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  1. Need to look him up cause i know very little about him
  2. I would love a Travis Kelce type of TE. I wouldn't mind another TE. I agree with you on that
  3. Got dang we seem to make the same arguement a lot. Great post
  4. You want a TE that gets separation? David Njoku is your guy. But he would have to be taken at 31. Wont make it to our 2nd pick
  5. Gronk ran a 4.68. Let's not act like he was running a 4.5 now. So did Bennett. Jimmy Graham is a lot faster than Gronk but who gets separation consistently? Exactly. Speed means absolutely nothing if you cant get separation. Ask anyone that understand football and they will tell you that.
  6. True. Someone that needs to act like they are interested in blocking.
  7. 3 isnt true unless your TE can run block. If he cant teams wont respect the run. You dont need a fast TE. Gronk isnt fast. You need someone that can get separation.
  8. At the end of the day we both got beat. A loss is a loss. Only a loser prefers a loss to another loss. It's still a loss
  9. If you dont offer Chatman you arent going to get Anderson. It's always a possibility that Anderson comes back but it's very low without Chatman
  10. They haven't signed yet. But flipping kids is very hard. Very hard. Not something you want to rely on
  11. Regular box jumps are hard enough when you are tired. Hated them
  12. Yeah i dont think that was a coincidence either. That was to send a message
  13. I dont think we will. He isnt on our top 10 board from what i know and hear. But you never know. We have i think 1 lb commit in 2018. Maybe Kirby will come to his senses. Cause that's a major fail. Rome has some studs coming up from what I'm hearing. Definitely need to keep that relationship