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  1. I just read about that AA incident, the video doesn't show the whole thing but the parts it does show is ****** up! AA ended up putting the woman in 1st class the rest of the trip and removed that flight attendant until they finish investigating. I'd suspend that flight attendant just for saying "hit me"!
  2. I guarantee you neither the South Korean Army or our military over there ain't taking any of this lightly.
  3. It's been a LONG time since I was over there, but it looks like "losing face" (getting embarrassed) is still a thing in some Asian cultures. I know it's more than about being embarrassed for them though, it's about their survival as a nation.
  4. See what you done?!? Now ya gotta add EVERYONE who posts in ABF!
  5. This is actually frightening if you think about it. A test can come back and say you are guilty and you haven't done a **** thing!
  6. Stay safe dude.
  7. This one should be epic!
  8. Police have 3 in custody. 1 of them have been arrested 19 times since 1995. Seems they maybe all homeless.