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  1. Translation...... No wall
  2. Yup . The idea that a wall will some how stop that is naive at best....completely stupid at worse
  3. That is what I am thinking. Rematch of NFC championship.....New stadium...Ryan vs Rogers. No other match up really makes sense from a ratings perspective.
  4. Concussions are no joke. While some people may think the concussion "hysteria" is overblown I would rather see the league be over protective. I think back to all of the headaches I used to get but was told to just suck it up and play......in order to come out you basically had to be knocked out cold. It is pretty scary to think about
  5. The third call was right....it was a mugging. The first 2 were no different than what the pats were doing to Julio all night
  6. Yes the refs can cost a team a game Or should I say they can be a factor. Making calls on one team but not the other happens pretty much every game.....it does not mean that the refs are trying to influence games.....it just means that they do. The patriots got away with a **** ton of defensive holding in the secondary.....and they called us on some iffy secondary holding calls. It played a role in the defesne not getting of the field but it was not the reason we lost.
  7. They should be figuring out how to keep the falcons from scoring 80+ points on them next year
  8. My girlfriend begs to differ!
  9. So what you are saying is that wfw is as full of chit as Trump is?
  10. I know exactly what you mean. I used to work in Gilbert and I lived in Laveen for a while People do not always connect Phoenix with farms but we have alot of them......and the smell to prove it!
  11. Careful.....you may just end up with ketchup glazed beef jerky
  12. The republicans have control of everything. And they could not deliver on a nearly decade old promise. What did republicans call Obama...feckless I believe. Like it or not ...agree with it or not but Obama the leader got his agenda passed ...in the face of unprecedented obstructionism by republicans. Trump can not get things passed when his own party is in power. Trump is a fraud and anyone who blindly supports him is a effing idiot... Trump is the furthest thing from a leader.