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  1. We won't lose to Carolina or Dallas. 13-3.
  2. From what a co-worker said, Dan Patrick says we open on Sunday night in Primetime...I full expect it to be the Taints.
  3. Safety class is good, I'm still convinced that if we add TJ Watt and Eddie Jackson our D will be great for years to come.
  4. G-Dawg, you know where I stand on our first two picks, but I haven't seen much TJ love lately. Has he moved out of our range?
  5. Personally, I've always hated the way Fredi did the line up with alternating lefties and righties.
  6. Okay...figured there was something I missed. Thanks.
  7. I don't necessarily agree with this part of the punishment. If he served his suspension throughout the regular season then he should be eligible. Or is there something I've missed?
  8. That really should be a thing...
  9. FIFY
  10. I'm confused by the Spotrac says counting the top 51 we have over $5M left
  11. Not breaking anything to me (Bama fan). That's why I said "if we moved up and he was there".
  12. .Gif PLEASE!!!!!
  13. Minuswhale...Hive Sop Dap...
  14. Put...the...crack...pipe...down...
  15. Give me Allen all day! Really????? For me, If we moved up 5 spots and got OJ, I would be for it. Giving up a load of picks like we did for Julio, completely against it. The good thing is we don't have many holes on our roster so we can have the hypothetical questions like this. Minuswhale...SMH...