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  1. We play Seattle on the road, so pretty unlikely we open up the new stadium with them.
  2. Dallas is a good possibility for the opening Sunday Night game. They seem to always open the season on Sunday Night anyway, but we will see. Fox/NBC generally want to shove NFCE matchups down out throats. If we had won the SB, I wanted New Orleans on Thursday in the new stadium to help make up for us having to play Katrina games.
  3. I said after the season, that I would trade him if I was Seattle/in charge. The guy has complained openly about playcalling. He is a bit overrated/system guy really, but he is good in that system. His ball skills are 2nd to none. Also, I have heard from a source, a man I believe, that some other guys on that team aren't crazy about some of the stuff he does like the sideline tirade against us. They aren't trading him though.
  4. I love the guy but I love a number of edge guys also. I can see an edge rusher come in this year and contribute as a situational rusher. I'm not sure how much impact Baker would have this year. I think he will find the field some but not as a starter. If he was there in the 2nd, then I would be estatic. If we take him in the 1st, I would be happy, but know that year one will be a learning experience for him. He would be a great FS in this system though I believe.
  5. They usually come out a few days before the draft I believe. The Dallas game will likely be a SNF game possibly a Fox 4:25 game. They don't put many big games on Monday Night these days.
  6. I did about the same thing. As soon as I thought it was a TD, I changed the channel. I then went into the DVR to delete the game and all the different shows I had set to record Monday morning. I actually did watch some highlights the other day, but stopped watching after the Ryan fumble. I will never watch it thru conclusion. I see no reason to.
  7. I didn't think it was going to happen. Potential to be a huge signing and really help a couple of areas on the Defense and players around him. I still like Watt in the draft, but if we go Guard, I can live with it. We are talking g about a RG though. The guy should be on the roster already and hopefully is.
  8. Sounds like he may sign with the local unemployment office at this rate.
  9. Yeah, I don't see a problem. Peppers still plays at a decent enough level. He is joining a team that led the league in sacks last season didn't they? They were first or 2nd I thought. Their D was still terrible, but I don't see anything wrong with the signing.
  10. Yeah I agree. It is probably around a $3M signing bonus and his yr 1 salary is 750k or not much more. (League Minimum maybe more than 750 for him) So yeah, he is seeing $3.75M this year but his cap hit is probably south of $2M. That is my guess of course. Something similar to that. I guess Quinn likes him, so Okay.
  11. I thought it was Jack. Are both Free Agents?? I always thought he was a weird looking dude when they showed his pic on TV. Maybe just a bad pic. He is decent. Got to have bodies. No issue
  12. I said weeks ago I would like to have him, but money is tight so we will see. I think he would be a good compliment to Beasley.
  13. $2m a year. We could've done that. Oh well. FBs aren't too difficult to find
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if nobody signs him. He has looked that bad at times and there have been rumors about his knee being bone on bone.
  15. $16M for JPP; Yikes. They will probably work out a deal with him. I didn't think we would be in the running anyway.