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  1. Let's Go
  2. Coming from the guy who wants deshon hall in the first I'll take this with a grain of salt im just being an asshat so take that with a grain of salt to
  3. Saw the highlights, laughable effort by salt lake on defense
  4. That sucks, hopefully he heals up, maybe take a flier on him next year for a chance at a comeback
  5. Yo just make a thread before 7 other people make it
  6. Not so much you H. More so the Canuck and a certain Duke who's been bitching over getting banned for spamming the boards who were pissing and moaning over it, obviously it was made known to that source a few weeks ago and she tweeted it. Just goes back to the witch hunt people had over DQ calling plays. I presented sources and all anyone could say is NUH UH! NUH UH! So sorry bout it. Is what it is.
  7. I think they are keeping us week 2 to allow maximum time for the stadium to be completed considering they haven't demolished the dome and we lee hearing setbacks. Nothing's more embarrassing than not having a finished stadium week 1... except youbknow... that other thing that was embarrassing
  8. Shout out to the asshats who flipped **** over "official" news 2 weeks ago... y'all look like idiots
  9. All that free internet money? Idk. Peeps be tripping
  10. Well I can't lie, I did entertain the thought of trading him before we landed Poe... but hey I'm just a pleb
  11. drinkers only

    I drink monster daily when I work i only drink monster lo carb or absolute zero. I cannot drink any other flavors of monster or any other energy drink first obsession was rockstars.. im about to try to switch to bulletproof coffee to get my caffine bc monster is killing me lol I literally only drink it for the taste.. doesn't even give me energy
  12. Yea! 1970 said he's a lightbutt and ain't worth squat! Trade him! Arrrrrghhhhh!
  13. Omg I can't believe we went and used all the cap space created by trus contract on some track star. purple
  14. I see 1970 is off his meds again thinking he knows more than the coaches as usual just let him sit in here and argue with himself..
  15. Yea I can't lie I'm highly impressed with the team Atlanta has put together. Arthur Blank has put his footprint on the mls right out the gate. This is the first year I have bothered to even watch mls. Thanks for putting together a quality high octane team just like our Falcons!