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  1. It's a common drill but it's usually two guys throwing short hops to each other. First time I've seen it done that close with a bat. I have seen a coach pull out a shopping cart (literally) full of baseballs, get 15 feet away, and proceed to hit short hoppers at full speed at a first baseman who had ole'd a couple of hard hit grounders. That was entertaining.
  2. Keeping Zeus and Salyer away from CU would go a long ways to boosting this class. Getting Zeus to start off the summer camp season would be huge.
  3. Man we just finished up the 17' cycle and most folks aren't even familiar with the 18' kids yet. That fact that 19' is about to overtake them is stunning.
  4. It doesn't get a whole lot worse than that.
  5. That's a positive though it will still mess with his swing and follow through for awhile.
  6. Unions at the turn of the 20th century were a great thing and I much appreciate my 40hr work week, paid vacation, benefits, etc. That said the unions as they exist today can **** off and die. They are now hands down the most worthless, greedy, and corrupt organizations in this country and that includes our current government.
  7. Good possibility of that being a career ender.
  8. Another 1st round CB after resigning Alford and Trufant? That's doubtful. DE/LB/DT all the way with that first pick.
  9. That broken elbow probably earned him at least another 6 months in the minors.
  10. Thanks Unknown.
  11. Phillips is a name and a locker room guy. Anything beyond that is gravy as far as the Braves are concerned.
  12. I'd like to see a breakdown of this.
  13. I don't see how anyone can truly judge Eason after watching that complete **** show of an offense. Our best WR was 5'7 165lbs and none of them could catch a cold on most days. We had an OL that made two AA RB's look average. How many drive ending drops do you remember that hit guys right in the hands? I remember a bunch. Yes Eason needs to improve his fundamentals but that's every freshman QB on the planet. This year will tell the tale as far as Eason is concerned. He's going to get pushed by Fromm and if he doesn't take it seriously then Fromm will beat him out at some point.
  14. Better than some are saying. He wears #34 and visited us instead of going to Clemsons big junior day. He also knows next years depth chart is wide open and that we will have the OL to make things happen by then.