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  1. The Dodd field is not regulation width. I think we would be even better on a properly dimensioned pitch.
  2. after the red he really really really wanted the tie. And I can dig it!
  3. This is sick. It is classless. It is usually poorly informed.
  4. The game is Saturday 3/23 4 PM. It is televised on Spanish speaking network UniMas. They are not on Cable. It seems that live MSL Streams require payment but replays will be available Sunday for free. I presume ESPN2 broadcasts will be road only and few in number. But I don't know.
  5. When we play game 3 we will be missing Almiron, Martinez and Caramona (sp?) who were recalled to their home countries for a game (or 2) of World Cup qualifying. A glance at the Chicago Fire site didn't show anyone missing the game from their side. This is going to take some getting used to. Been a fan for two weeks and they disappeared. God forbid injury.
  6. If his release gets any quicker he could be playing at 50. Draft his replacement in about 15 years.
  7. I will be 69 going on 70. What is your point?
  8. Cleveland's second is just two picks from our first. I doubt they'd throw away a fourth for two baby steps. Maybe their second second and a fourth.
  9. Beware!  Soccer is the photographer's graveyard.  I used to cover German soccer with a 400 mm Novoflex bird watching lens that you focused by squeezing a handle.  It involved being a half second behind the action for 70 minutes and then retreating to behind a goal for a couple of cheap goalie shots of hopeless goal attempts.

  10. Number me among the many who pay no attention to your preferences.
  11. Martinez reminds me of Carlos Teves. Not only will he not dive, he won't go down if he's tire-tooled. Almiron is very fast and agile. He will circle and give ground like Fran Tarkenton until he has a play. Hockey and soccer are all about passing but I love to watch them carry the puck/ball.
  12. I care plenty but I refuse to whimper and wallow in my disappointment.
  13. Nope. It didn't hurt the Monday after. Losses happen. That game was more important than all the others but not that much more. I laughed at all the posts before the game, "We've got to win!", "We've GOT TO GOT TO GOT TO win!!!".................or what? You're going to be a Jagwire fan next year? Suck it up. We're getting better every year.
  14. I agree but I am not so much interested in making plays downfield as in short yardage. The Falcons remain plagued by poor performance in short yardage. Earlier in the season Hooper made a couple of short yardage passes where he absorbed tough hits and held on. Our go to short yardage play should be Austin to the lline to gain, turn, and catch.
  15. So do Vegas oddsmakers.