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  1. Dang mean all this time we been yelling at each other and we actually boys? Dang man!!! You were one of my favorite posters. I really admired you. Back then I was just a ball of
  2. Devonta "Disrespectful" Freeman Can't wait to watch him disrespect some more division rivals.
  3. I cheered him for doing that! Proved how smart he is.
  4. Definitely. I missed games in 07.
  5. Brings back a lot of memories. LOL. I had only started my life as a Christian in February, but was pensive. Had been Agnostic/Atheist/Something-else-entirely for years. Glad it came back so that I can remember who I was and where I came from. Sometimes in the midst of it all I forget. Thank you man. Rise up!
  6. Loved it! I am proud of the guy. I was very annoyed back then. Not just with Ryan, but life. It was only a few months after his being drafted, I was homeless. I had to get help, I was ready to end it.
  7. Its cool. Its all in fun to me.
  8. Back then I called myself Legion. It was just after getting scouting lessons and quitting the booze. KoG wasn't until 2010 or so. I am going to admit my Vick bias. Vick, Turner, Abraham, and Tuggle. Those were my favorite to watch. 1) I was mad when Vick didn't get to improve on his 2006 record breaking season. Of course I wanted another dual threat guy, which was stupid looking back. By the time 2011 rolled around I wasn't as low on Matt, but didn't think he would be much without WCO. JDave and a few others can back that up. This past year was my first time loving him and seeing what you all saw. 2) Freeman bias is because of Turner. I wanted Turner when Petrino showed up. I loved his game and was mad (residual from Jamal Anderson) that we never got to see what he could do with a better surrounding. Wanted someone in the mold of Turner...hence the Freeman hate. Also, the only reason I liked Vick (who I hated the first two years) was Steve Young. Some here know, I didn't even like Dorsey. I just didn't want Ryan.
  9. Screw Really, I called him a dork. Hated the pick. Didn't start liking the pick until game one this year. So what?
  10. Heard Coleman is at 220.
  11. Nah, he's right. Same system different players.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. I am cap illiterate. I rely on @capologist normally.
  13. Who can we cut in order to give $$$ to Disrespectful Freeman.
  14. Rumor is he is past 215 too
  15. If you could, you would find this was always my main concern. Injuries.
  16. Mainly thats all we had. Even Konz was an injury bust in the 2nd round.
  17. Don't feel like that. I love you. But brothers don't always agree. I am not a huge fan of Crawford or Clayborn. If anything, just to show. I think if you are looking for the "Bennett type", that would probably be Upshaw (so long as he is not cut) so, let me try this with the NASCAR look you have installed. DE Beasley DT Upshaw DT Reed DE McKinley Now, before you think I am placating, Brooks Reed is seriously strong, he just doesn't bend or dip, or else he would be a sackster. Give him an interior gap to fight through and its a different story. I hear he is at about 265-270 these days.
  18. No it doesnt. Not always.
  19. That's cool. I don't care about NASCAR package myself. I would say most here think they know what it really is about and have no clue...but that's just my take.
  20. Need all of the rest of those guys too. We don't have them. We look more like Denver in 4-3 form than Seattle.
  21. No it doesn't because I am not thinking static in terms of football. Just placing a bunch of guys on the field because of their position defeats the purpose.
  22. Man, I don't care. I am saying. I placed the guys I thought would get to the QB. I didn't place a whole bunch of guys because they are defensive ends. If we followed exactly what they did in Seattle we would have Earl Thomas. We don't. Its just opinion banter and doesn't have to stay in any set rule.
  23. Passrusher doesn't always mean DE man. Pass rusher means "can get to the QB"/ Jarrett has proven he can. He made Babs expendable.
  24. Crawford and Clayborn are the best? Clearly you are simply trying to place DE's on the front four, but it has little to do with talent. More to do with positional bias.