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  1. Yea, maybe not as evil, that Asian dude shows more of an evil side than he does.
  2. This makes no sense at all. Why piss off Germans? We got way more going on over there than just cars! What if they started boycotting American made goods because of Trump?
  3. Not heard a peep from anyone on whether or not you guys are watching. I am, and I just finished Episode 6 (out of 10). It kind of started slow for me, but in 4 and 5 it became "Fargo". Pretty good, at least to me so far.
  4. Congrats Mdrake34!
  5. Ok, I'll take the funny half, and then I'll call Merriam Webster a liar. I looked that **** up b4 I typed it!
  6. See JDaveG was doing an a trois. He knows what's up!
  7. yes, TECHNICALLY!!!! But wgaf about technicalities!
  8. Bump just to be on the 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Forget this noise! We are already constantly bombarded with ads and infomercials in all kinds of ways. The only way to avoid this **** is just to turn it all OFF! Straight BS! Go to some websites and videos autoplay and follow you as you scroll down the screen. I haven't found nothing to turn that **** off either so all of the browsers are allowing this. Now they want to just leave me voicemails that I have to either delete or scroll through so I don't miss important ones? Nah man.
  10. The Cold Within Six humans trapped by happenstance In bleak and bitter cold. Each one possessed a stick of wood Or so the story’s told. Their dying fire in need of logs The first man held his back For of the faces round the fire He noticed one was black. The next man looking ‘cross the way Saw one not of his church And couldn’t bring himself to give The fire his stick of birch. The third one sat in tattered clothes. He gave his coat a hitch. Why should his log be put to use To warm the idle rich? The rich man just sat back and thought Of the wealth he had in store And how to keep what he had earned From the lazy shiftless poor. The black man’s face bespoke revenge As the fire passed from his sight. For all he saw in his stick of wood Was a chance to spite the white. The last man of this forlorn group Did nought except for gain. Giving only to those who gave Was how he played the game. Their logs held tight in death’s still hands Was proof of human sin. They didn’t die from the cold without They died from the cold within. James Patrick Kenney
  11. After waiting for answer I decided to look for myself: The real meaning of the sphere had little to do with the occult. The occasion was the opening of a new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology, based in Riyadh, and the orb was in fact a translucent globe, with the world’s waters represented in light gray and the continents in black. Its purpose appeared to be decorative. The pic below provides a lil more context: All the memes from this thing is still funny though!
  12. Man. There were several of us and they were part of a larger meal. There are only five of the things in a box and they are actually the size of Cheetos.