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  1. Right now, it doesn't help. Seven days ago at this time, I was beginning to realize that the Falcons could actually blow this. It's going to be a pain I'm going to feel for a long, long time.
  2. Keep the current logo and I can go for this.
  3. I would have spent at least $120.00 traveling to Atlanta to attend the victory parade and other celebrations. Also saved me one and maybe two days of vacation time. (I already cleared it where I work.) It would have been worth it all. This makes me sick.
  4. Don't be stupid.
  5. Let's no count our chickens just yet.
  6. Absolutely. Game ain't over yet.
  7. I've had my heart broken too many times to allow myself unbounded optimism. But I was very hopeful the Falcons would triumph. Thirty more minutes and the triumph will be had.
  8. Proper response: "Thank you. Glad to hear; we need all the good karma we can get." It's good to be a Falcon.
  9. So, what are the Falcons expected to do to show "enthusiasm" on a SB media day? Jump around to stage like kangaroos? Make stupid statements like how they'll beat the Patriots 70-0? Maybe the sportswriters would love that, but folks, here's a real news bulletin: the Falcons are PROFESSIONALS. Dare I say, in probably contrast to the 1998 team, who knew they more-or-less lucked into Super Bowl XXXIII, these Falcons KNOW they belong. The sportscasters want the Falcons players to act like either babes in the woods, cringe at the sight of the big, bad Patriots, or be arrogant A-holes. All for entertainment and to fill copy. Well guys, this Falcons team aint playing that game. If the writers don't like it, how unfortunate.
  10. I would have posted Peter Griffith (Family Guy,) but Peter actually is a Pats fan. So, Homer actually is less dumb.
  11. http://flip.it/GSDEsK Don't know if the link will work. Reportedly, one of the Tweets site protesting Trump's current policies have the hashtag #RiseUp. This inadvertently generates the Falcons' logo in the message. Take it as you will.
  12. Not that the Falcons have a significant national following, but it is developing that outside of New England hardly anyone actually likes the Patriots. Oh, you'll see a few fan-boys wearing the Patriots jersey proclaiming lifetime loyalty, but they'll disappear like the dew in the morning sun once the Patriots start having a few losing seasons. Remember how many San Francisco Forty-niners fans there use to be?
  13. The "Dirty Bird" dance is nothing but r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d. Oh no ... oh **** no!
  14. Just another illustration of why the folks up north refer to the denizens of Massachusetts as "Massholes."
  15. Hope you already got your hotel room. Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas is bigger than New Year's Eve.