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  1. Glad I'm not the only one
  2. I hope he takes a picture with Lil Wayne and a gallon of lean
  3. Real sad. A great Miami Hurricane and a better man
  4. Yeah that was crazy lol
  5. Your first sentence made absolutely no sense. College kids do silly things. I named my dog Hitler and nobody ever questioned me if i was a neo nazi(although I am black American)
  6. You worried about something you have no control over...a name of a dog that isnt yours. You know how utterly stupid that sounds?
  7. 5 pages about the name of a dog lol.
  8. Dont know. Lean is made from prescription drugs. And just like any prescription drugs you can abuse it. I drink lean.
  9. I know you didnt knock him. I was just saying. Elite is so subjected. Some say there are only two elite qbs in football and that's Brady and Rodgers. If you dont think Free is elite that's cool. I can understand. But going by production a lot of people will say he is elite. Numbers dont lie
  10. Monster
  11. I had an all white pit named Hitler in college.
  12. No i think I got it. You dont think Free can catch the ball like DJ or Bell. He cant run routes like them either. That's fine. But I'm saying DJ or Bell cant high point or run routes like Julio. You brought up Julio like it was a knock that Free cant high point or run routes like him.
  13. No back can high point the ball like Julio. I mean he is special. And Julio is the best route runner in football. Maybe Antonio Brown is better. No back can run routes like Julio either
  14. Shanny didnt use the run game in the 2nd half like he should have anyway.
  15. Still bring back bad memories smh