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  1. I hate baseball.
  2. Our plan was to head down in September and check out both new stadiums at the same time. I may not be able to wait.
  3. Cable television might not even exist by 2027. The question of how we worded our contract will become important before then. Liberty told the Braves that they had to monetize themselves. Bravesville is a brilliant way to do that. We may make more revenue in December thanks to holiday shopping than during the regular season.
  4. WE WILL NEVER LOSE AT SUNTRUST PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If Ender passes his next drug test, I'm picking him up in fantasy.
  6. I sincerely appreciate Trevor Cahill's remembering that he's Trevor Cahill.
  7. If the Braves are right and we can deal some of these arms for high-upside position players like they believe, they're geniuses. Until then, the Braves have somehow made me hate the draft.
  8. The safe bet is a high school pitcher.
  9. Maybe we signed Trevor Cahill to pitch at the wrong Braves park.
  10. You misread that. They isn't John Hart or Braves folks.
  11. Mmmhmm. Like I said, how you handle is up to you.
  12. That's an especially strange comment from someone who has been banned 10+ times yet keeps creating accounts to continue to post here... Look dude, it's Easter, and I'm not looking to bring anybody down. You clearly want to be here. Why troll? You know you're in the wrong here. How you handle it is up to you.
  13. In my observations, there are two kinds of people in life. There are those who expect to be right. When they're wrong, they own up to it and try to learn from it. Then, there are those who know that any time they're right, it's blind luck more than anything. Those are the ones who "crow about it a little bit".
  14. You're the first one to say that everybody knew what they were doing. Now, I think that's not true, either. If we assume it is, however, they have zero reason to lie. Philadelphia was honest about the Process. Houston and Chicago never shied away from their intentions, either. We're the only organization who intentionally misled our fanbase out of the current tankers.