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  1. I remember an NFL network top 10 that had best was Deion and whoever lined up on the other side.
  2. ^^^^^ this second quote is why I called you out on it. Like I've stated in this same topic, I didn't have a clue who Matt Ryan was and didn't like the pick myself.
  3. I've already admitted that i didn't even know who Ryan was and i wanted a guy i knew of... Glenn Dorsey.
  4. Couldn't be DTan... there's no list of QBs better than Ryan. Couldn't be swift... he's not vehemently posting that he's a better GM than TD... or wondering why we haven't traded Ryan for Sanchez.
  5. 1998 we were never in. 2016 we owned the game and I could watch it again up until about the 4th quarter. By then, I would have to cut it off.
  6. Didn't/won't watch the video. The problem isn't one play, it's the fact that we didn't stay on the gas during the 4th quarter, and once we did, it was too late.
  7. I patiently await KOG's response to how WRONG he was.
  8. and to quote myself.... Who?
  9. 16-0!!! Wait.... Who?
  10. I saw a re-draft before this years draft that was done by and they actually had Freeman going at 2 or 3 overall and Matthews at the same spot that we took him. I would actually say that an "A-" is about right, could even push for "A". (if that's how that works lol).
  11. This is what DQ is preaching. Don't think, just play ball...get after the ball, get after the QB. If Bryant Young can get the same performance (all year) out of Hage that Cox was getting out of him at the end of last season, the guy could be an absolute monster.
  12. Thats a huge bug....
  13. The Seahawks lifted his team suspension 4 days later, but the NFL hit him because he was under the influence of spice. Just also noticed, he hasn't played since 2015...
  14. So you're saying that we could have a little over $9M to play with after all the rooks are signed and TJax comes off?
  15. There was an article posted about this, the "Super Bowl Hangover" is a myth. 20 of the last 26 years, the losing team has made the playoffs the next season.