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  1. Just when I think abf has hit an all time low...y'all come with that HEAT! It's why I can't leave this place. Dago don't forget Shot having the ***** locked up by Saturday
  2. This **** still got me weak.
  3. I smoke too much weed, y'all stay away from me and keep balling.
  4. Real tears...
  5. If you ask me, he broke out in that last game against New England.
  6. You also need to get on that Punisher...
  7. Orochi...I've always like counter attack type characters.
  8. Both. But no couch co-op.
  9. Great fighting game, but it's is just that, a fighting game. Very fresh, and if your willing to learn the ins and outs, very rewarding.
  10. When you get Julio Jones...