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  1. well if he didnt want to dehydrate he shouldn't have been arrested. Do something wrong and be treated like an animal.
  2. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/body-camera-children-held-gunpoint/ sad
  3. So many board conservatives just not liking trump. I know they can't wait for that 100 day campaign rally.
  4. You really don't care about Chicago. You only care because it furthers your political agenda. Ironically arsehole Reagan helped create this situation, but me having to explain that will be painful.
  5. Wait what?! time to check HBO Go! Good look BO
  6. lol hilarious
  7. Oh they were the main recipients of any economic benefits. I do not deny that. Acting like cutting taxes is going to cure that is hilarious. Reaganomics does not work :/
  8. So cutting taxes is going to really stick it to the 1%? http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/defense_spending So spending more than the next 16 countries combined is really holding us back :/ maybe the military waste with contractors would make it easier for us to defend ourselves.... nah there must be no huge waste there.
  9. you know Alex can't go back and say "he was kidding" now right? If any of trumps campaign staff are arrested and convicted through the FBI investigation would you admit you were wrong? I would if they clear all of trumps side of any wrong doing. I just want it over with one way or the other.
  10. I wish government would stay out of pharma. It's not like they are raking us over coals or anything.
  11. All I have to say is fux chimneys. instant equity in our home. Next phase starting soon in the development! cashmoneyrub.
  12. I hate working with people who don't admit when they are wrong. And I can't stand a liar and a hypocrite who doesn't at least admit it
  13. http://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/04/19/trump-signs-bill-extend-veterans-choice-program.html its legislation that was signed under Obama... he just extended it.
  14. He's the guy on Facebook that likes his own posts