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  1. Love everything but your RB
  2. Clayborn was hurt. I think he needs upgrading anyways. I said when we took him, he has an every two year injury pattern.
  3. I don't have a clue. Wes is good. Almost as good as Chester in his ROOKIE year. Not sure why folks want a guard so high. I was personally thinking 4th myself. I say if we had more going on in defense we would have held that lead. It was not the lack of points, but the inability to stop Tom Brady
  4. You think RG will make this team better than upgrading defense...
  5. When the Browns moved and changed names I still had them as my #2. Would not root for any team west of Missouri tho
  6. Had him in one of my early mocks
  7. Back at you man
  8. Feeney is one concussion short of retirement
  9. Two of them you would think were never here yo begin with
  10. Some of you are confusing portions of this process. You are looking for a Left End or LE, sometimes LDE. Rivers is more of a SLB or Sam Linebacker, better a Strong Linebacker in this system, sometimes LEO which is short for Elephant, sometimes the ELE. In other cases known as the RE or RDE. Which is the right. The reason it is not RE and is rather LEO or Elephant, is because this player, not position but designation, may not line up on the right. He may line up on the left. The only thing is he will be wide 9 quite a bit. You mainly want a 3-4 LB, or SLB playing the role. You CAN have a DE, but you want someone with one of the many attributes that help get to the QB. Rivers is a classic LEO with most of the traits. Speed, balance, power, great feet. The same guy who can be LEO in this system can and often does play SLB in this system. Which is at times your secondary edge rusher if he is in with the LEO. In fact both can line up wide 9 in some instances. Guys like Tanoh, Clayborn, and Upshaw are NOT good for LEO. The are better for DE, but the DE has to be able to play inside in case the LEO shifts into a SLB role and the SLB shifts to LEO. I hope that helps. You need an edge guy and DE in this draft. The defensive end should be a 3-4 end, but can be a classic 4-3 LDE. But not necessarily LEO. Richardson in New York would NOT be a good LEO.
  11. Just because I trust the process doesn't mean I like everything. If we take OL in the first i will likely avoid coming here that evening. Even the second. Trusting the process doesn't mean some things won't annoy. I trust my wife, she annoys the heII out of me.
  12. Check him out ant tell me what you see.