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  1. Well...on to the next one
  2. Yeah I still feel like if he wanted to leave he would be gone already. Pay the man
  3. Dammit! He is going to leave without a deal!
  4. So, no news is bad news to you? Lol
  5. Negotiations, physicals, notifying family...this actually should not be a quick decision. I actually would be optimistic since there is no news of him LEAVING Atlanta.
  6. You got inside info?
  7. The delay could be a good thing. Negotiations. He was quick to leave JAX for ATL yesterday and stayed through the night...if he was still looking he should already be on the plane to another destination.
  8. Yeah I dont get that guy's arguments. Blowing that 28-3 lead should make Poe want to come help to get back there to finish the job. Colts have no hope as long as they have the Coach they have...just my opinion.
  9. Hopefully he slept on it and was heavily recruited by the Brotherhood last night.
  10. The relationship part...would you apply for a job with a company run by a former boss you did not have trust in from previous dealings?
  11. LOL! Yes, you have! I been watching the comments!
  12. If a former boss of yours went to a new company and you applied at that new company I am sure your former boss, if you had a good relationship, would consider that in making a decision to hire you. Hope that made it a bit clearer...
  13. Hokie here...I'd love to get Sam as an Atlanta Falcon!