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  1. I respect them so much I've toyed with giving up some of my current gigs to take a paycut and write for them. Their operation is running so well these days that despite the fact that I'm a published author who has been quoted on Salon, CNN Money, and USA Today umpteen times, I'm not sure they'd hire me. I was once offered an opportunity to write for FanGraphs in its early days, a gig that has led to front office positions for people who didn't know baseball like I do.And it's not getting in on the ground floor of PFF that irks me. Those dudes are sharp. More importantly, they put their noses down and go to work. It's that second reason that differentiates them from all the other metrics sites who haven't ascended the same way.
  2. One of the ways Falcons fans got robbed was that we never got to see Bobby Petrino coach Michael Vick. Of course, we would have been rooting for a jackass and a dog killer. (Hi Legion! I posted as Vickgasmic back then!)
  3. Nah. What I said still stands.
  4. Even Craig Biggio would wince at that ratio. And he was trying to get hit by pitches. Does the dude just dive into the plate full force?
  5. This is a little thing, but I'm not a fan of unearned runs when the pitcher's the one who makes the error. Yes, Markakis made the first one, but Garcia let it get to him, causing the second, more damaging one.
  6. Interesting. The scouting reports I'm reading suggest that he's not good enough to play infield in the majors save for first base, and he doesn't hit enough to play first base. It strikes me that Matt Adams offers more now than Yepez likely ever will. But that's the problem with 19-year-olds. You never know how they'll develop. The Cards are wonderful at turning unpolished players like Yepez into above average MLB contributors.
  7. I struggle to understand this line of thinking since they weren't even rated a couple of years ago. All they did was put their head down and do the work, earning respect within the industry. Now, NFL organizations pay lots of money for their work. That's precisely how the system's supposed to work. People seem to have the tendency to see a few cherry-picked stats and use them as justification to dismiss a website with tremendous value. On a personal level, I was always good at football analysis, but I feel much more informed thanks to my PFF subscription and highly recommend it to everyone reading this thread.
  8. Dansby did a wonderful job of going with the pitch there. That was a terrific at bat.
  9. This is something only said by people who aren't good with statistics. PFF is imperfect, but it's goals are worthy. Its utility is tremendous. That's why virtually every NFL team pays them lots of money to access their data and research special projects.
  10. If Kemp's body holds up, he's going to get us some good pieces in July.
  11. I love Jaime's flutter curveball.
  12. Somebody tell me in a couple of hours when Murphy's ball lands.
  13. It's interesting that you say that. I know that he was considered our best global signing that year, but recent scouting reports I've read indicate that he's no longer a prospect. (I'd considered the move basically free.)
  14. No, not even with a gun to my head. And I'd tell my kidnapper to pull the trigger if they thought I was bluffing.
  15. I can't speak for everyone else, but I watched BC play a lot that season. I knew we were going to be in the market for a QB. Ryan was allegedly the best. At least six of the interceptions I saw were of the, "What in God's name was he thinking?" variety. Analysts blamed it on the (lack of) talent of his receivers. Historically, when that happens, it's untrue. People are simply trying to give the QB a pass. In this instance, there was truth to it. What's odd about Matt is that to this day, he still makes the infrequent "What in God's name was he thinking?" play. It's just a part of the package, and the package as a whole is otherworldly.