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  1. Eric Berry - DOB - 12/29/1988 - Age 27 Desmond Trufant - DOB - 09/10/1990 - Age 26 So basically, two years age difference minus a few months. That is not "quite a bit younger."
  2. Bruh!!
  3. Just now saw this news and heIl yeah!! I absolutely love it!
  4. So Houston is gonna have two head coaches who are both offensive minded coaches? LOL!!
  5. Gotcha. Yeah that's odd.
  6. Please elaborate on why MLB Pipeline's Braves rankings are weird IMO?
  7. Winning ballclub, losing ballclub, doesn't make any difference to me, You've got to have good chemistry. Players have to trust each other and the manager and coaches and the manager and coaches have to trust to the players. That's a very important aspect to winning. Now you may call that something else but I use the term chemistry.
  8. Thank you!! Aside from non-tendering Chris Withrow (which I understand) I have absolutely loved the majority of the moves the Braves have made in regards to the pitching staff.
  9. Glad we got something for Jenkins instead of just cutting him loose. The man talks a good game but could never seem to translate his talk into performance.
  10. So now you resort to just flat out insulting people that use sports to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Wow. Must make you feel really big.
  11. But you don't?
  12. Then what's the point of trying to find 200 inning pitchers if they can't work through a rotation 3 times? WTF? If you make 30 starts and it takes you 5 innings to get through the lineup twice then that adds up to only 150 innings pitched. If you're gonna go to that kind of stradegy then we need to go back to 4-man rotations with 8 man bullpens and keep the pitching staffs at 12 men. No need for 13 pitchers leaving you with just 4 bench guys. You can get away that in the AL because you don't have to deal with pinch-hitters unless you want to but in the NL carrying just 4 bench guys is a recipe for disaster.
  13. I don't necessarily believe that. I believe that you can have all the talent in the world but if the guys aren't all fighting for each other then you're not gonna win. One of the main reasons everyone loved Bobby was because of the way he handled the clubhouse. One of the reasons folks didn't like Ozzie Guillen was because of the way he managed the clubhouse.
  14. White Sox also had issues with clubhouse chemistry. They'll have to go about getting the right guys to fix that issue too.