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  1. This should allay your concerns.
  2. We cooled on him along with a number of other schools. Anderson and Cox are our targets.
  3. You don't trade up unless you are 100% sure the guy will fit your system. Other than that you should always be looking to build depth and looking for guys in the later rounds who can potentially develop into starters. This game is about being able to absorb losing players like Julio, Trufant, Alford, Clayborn, Gabriel, Coleman, Hooper, Shelby, etc. for periods of time and not miss a beat because you have a guy ready who can step up and produce.
  4. It's not an apples to apples comparison. KC runs a 3-4 man to man scheme which means Poe is playing the 0 or 1 and eating double teams. During his two best season he played way too many snaps (900+) and I think it caught up with him. We play predominately 4-3 cover 3 zone and we've been mixing in a lot more man as time has gone on. Cutting back on his snap count and having him play next to disruptive players as a 1-2 should in theory increase his productivity at least that's the hope of the coaching staff and it's what Poe himself has bet on by taking less money to play for a year for a contender.
  5. Well I'm Libertarian too so that would make sense.
  6. More proof we need term limits for these idiots.
  7. They could have had their pick back in January. Why the **** did they wait so long?
  8. So when we finally have Inciarte, Swanson, and Albies all playing together where do you slot them in the lineup? Personally I'd like to see Albies leading off but both Inciarte and Swanson fit that #2 hitter profile. Not sure what to do there.
  9. I would have expected those records to have been flipped.
  10. Seems like he finally got his attitude fixed.
  11. Finger crossed that someone can get through to Adam Walker and teach him pitch selection.
  12. Always a bad idea to spend that much money on one guy.
  13. If I remember correctly he had issues with his front landing knee.
  14. EE's sign in early December