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  1. Excellent Pick
  2. This dude just put his stamp on being the last guy in the green room 2nd night! If he stays. I bet he don't
  3. Just glad we ain't there in December!
  4. I'm thinking the early bye is right. We have had late bye's for like 3 years now.
  5. If Lamp makes it to 31 he is our pick. Bank on that. If he's not, look 4 a trade back if there are 3 or so pass rushers on the Falcons board. One of our first two picks will be OL. Get use to it.
  6. No offence but if u do a mock at least know when we pick. We have no 6th round pick.
  7. Will always keep my R. White jersey!
  8. U right he was money........and he was a punk!
  9. Steve Smith was a punk!
  10. No way. The kids going to be embarrassed. I hate it 4 him.
  11. Why the **** is Kizer going? He is day two. Going to be a lone wait 4 him
  12. Lol talk about blind. U call that running someone over? We got fake news now we got fake responses. R-The-Great is turning into Trump JR. Lol
  13. Didn't see him run one dude over...........just sayen! He runs great through HUGE holes though!