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  1. Welcome back SB. Off topic: IRL, I am currently looking at infrastructure as code. I have been meaning to talk to you about it and get your opinion on where the ops of IT is headed in your opinion.
  2. Hummm, so the meme references black and white negatively. It's about really being annoyed about sitting during the anthem vs the other crimes we want to quickly forgive. Only reason ray rice didn't get to play again was because there was a video.
  3. We would prefer not bombing them. But we are bombing them. So it's very cruel to dismantle innocent people's lives and then turn out back on them when they need help.
  4. Hey I am bombing and destabilizing your country. I know you have nothing to do it, but you can't come here. But I have some nice bombs for you.
  5. Pick Bush term 5 or Reagan term 10 that is what trump is
  6. Maybe, just maybe the tea party is going to force congress to reach across the isle and truly start compromising. Has this removal of "pork" experiment worked? It seems congress is more disfunctional because of it personally.
  7. There are 32 QBs better than kap?
  8. http://m.dailykos.com/story/2017/3/23/1646686/-RussiaGate-blows-WIDE-OPEN-in-Abrahamson-report-High-crimes-and-misdemeanors-by-Trump-Sessions this was at least entertaining. Basically all the Russia stuff is about oil money. Article contains some fact checking at the end.
  9. Well this was sudden Edit: this feels like borderline nothing like the limits when x approaches 0
  10. So are the trump supporters cool with no knowing who visits the president on his trips? Don't you want transparency?
  11. WFW liked this... that is weird.
  12. Get out movie + DC girls missing has me shook. I know people are harvesting the girls for body parts. It's twisted!
  13. Someone has to develop the software. Who do you think should do it?