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  1. Somebody obviously missed the 00's on this board.
  2. I don't think it has anything to do with them thinking that they are good or have some sort of chance. They have a new stadium to fill and money to make. It's about selling the lie that they are trying to be more competitive and getting people to show up and empty their pockets at the new cash machine.
  3. Better go ahead and trade every fly ball pitcher that we have in the minors. Either that or start teaching them all how to throw a sinker.
  4. If I was a Braves player I'd be sharpening my cleats and taping my hands for tonight. What the Blue Jays have done this series deserves a reckoning.
  5. I can assure you as a long time Cobb resident it ain't just black folks that get hassled by those bored *******.
  6. Gohara's stuff is just straight up nasty.
  7. I would recommend vaseline at this point in time.
  8. I was a little worried they were being too aggressive with Acuna. Guess they showed me.
  9. Guys this course isn't about getting people into shape. It's about forcing you to depend on the other guys on your team. You learn that you live and die based on your teams performance and not your own.
  10. Season is too **** long and grinding to be staying out til 4am on a bender.
  11. That's a truly impressive line.
  12. The ball flies in that place. As a catcher I always loved when a pitcher was dealing but as a spectator I want to see the ball get knocked around.
  13. There were so many options available out there in January and the Braves just sat on their hands. Really disappointed with their lack of urgency. Hopefully this is a lesson learned.
  14. All he had to do was offer Chatman and it would have been over.