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  1. Hopefully we don't have to deal with it this yr but I don't like it. 10minute drives are rare but not unheard of. An 8 minute drive is nothing unusual which would force a team into a 2 minute situation and be fortunate to get a tie. The Eagles had like a 12minute drive against us last year. Adds some strategy to OT though. Teams trying to score the winning TD, while protecting the FG and using up as much clock as possible.
  2. We needed to go in another direction. Freeney stated in interviews that he would watch Beasley and shake his head about what he was doing wrong and go correct him. Everytime I heard this I was wondering where is Cox and the other coaches and why do they not see this? Hopefully Young is much better.
  3. I too wanted Dorsey/Brohm/Henne. However, I remember posting after drafting Ryan that he was a Falcon now and I hope he becomes a HOFer. QB busts back then were worse because of the contracts. I didn't dislike Ryan just felt it wasn't enough of a difference between he and the other 2 to pass on Dorsey.
  4. I thought maybe some of our guys were using that DDP yoga he promotes.
  5. I doubt they said this on NFL Network as I don't think AuntiBee has enough sense to even plug up a TV much less tune to a channel.
  6. So we are favorites in every game except NE and whatever Seattle is. Probably are the dog there also. That sounds about right though all 6 division games could prove tough. Wk 17 as a PK. A lot of those games may be that way right now, no idea. Obviously, no idea what you may get come then with guys resting and games being meaningless.
  7. I hope for the best with Hageman, and I agree that he played well down the stretch last yr. I have always supported him and I hope he is a beast this year. However, I agree with RandomFan somewhat on Hageman. The DL rotation is loaded when everyone is healthy. I wouldn't be surprised to see him inactive week 1 like last year. Someone is going to be and probably Upshaw or Hageman like it was last year until injuries. Of course guys are going to get banged up, and Shelby and Clayborn are coming back from significant injury, but I think he needs to show something during camp in order to get snaps. Don't get me wrong, I hope he dominates and becomes a big part of the rotation behind Poe and Jarrett. I just know it could go the other direction for him.
  8. Just a fail of post and it was posted twice. Starts off with by the time the SB ended college Football has ended. By week 17 of the NFL regular season every meaningful college football game has been played except 1 generally. Do you think coaches (Quinn) spend their Saturdays watching college football scouting players from a TV broadcast?
  9. Sarcasm evades many on here. It is why people use purple font for it. Fairly obvious what he was going for.
  10. That's just BS, and then he just digs his heels in. Ridiculous. I don't know who he is, but what a piece of crap.
  11. When I first heard his name a couple of years ago, I figured he was Peter Boulware's kid. Then I saw him...
  12. That's a play I always point to when discussing Randy Moss's speed. D. Hall was legitimately a fast guy. One of the fastest in the league. Moss just strides by him, looking for the ball, Hall put his head down trying to keep up and couldn't. He just covered so much ground with those strides. Hall did hurt his hip in that game. I think it came later, but if it didn't then my point is mute.
  13. First I saw of him was in the east/west Game/practice. He looked good for a late Rd prospect. He probably won't contribute this year unless injuries help, but I think he can play.
  14. I wanted Kittle.
  15. Haul was fine. I fear TD may have his eye on some obscure OL guy that he isn't worried about being picked.