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  1. Correction...the Falcons could use another athletic TE.....they do not need one. We have a great blocking TE in Toilolo who just got resigned and a couple of athletic young tight ends in Hooper and Perkins...the latter of which just had his college coached hired as our OC. You always can use depth but the position is not a need now
  2. You guys have had way too much fun with this
  3. He probably thinks camels and penguins are close enough to justify it
  4. So basically he wants to say the did something without actually doing anything
  5. Haha That would be something to see. He would send it out in a tweet and mistakenly put Andromeda.
  6. You think info wars is more credible than cnn.....you are in no position to critique anyones ideas or beliefs
  7. 1 and 2 are the only real questions at this point.
  8. I am a troll for pointing out your flat out dumbass post? You are delusional
  9. Says the person who advocated civil war over marriage equality
  10. At this point anyone who thinks Russia did not at the very minimum attempt to sway the election is simply living in denial. The only questions are exactly how much impact they had and how much...if any of it was known by either of the candidates and their campaigns.
  11. The sad thing is for a second I had to think about what you wrote. That is something the right wing echo chamber would push.
  12. Shady as ****
  13. That is about what I think happens.....unless they can get one of the cronies to flip and say trump knew everything
  14. I speak for everyone when I say that it is in that it didn't happen.....just don't provide pictures