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  1. The one guarantee that you always get with Auburn is great FG kicking.
  2. Daniel Carlson 51-yard FG is good!! 3-0 Auburn.
  3. First down!!!!
  4. 2 possessions and 2 three and outs. Really love this new and improved coaching. Just shoot me.
  5. That comment can be taken so many different ways. LOL!
  6. Yeah. Want to see Louisville play a team with a good defense.
  7. Same here.
  8. Very good point. Alabama is the only legit NC contender in the SEC. Florida is a top 15 team in my opinion. The rest are meh. I disagree with the guys that did the Georgia game that were saying the SEC is still a deep conference. That's just not the case this year.
  9. Florida 21, Tennessee 3 - Halftime
  10. Florida 21, Tennessee 0 - 5:12 - 2nd Quarter
  11. I agree. Florida is the only good team in the SEC East.
  12. Touchdown Florida
  13. Another huge pass completion for Florida.
  14. Who can forget this goody?
  15. OH JEEZ!!! Dobbs intercepted in the end zone.