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  1. Had a brindle pit bull named Keyser Soze My cousin had a white pit named Cocaine and a Cocker Spaniel called Hellhound
  2. LOL!!! We didn't get Watt...LOL!!!
  3. @TheFatboi You have anything to do with the first one?
  4. Right now he is JAG until he shows more. He isn't a rookie, so I would say I am going to wait and see.
  5. Dang mean all this time we been yelling at each other and we actually boys? Dang man!!! You were one of my favorite posters. I really admired you. Back then I was just a ball of
  6. I cheered him for doing that! Proved how smart he is.
  7. Definitely. I missed games in 07.
  8. Brings back a lot of memories. LOL. I had only started my life as a Christian in February, but was pensive. Had been Agnostic/Atheist/Something-else-entirely for years. Glad it came back so that I can remember who I was and where I came from. Sometimes in the midst of it all I forget. Thank you man. Rise up!
  9. Loved it! I am proud of the guy. I was very annoyed back then. Not just with Ryan, but life. It was only a few months after his being drafted, I was homeless. I had to get help, I was ready to end it.
  10. Its cool. Its all in fun to me.
  11. Back then I called myself Legion. It was just after getting scouting lessons and quitting the booze. KoG wasn't until 2010 or so. I am going to admit my Vick bias. Vick, Turner, Abraham, and Tuggle. Those were my favorite to watch. 1) I was mad when Vick didn't get to improve on his 2006 record breaking season. Of course I wanted another dual threat guy, which was stupid looking back. By the time 2011 rolled around I wasn't as low on Matt, but didn't think he would be much without WCO. JDave and a few others can back that up. This past year was my first time loving him and seeing what you all saw. 2) Freeman bias is because of Turner. I wanted Turner when Petrino showed up. I loved his game and was mad (residual from Jamal Anderson) that we never got to see what he could do with a better surrounding. Wanted someone in the mold of Turner...hence the Freeman hate. Also, the only reason I liked Vick (who I hated the first two years) was Steve Young. Some here know, I didn't even like Dorsey. I just didn't want Ryan.