT, FS, Edge, DE, and OG. We took a DT in FA, but the other four may need a look. There are few at each position I don't like except for OG. Actually OL in general. I do like Pocic pretty well though. He is Brotherhood material. Had to get his hip scoped, but he's better now and ready to go. No lingering injuries. Something I have heard whispered a lot this off season is trading up though. Yeah, UP. I am not 100% certain how, or even if. That's kinda what I am thinking at this point though. I think we are trading up. How about you? What do you think will happen? Jabrill Peppers - Safety - Michigan - 5'11" 213lbs Combine Watch:
  15. Everyone thinks they are the most hated team and everyone thinks the refs are out to get them. Had we won, there would be all kinds of Patriots conspiracy theories going all the way up to shadow governments.
  16. Rivers is a beast. He's a poor man's Beasley. A small school carbon copy.