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  1. So far

    I hate posting on here on a phone. Its **** near impossible. The phone jumps all over the place. You can't go back and delete and fix errors. Its just a fucjing pain in the ***. Just ******* hate so much about this new board update. Curse Iit to ****.
  2. Robert Nkemdiche - A Panther?

    You don't realize that not all Panthers are wild animals? That there are Panthers and Tigers raised up to be no more harmful than the ordinary house cat.
  3. I still think it's odd that Dimitroff and Quinn answer to Arthur Blank directly and separately. But I believe the reason for that was because Blank wasn't sure if our previous issues was a Dimitroff issue or a Smith issue. So he has each report to him separately that way he can see if what Dimitroff says matches up with what Quinn says because he believes Quinn knows what he's doing.
  4. Tim Dwight

    The 2002 defense was good enough to force the Packers into 5 turnovers in a 27-7 game in which Vick and the offense didn't have to do squat to win that game. When has a Matt Ryan defense ever forced 5 turnovers in a playoff game. I'll wait because it will take you quite a long time to find that one.
  5. Fred McGriff - What a "Crime"

    What made it even better was none of the guys sent to San Diego amounted to squat. It was flatout highway robbery just like the Tim Hudson trade.
  6. Robert Nkemdiche - A Panther?

    Maybe it's just me but I don't see what the big deal is about him wanting to own a panther.
  7. Myles Jack

    I find this statement quite funny. Why? Because the Falcons can draft someone with an absolutely perfect injury history (meaning 3 or 4 years of never missing a single play)and he can rip apart his knee in the first game of the season and never play another NFL game. Wouldn't that be a wasted pick? Trying to predict a player's health moving forward is stupid. Drafting a guy just because he may only play a few years instead of 13 years is silly. We don't know. We just don't know.
  8. Tim Dwight

    Vick's defenses in 2002 and 2004 are miles better than any of the crap Matt Ryan has ever had. The Falcons led the NFL in sacks in 2004 and the defense single handedily on a playoff game in Green Bay. When has Matt Ryan's defense ever single handedily won a playoff game? The defenses for Matt Ryan have averaged giving up nearly 30 points per game in the playoffs. You wanna talk about playoff wins at least be objective homeboy!
  9. NFL Color Rush Colors....Leak?

    Oh yeah, change the orange to red and boom that's a badass looking uniform right there.
  10. 2016 MLB Season

    Just thought it was strange. Even more strange that he said he didn't even know he was facing Jose Fernandez tonight. I find that to be next to impossible.
  11. Myles Jack

    Didn't see hard knocks so I wouldn't know. Just know what I saw in the games the years after 2009 and he wasn't the same guy he was that first game against the Dolphins.
  12. Myles Jack

    Yes he quit. He quit after he could never fully recovery from the devastating knee injury he suffered in game 2. He quit instead of just being cut and not having a chance to find a job anywhere else. He was such a bad person for quitting.
  13. Awesome!! Need him in Atlanta.
  14. Myles Jack

  15. 2016 MLB Season

    Bryce Harper just said he doesn't watch video and study pitchers. Really?