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  1. I was as shocked as you looking at this thread.
  2. This has the Falcons at 62%.
  3. Watched him play at Duke a few times and he plays just like his dad.
  4. I really hope that's the name of the game plan for tomorrow! F U Green Bay!!
  5. Exactly what I said a few days ago. I hope he tries to play. One shot from Keanu Neal and he's done.
  6. Exactly what I said back in the summer when people kept talking about how hard the schedule was. I should go back and bump that thread just to prove how stupid that talk is. Every spring after the schedule comes out "The Falcons schedule is brutal." But once December rolls around "The Falcons schedule is weak. They didn't play anyone." Rinse and repeat.
  7. Because no one else would take the **** job and I don't blame them. Auburn is the Titanic right now. Who wants to attach their name to that?
  8. The Falcons are not gonna lose tomorrow.
  9. Suzuki is a great defensive catcher and if he provides anything offensively that's a bonus. Solid move.
  10. Exactly. Every team had to start at some point. But no, only Atlanta sports can never win anything. **** that.
  11. You're a front runner and bandwagoner if you wait to see the Falcons win before you actually believe their capable of winning. The real true fans always believe. Point blank ******* truth!! I don't give a **** who takes offense to this statement, its truth.
  12. What does the previous ******* seasons have to do with 2016? It ******* doesn't. It's a ******* *** excuse to act like a negative little ***** because they failed before. There was a time before 2001 that the New England Patriots were just as bad as the Atlanta Falcons. Bet their fans didn't act like these "Atlanta" fans. It's stupid. What happened before has absolutely no impact on what happens tomorrow. None whatsoever. If that's the case then why even play the ******* game? Just hand the ******* trophy to the Packers or Patriots or Steelers and be done with it because the Falcons will never win according to some clowns? No. **** that. I believe in my ******* team win or ******* lose and everyone else that claims to be a ******* fan should believe too!
  13. I would flipping lose it if that were me and my new TV was cracked when I took it out the box.