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  1. Tak Boucher
  2. Riley was picked 75th and Tim Williams was picked 78th
  3. Tim Williams Tim Williams was still available
  4. NOPE!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Chargers Arrrrrrrrrggggggggg they picked up all of our OL
  6. With three 5th round I would mind if we move up into the 4th
  7. We may be able to get himin the 5th LOL
  8. Jordan Willis and Tim Williams still available
  9. we get 3rd and two 5th in return for our 2nd
  10. Man we could have picked Dawkins
  11. And Jordan Willis is still available. Just goes to show why so many on this board wanted him for our 1st round pick
  12. we just traded out of 2nd round !!!!
  13. I wanted Tanoh but KC just picked him
  14. You guys know whom that number used to belong to right? JA