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  1. When I see Sponge and Wor interacting....I immediately think of Bob and Gene
  2. I have a question. Trump and some of his supporters have repeatedly said that he is not under investigation........he claims that Comey told him as much. So if he is not under investigation why is the non investigation an unfair witch hunt against him????
  3. I just hope that it is not another 2014 season where we lost 5 linemen by mid season....and then they guys who were not lost played hurt. As long as we do not have that level of clusterfudge we should be ok
  4. The option for affordable education should be available to every citizen. Education can mean alot of things wither it is more academic or a trade skill....to me that is all education......and EVERY citizen should have access to that.
  5. Good luck man. I am not the prayer type but you and your family are in my thoughts. May your next child be a healthy one.
  6. I do not doubt that....it is the fact that while they are like that the would go out of their way to say how fair they were.....even though they were not being fair at all. I guess my point is.....they are as big lying sacks of BS
  7. Really???? I have not watched much Fox news lately so maybe this has changed but for years they have gone out of their way to pretend that they were not biases and were just "fair and balanced". Like I said maybe it has changed but Fox news was not straightforward.....not at all
  8. That was an incredible read...thank you for posting that.
  9. Ehh more like jewdo bad hombre that I was talking about
  10. It has been a few days and it is still a shock...so incredibly sad
  11. Well not always........but yeah having a degree helps. I have been able to carve out a pretty decent career with out a degree........but having it would open more doors.
  12. I can tell you that when I worked as an LO and processor the number 2 reason why younger people were declined were student loan payments. Particularly if it was a fannie backed loan unless we could get something showing that the loan was fully amortized we had to use 1% of the loan balance as a payment.........so yeah that has an impact.
  13. To which I often think about this scene when I hear some trump supporters talk......
  14. Anytime anyone talks about a "new sherrif" I automatically think if Blazing Saddles
  15. Well after the shark incident.........