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  1. This is why having no power sucks. Braves have scored just 4 runs on 11 hits and have left 13 runners on base tonight. Pathetic.
  2. I know someone like FFS70 (who claims to have all the games) could upload it if they wanted to.
  3. Phillies on the other hand have 7 runs on 8 hits thanks to 3 homeruns.
  4. The difference in the game is homeruns. That is why the Braves lack of power is such a problem. 10 hits but just 4 runs because no HRs.
  5. Garcia doubles home Freeman to make it 7-4. Braves keep cutting into the lead.
  6. Freddie reaches base for the 9th straight plate appearance. That's one way to boost an OBP.
  7. Good offensive inning for the Braves but that last HR looms large. Major difference between being down 4 and down only 2.
  8. Freddie Freeman RBI double and he's now reached base in 8 straight plate appearances (6 hits, 2 walks.)
  9. LOL!!! Ladies and gentlemen, Chase d'Arnaud just showed you exactly why you hustle on every single ball that's put into play.
  10. It was loud. I was standing in the kitchen and heard it and didn't even have to see the TV to know what happened.
  11. Well Wisler was pitching alright until that hanger got crushed. It's another 3 homerun game for Wisler.