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  1. No way are we waiting until UDFA to get a right guard
  2. NO INJURIES PLEASE!! for 2017!!! If we don't have any major injuries we should be able to go very far
  3. We are a better team than last year. Does not mean we will do just as well but a better team. Look at what we have: + Poe + Crawford + Shelby + Roberts - DiMarco - Weems - Babineaux Yea I say we're better so far...
  4. I hear ya... Suh and Poe on the same line sounds amazing but that's a lot of money tied up in one position. They probably have a team friendly number in mind but Poe won't go for it. I still see him potentially sign with us or someone else.
  5. It just doesn't make sense for the Dolphins to really sign him to a lucrative contract and that's what it would take since he's made his ways around all the teams probably trying to get them to raise the price so that I can use it on anther team. Miami already have Suh on a huge contract. I just don't see it.... but then again there are teams that are not so smart with their budget expenditure. When they signed Suh, they thought they were going to be all world at their D-line. Today they still having problems stopping the run.
  6. He's using us to up the ante from the other teams. I doubt that we offered him a big contract so that he can use us to get into a bidding war.
  7. I don't think there's a deal. And if there is... we probably overpaid the guy which I would not like
  8. He's scheduled to visit Miami tomorrow. Visit Miami
  9. I don't see it on Rappaport's twitter page
  10. If he agrees as in the bubbly was popped....we probably hear something in the morning before noon.
  11. He's picking up the tab LOL
  12. one year ? I thought it might be a multi year deal
  13. "Gives the opportunity to be patient and see how things unfold. Like having a 2nd rounder. As always, we will be direct with teams in the top 20 that we are open to moving up just in case. Also thinks some really good players should be available around #25-#32. If someone wants to jump up, we could move back. Feels like it's a very unique spot to be in" Possibility of us trading up into the 20's if somebody we really want is still there.
  14. Can someone recapture the interview on 92.9 today? I caught the last part of it where TD said he spoke to Freeman's agent and that thins seem to be amicable. Freeman's contract will not be renewed during this free agency period. So don't expect to hear his contract until after free agency.