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  1. I'd let freeman go unless it was less than 4 mil a yr. There are many NFL teams who have won the SB without overpaying the RB, most notably the Patriots, Green Bay, Aints, etc.
  2. Didn't Freeman miss the block that cost us the superbowl? There are other RB's that can catch the ball out of the backfield. You can't spend that much on an RB and keep ALL the other pieces you need on Defense. Look at the Seahawks for reference. Also, look at the Patriots, they NEVER spend that much on an RB.
  3. So the Browns get a 2nd Rd pick for holding the money? Its actually pretty smart.
  4. I would rather cut Freeman and keep Trufant, Beasley, Neal and Debo intact.I would also like to have a road grader like Ron Leary (Dallas Cowboys OG) that will make the overall run game potent. Rather than paying an RB big money. You can't pay everyone.
  5. We can pick up another back in the draft. We NEED the money for defense. I feel we are already spending too much on the offense. I wish that Matt Ryan would accept less money like Brady so we can be better on Defense. Take back 7-8 mil from Ryan then save 7 mil from Freeman. At the very least we can keep all of the other parts, instead of going down like the Seahawks.
  6. Sanders never complained nor made stupid statements before the SB. Secondly, Sanders would have made that block too and lastly, the Lions didn't compete in a SB and needed a better defense.
  7. Deshaun Watson almost single handedly helped Clemson beat Nick Saban's Alabama defense. His throws were crisp and on point EVERY TIME. He reminds me a lot of Tom Brady the way he kept his cool and brought his team back. I know one thing, if Cleveland gets Myles Garett in the 1st and THEN they get Deshaun Watson in the 2nd round, they will soon have a bright future.
  8. I can't find info for the upcoming season!
  9. Is it possible to get Calais Campbell? He would solidify our DL AND give us more rotation. I wouldn't mind losing Devonte Freeman but getting a MUCH better defensive line.
  10. I think that Matt Ryan should have interviewed the new OC. I believe that Norv Turner would have been a better hire too. Its too soon to have enabled MR to take a look and ensure they get along.
  11. I want norv turner. we have a team that can win right now and he's proven he can call situational plays too.
  12. I think he would be a VERY BIG upgrade over what we've had before.
  13. Kyle Shanahan, the guy calling the plays on offense, agreed with Ryan with regards to the crushing sack. “You always want to run the ball if you can. You got to look at each situation when you’re getting the ball,” Shanahan said. “We were trying to score there at the end. We got into field goal range where we would have ended it, but getting that sack and that holding call was tough. “You don’t think, just run the ball and make your guy kick a 50-yard field goal. You want to try your hardest to give him a great chance to for sure make it. We thought we could get some yards, but ended up getting a sack and it’s not really an option after that.” Matt Ryan: “For me, I wish I could have found a way to throw it away and not lose that yardage – that would have been important for us,” Ryan said after the game. “That drive, in particular, where we had it down to about the 20-yard line and didn’t come away with points and the drive right (after) that where we had a short-field opportunity after the onside kick, to me those are two opportunities to close and it’s pretty disappointing that we didn’t do it.” Apparently, both of them are to blame, Shanahan for the call and Ryan KNOWING A guy was coming and holding onto the ball anyway. For both of them, its called situational awareness.
  14. I don't think Shannahan knew what he had. Ryan's no Brady and it showed. I've never seen an offense like this with one quarter to go, up 19 and lose the game.
  15. Ok, I just made a thread about the choking but there's no need to rub it in. It is what it is. I still think Matt Ryan is an above tier Qb but now you just MUST realize you can't throw everything on his shoulders, we need a power running game. I love his accurate throws but we need to take the pressure off his shoulders. He's not Peyton Manning or Joe Montana or Aaron Rodgers but with pieces around him, he can bring it home.