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  1. My girlfriend begs to differ!
  2. So what you are saying is that wfw is as full of chit as Trump is?
  3. I know exactly what you mean. I used to work in Gilbert and I lived in Laveen for a while People do not always connect Phoenix with farms but we have alot of them......and the smell to prove it!
  4. Careful.....you may just end up with ketchup glazed beef jerky
  5. The republicans have control of everything. And they could not deliver on a nearly decade old promise. What did republicans call Obama...feckless I believe. Like it or not ...agree with it or not but Obama the leader got his agenda passed ...in the face of unprecedented obstructionism by republicans. Trump can not get things passed when his own party is in power. Trump is a fraud and anyone who blindly supports him is a effing idiot... Trump is the furthest thing from a leader.
  6. I still have not gotten my check yet!!!!
  7. The country should have elected Charlie Sheen.....then there would be actual winning going on. Not to mention it would be best to have a worlock as president.
  8. And like usual it will probably something that he thinks supporta his cause but in reality it does not
  9. Very cool. I remember getting gas a couple years ago on the corner of southern and mcclintock I believe and some other random Falcons fan just pulled up to get gas . It is always cool to meet other fans out here in the desert
  10. If the Democrats play everything right they have a chance to pick up massive seats in both houses. Despite controlling everything the republicans cant get stuff done....which is going to be something that gets jammed on the airwaves and debates next year. With the infighting and the disastrous legislation that they just tried to pass.... If the republicans do not change their stripes really quick they could be in for a world of pain in 2018
  11. We have more people here in AZ than what I would have thought....... we should do an AZ Falcons fan meet up for a game.
  12. Good episode It is pretty fooked to take ALL of the guns from oceanside but understandable. The finale could be epic
  13. The only position that is off limits imo is punter We do not need a corner but if the right one fell I could see it later in the draft. We are fairly old at qb so I could see a mid to late round on a qb. I could see a mid round pick at at receiver to battle for the return game You can make a case for pretty much any position outside of Punter
  14. Ted hit the nail with a fooking sledge hammer
  15. That would be interesting. I wonder how much dirt ...if any he has on Trump?
  16. People like him only want to live in their bubble and believe in things like alternative facts
  17. No...no it is not "fake liberal slant" I am sorry reality is a hard concept for you.
  18. http://www.factcheck.org/2015/04/no-veto-power-for-clinton-on-uranium-deal/ You are about as sharp as a bowling ball
  19. Except that is not what happened at all
  20. "3 million people votes illegally but then God stepped in and said " no rain today...this occasion is too bigly"
  21. Interesting
  22. The question is ...what is the age group that is spurring the growth?