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  1. I told everyone here Free would be a good back when he was drafted. I'm so familiar with these south Florida players. Free and Cook both went to the same high school. If Cook stays healthy he will be a good NFL RB.
  2. The ones that still defend Trump are looking more and more desperate. Hate to say i told you i dont lol
  3. Trump has been lying for years. He has no integrity
  4. Probably be Dallas. I expect it to be a Monday night or Sunday night game.
  5. Adoree.Jackson.please.
  6. Malik Hooker is my favorite safety prospect. I see Ed Reed type of play when i watch him. I would loveto get Hooker
  7. Love this kid. Would love it if he was our pick
  8. I can agree with that. Fighting them physically wont solve anything. But we both know that wont stop some
  9. Crazy stuff man. Sorry that happened to you
  10. I remember two wins and a beat down in the NFCCG. I guess i forgot that 1 sack in two games. Thanks
  11. He played terrible last year. And i had him on my fantasy team smh
  12. Trying to figure out what Peppers did last year against the Falcons....cant recall
  13. That's what she said
  14. That ish funny for some reason lol