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  1. Saints owe him for fumbling away that NFCCG anyway.
  2. Figured this became more likely once the NFL scheduled Saints/Vikings for the Monday Night Opener. AP doesn't concern me at this stage. The Saints have gotten better this off season though. They also got 5 picks in the 1st 3rds and 3 of the 1st 42?? Or so.
  3. Yeah, I agree. His is too close to the draft for anyone to draft him most likely. He will catch on with someone eventually.
  4. Yeah, he just became an UDFA unless this gets cleared up in a hurry. I guess someone may take a chance. Mixon will be drafted. T. Hill get drafted last yr? I can't remember maybe in the 5th? Of course, L. Collins was a bigger issue.
  5. As stated, he is someone the FO has looked at before, so I'm sure it's something we will check into. It will be later though, depending on his health and our roster going into camp. He was a good player, but who knows now.
  6. That's probably fairly accurate just the dates and which ones are Primetime games are off. GB probably SNF NE probably SNF Division Opponent probably TNF and a divison MNF game or Seattle as rumored. Maybe 1 more primetime. Dallas makes sense for a 4:25 Fox game. I hope it isn't Thanksgiving. The Monday night schedule is often crap so we could play anyone on MNF from division, to AFC East, or NFCN.
  7. If that schedule is right, which it can't be 100% because no Thursday game, I wouldn't care much for it. Primarily the early bye and all the division games late in the year. 1 in the 1st 10 weeks and against the Panthers while I expect any competition to come from the other 2. Max # of Primetime games is 5 I believe and that includes TNF I think. I expect 4 or 5.
  8. I don't see it being the Vikings unless reports are wrong about us opening week 1 on Sunday Night Football. Week 2, I can possibly see. Week 1 Monday, I can see that or a normal Sunday game. Obviously, if we open up at home on Sunday Night, we know it will be one of 2 teams and that isn't Minnesota.
  9. I guess we will find out tomorrow, but I can't see it being Minnesota. They just don't have any star power (No AP) and coming off a bad season. As a Falcon fan, I wouldn't overlook them. They are a pretty talented team, just injuries killed them last yr. I still expect it to be Dallas or Green Bay. I prefer Dallas but expect GB.
  10. Yeah, Cowboys seem to open the season on Sunday night a lot so I think it will be them. Definitely Cowboys or Packers though. Should be the Saints but it's not a national rivalry, so they will go for one of the Marquee teams.
  11. I don't think this is a philosophy of the message board but just how the league works. When you got good players on Defense, and offense that are making money, cuts have to come from somewhere. The Oline is the obvious answer. It is the one area where undrafted guys, late round picks, and 30 yr+ vets can be brought in and perform usually. Seattle had to do it and made a mess of it. Denver has done it and it's been mixed. Similar to NE, worked out well this yr, costed them the yr before. It's why I say we need to draft some Olinemen this yr. A couple in the later rounds and start grooming them. We now have a good Online but we are invested in it with high draft picks, and $$. We got to find more R. Schrader's which aren't rare. Most olines are comprised of late Rd and undrafted guys. I've said before, his replacement should've already been on the roster, and let him walk. It wasn't, so we did the right thing and re-signed him. Got to start getting guys like Wes, hopefully Garland, keeping them on the roster/practice squad for 2-3 yrs and get them ready to start/provide depth. Hopefully we start doing that this yr as the starters are fairly set finally. Goes back to horrible Oline drafting in previous yrs.
  12. I said in a thread when he was released, that his playing days are likely over. Not because he still can't help a team. He possibly could, but no team is going to pay him enough for him to want to play. I can't fault that really. I may be wrong but I don't think his motivation is rings or love at this point. He probably wants some guarantees and I doubt anyone is going to guarantee him anything.
  13. This dude was terrible. UGA should've left him at Rhode Island or wherever he was. He won't be drafted, so if we bring him in as an Udfa then no harm if we see something in him at Guard or RT.
  14. Draft experts and people with eyes knew (4-3) Sam LBer coming out was his best position. He was over drafted based on pass rush potential. He wasn't a Pass rusher in college and shouldn't had been drafted that high. The Dolphins did the worse thing imaginable for him and played him as a 4-3 DE before moving him to LBer. 3-4/4-3 regardless, he needs to be standing up. He may can play and be a versatile guy on the field, but I don't know that. Yeah I would give him a chance, but I'm sure many teams are thinking that. 1yr deal, $1M tops.
  15. I know you got your answer and basically answered it yourself, but it had the potential to be a dangerous deal. If I was coaching the Guard/Center and going against a team that does it then I would teach them to grasp the guys leg, do whatever to trip them. Also it is illegal to touch the LS in that instance, so I am teaching him to try to make contact with the leaper in any way possible. I didn't care if it was outlawed or not. If a guy wants to try it at his risk than so be it. It's a violent game.