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  1. Oh yeah, before I forget, the best **** thing to me about the last one was the way the Shadow King folded ole dude up like a **** pretzel!
  2. Up until this last episode I was wondering where this was heading, as there wasn't an apparent "villain" which is the norm in comic books, especially revolving around mutants. They went waayyyyy back as the Shadow King was the one of the first powerful mutants that Prof X ever fought (I'll stop now because anything else may be spoilers). So now I am really interested to see where they go from here but next episode is the last for the season. I haven't heard anything about a renewal, but I think what they have established on the 1st season will really open up things for the 2nd season.
  3. Into the Badlands! Watch it!
  4. Don't know how I missed the Punisher news! Punisher link
  5. Oh yeah, the music (soundtrack) is some good ****!
  6. ^^^Yep^^^
  7. She is definitely a bad azz.
  8. PM (Power Man) is Luke Cage. BTW, they should be ready to debut the Defenders since they now have all the characters.
  9. Yea it was the best one. and it's also the last of Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman. It may also be Patrick Stewart's last turn as Prof X.
  10. Finished watching the whole thing. It's as good as the other 3 (DD, JJ and PM). I gotta say though that the guy who plays Danny Rand seems to over act a bit at times. The fighting is good. If you have ever read any of the Iron Fist books you'll recognize the HAND. Decent plot twist around the 11th and 12th episodes but it was telegraphed! I think season 2 will be a whole lot better than this one.
  11. Wow...that thing formatted right off the page....and kept going!
  12. Charla McComic? No way that's a real story man! "Dale? Don't fall for the hype Dale!" Seriously though, that is fake aint it? Well...aint it?!?