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  1. Saw this on Reddit... Right wing terror attacks in United States in 2017: * Kansas man who yelled "get out of my country" and shot two Indian engineers and a third person defending them. * White supremacist who stabbed an African-American in New York to death with a sword; was attempting to "kill as many black men ... in New York as he could" * White ex-Army man from Texas, obsessed with conspiracy theories including "an implant that would take away a person's desire for God"; shot and killed a security guard then tried to claim allegiance to ISIS after the attack * White student, member of "Alt Reich Nation", stabbed and killed a black man * Man who yelled that "Muslims should die", ~~attacked~~ *edit: harassed* two Muslim teenagers and killed two men who came to their defense Islamist terror attacks in United States in 2017: * **none** (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Islamist_terrorist_attacks#2017)
  2. Repubs want banks to make more money. What's wrong with that. It's not like they have ever brought us to the brink of economic collapse or anything
  3. Strong dislike and yes. I wish people could defend actions without going but Hilary or but Obama.
  4. I can agree with your point. This board has a tendency to make me see extremes.
  5. You can say you aren't saying that GAFan, but it can easily be interpreted that way. It's the same as snake doing his Chicago dance then saying BLM. Also sorry for the late reply. Was eating lunch with mah wife.
  6. I do not want to do trump people like they do me. Just because one arsehole does something stupid, doesn't mean they all would do the same thing. I refuse to lower the bar any further.
  7. First wtf... killing of innocent Muslims? Just amazing how tone deaf he is. and second, a volcano of smoke from the fake news media
  8. If the roles of the 2 people killed in Portland were switched... it would be endless posting about it. Can't believe this crap. We have got to stop this hate filled society. Media is part of the issue (liberal and conservative) and so is Hollywood.
  9. Uhhh no....
  10. Craft beer. I have made decisions in life that allow me to afford craft beer whenever the fux I want it!
  11. TAlking to me right.l now won't do you much good. 4 OMB hornets nests in....
  12. Why am I believing a blog?
  13. GOP: do liberals hate it? Okay then do it
  14. I have been told that other countries didn't respect us under Obama. Which countries disrespected us and how is what we are seeing now better?