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  1. More of a "need" than a TE I like it
  2. That was just stupid. We get 4 yearold footage if some meeting for the steelers but we cant get any game footage of the falcons pick......I like the nfl network guys but that was just bad
  3. Or .....I mentioned it in another thread. The skins are supposedly shopping Matt Jones. I would not be opposed to offering one or 2 of the 5th round picks for him. Rb is not a huge need but having a 6'2 230+ back would be a nice compliment to. The shift and speed that we have
  4. This is where I am at right now. I would not be too sad if we went oline with all 3 5th round picks. A couple tackles and a guard/center
  5. Oline (guard and tackle depth) Free safety And then anything else is just bonus
  6. Well to be fair....Julio is everyones favorite player
  7. Honestly I would throw one to Washington to see if they really wanna trade Jones. I know rb is not a huge need but we could use a 233 back with good speed to add diversity to the backfield.
  8. He usually does
  9. Same here....I am VERY happy with Takk but I did want Foster...not gonna lie
  10. You would think.....but there is really no telling. No one thought Foster would fall to 31
  11. I think if Budda or Obi are there at 63 one of them will be the pick. And I am ok with that!
  12. 08 Ryan and Baker 09 Jerry 10 Weatherspoon 11 Julio 12 none 13 Trufant 14 Matthews 15 Beasley 16 Neal His record in the first has been outstanding MVP Top 3 Wr Top 5 corner Top 5-10 LT Nfl sack leader The biggest knock on guys like Baker Jerry and Spoon is the fact that the injury bug ate their ***** up and they simply could not stay healthy. long As Takk stays healthy he should have a chance to be pretty special
  13. Go back and watch any of our games and focus on 70...he is every bit a top10 tackle. He is good for 1 or 2 pluck ups a game but otherwise he locks his side down.
  14. I think that is realistic. He gets the benefit of not having to be the guy and is going to get alot of 1on 1 looks. Even with that ro expect anythingI more than that year 1 from a pass rusher is un unrealistic. Nfl tackles are too good and qbs at the nfl level are better at getting the ball out of their hands
  15. I was hoping for foster but Takk is cool with me....I did not expect him to be there. Love the speed off the edge.
  16. He may not make it to us.....seattle needs oline...VERY bad
  17. This is the area where I think if we are going to strike on a player....this will be it
  18. Yup. The good thing is we have alot of young talent on defense....but they need to improve and take the next step
  19. There he goes. We have some good options that are shaping up for us
  20. Yeah that would round out their offense pretty well...especially if the can get Martin on the right track. They have some nice talent
  21. I thought so too. I could see Tampa grabbing him....which would not be nice for us If Foster falls to 20 I think we pull a trigger....
  22. Attorneys on the other side will start reciting why beans are a magical fruit as a counter argument
  23. So far the draft is shaping up nicely for us. We may ne able to land one of those guys with out trading at all
  24. I think the bears giving up what they gave up to move 1 spot is pretty surprising
  25. Honestly I would be ok with it. But we need to hit home runs with all of the others picks we have and udfa. We still need depth all along the oline, d-end,lb, and safety, We could also use depth and competition at TE Rb, and possibly WR.....not so much for 2017 but for 2018 when Gabriel is probably gone and hardy will be in last year of his deal.