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  1. Heard there was weed, got here as soon as I could.
  2. I know women can spit venom, but c'mon man, keep your cool for a few more days...then you can come back and throw a stack of hundreds in her face.
  3. When keeping it real, goes wrong.
  4. Roddy>
  5. I swear to God this has been going on for years, this thread was supposed to be about one of the greatest comedians of his era. But of course you asshats had to make it political. Our Falcons were one game away from being champs and that can't help pull us together. Trump is a threat to us all on some level and was recently appointed the leader of the free world, you would think we would see the danger and put petty differences beside us. But no y'all wanna keep bickering. I have been coming here for years hoping that one day it could be somewhat harmonious. Literally for years...And in all that time....Bill Cosby raped fifty four people. Man that's a lot of rape.
  6. The "happy trails Hans" did it for me.
  7. Or your mommas porch...
  8. How does jaywalking get you repeatedly punched in the face?
  9. My body is ready.
  10. Xbox spring sale started today.