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  1. The hill in CF in Houston is no more!
  2. Same here. That would be incredible. Haason Reddick and Marcus Maye? I can get behind that!!
  3. If Aldon had not being off the rails off the field dude would have been his generation's version of LT.
  4. I'll believe Bonifacio is gone when it happens.
  5. I'd love to have Reddick!!
  6. That's very surprising given Snitker's early hook with the starting pitchers.
  7. I was just looking and I guess we shouldn't have been surprised that the Falcons got an early bye this year. They were due for an early buy after having later byes the last few years. It was a nice run of mid to late season byes too but beats back in the 90s when the Falcons almost always had an early bye. 1990 - 4 1991 - 6 1992 - 8 1993 - 6, 10 1994 - 9 1995 - 6 1996 - 3 1997 - 6 1998 - 3 1999 - 10 2000 - 15 2001 - 7 2002 - 4 2003 - 8 2004 - 9 2005 - 8 2006 - 5 2007 - 8 2008 - 7 2009 - 4 2010 - 8 2011 - 8 2012 - 7 2013 - 6 2014 - 9 2015 - 10 2016 - 11 2017 - 5
  8. Atlanta stadium official: New facility ready for Falcons in August 7:04 PM CT Associated Press Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print comment ATLANTA -- An Atlanta stadium official says workers are racing to complete the $1.5 billion project in the next three months after ongoing roof issues have delayed the facility's opening. Mercedes Benz Stadium general manager Scott Jenkins told The Associated Press the building is 90 percent done, but the biggest holdup has been construction of the roof. Jenkins said the challenge has been installing the eight steel petals that would enable the retractable roof to open like a camera lens. Jenkins expects the stadium to be completed by early August -- in time for its new scheduled opening date of Aug. 26 when the Falcons host the Arizona Cardinals in an NFL preseason game. The stadium had been set to open on July 30 with Atlanta United's MLS game against Orlando City. That match has been moved to Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium.
  9. WHO? Charles Harris? WTF is a Charles Harris?
  10. Really? Emilio Bonifacio has to have nudes of someone. That's just ridiculous!
  11. Alright. Fair enough. But I guess I look at safety a bit differently.
  12. Agreed. I'm not a big trade up person but if you do trade up you better be getting a game-changing player. You don't trade up for only good players. The Falcons don't need to screw up this draft. If they trade up they better get a game-changer. I like Budda Baker a ton and I think if they're afraid of him not being there at 31 then they might move up to get him and I'm 100% on board with that. I can get behind a trade up for him or Haason Reddick. But I wouldn't like a trade up for Barnett.
  13. He just doesn't wow me. He's a good player but I don't see him as a game-changing player.
  14. You can still get an impact player in the 2nd round. We got Deion Jones last year.
  15. Yeah and they don't turn 20 until August. Crazy! Both could legit be in the Atlanta rotation next year.
  16. The Falcons should sit pat at 31 and see who's on the board. Then they could possibly trade back a pick or two, pick up another pick and still get a guy they really like.
  17. I watch a lot of SEC games which includes Tennessee and I'm just meh about Barnett.
  18. I hope they do that too. But he's still a great back.
  19. Agreed. Don't need to give up a 2nd or a 3rd to move up.
  20. I don't want Barnett. I don't like him. I think he's overrated.