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  1. Jonah Keri's posted his annual player trade value rankings. The Braves have four players on the list. http://www.si.com/mlb/2017/03/22/trade-value-player-rankings
  2. The other thing with Albies is that if the season doesn't start great, he's a guy who will keep fans interested when he debuts. MLBTR also says the Braves are still in on Jose Quintana. It sounds like Chicago wants to trade him before the start of the season, but I don't see us as a good fit. Plus, their asking price apparently hasn't come down much. They want Houston to give up the #15 and #19 prospects in baseball in a Quintana deal.
  3. John Danks asked for and received his release from Atlanta.
  4. Seattle. I loved watching them get petty in the second half once they knew they were whipped. I'd like to torment them even more.
  5. Evans actually hurt us before the outcome was decided. Neal cranked him as punishment after we'd built an insurmountable lead. All matchups between Evans and Trufant are must-watch All-22 footage. It's the best inter-division duel in the NFL right now, a top three corner vs. a top six WR.
  6. In the immortal words of Larry Miller, it's the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.
  7. Can someone list which of our players are out of options? I googled without success. I'm pretty freaked out about our depth heading into the season. If we get hit with injuries to position players, we don't have viable replacements at the moment.
  8. As the #5 to start, the only way he'll get 200 innings is if somebody bombs. Since we have taken some chances with the rotation, I can't rule out that possibility, though. I'd love nothing better than for him to become a stud for us. And yes, I couldn't remember why I had you on ignore, so I took you off. Let's aspire to get along this season, even when things go rough for the team.
  9. Other than the Chick Fil A nonsense, he absolutely earned his spot. There also wasn't any competition for it. As you point out, the other two guys had ERAs over 6, and Wisler just had to throw four scoreless innings to drop his to that. To a larger point, we're 230 innings into Folty's career, and we still don't know if he's a starter or reliever. At 25, he's still got time, but I suspect any prolonged struggles this season will seal his fate.
  10. I'd play them every game next season if we could.
  11. I'd like have liked to see more competition for that fifth spot. If Wisler doesn't make the team, I wonder if another team tries to trade for him.
  12. In a 33-16 loss. You're missing the forest for all those pesky trees. As for the offensive line, you're now paying Matt Kalil $10 million a year to start a conga line to Cam's blind side. One of my favorite football maxims is that players don't get better just because you pay them more. The Panthers are having a bad off-season.
  13. If we could wind up with an edge rusher like Derek Barnett or Charles Harris, we'd have our best d-line in years if not decades.
  14. If you ever want to see a Super Bowl taken away from a team, look at Pittsburgh-Seattle in Super Bowl 40. Seattle got hosed over and over again. I had no rooting interest in that game, and it was still hard to watch.