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  1. Make it a Light saber battle!!
  2. Love the passion.
  3. Didn't realize Kid was so tall..
  4. I've said the same thing many times to folks in my area. People equate/relate wealth and power to mean he's brilliant or masterful. But when you're wealthy an powerful and you project yourself in the way that Trump does(loud, arrogant and confrontational) how often are you challenged or questioned? This sounds too easy ..and there must be more to him, But we see first hand that politicians did not want to get on the wrong side of him for fear of being called out. In his business he's surrounded by yes men and family members. How often has he been truly questioned over the last few decades. As Gibbon pointed out its different on the next level. In this light, he's game looks minor league.
  5. Your suggestion is.."Good, get rid of it." But what would be the result where would that leave us? Sure Perot warned of the effects(as did others), but its happened, its in play.
  6. Yes, And who do you think moved those jobs south? Big Business. Do you think jobs are coming back? No ..many are lost to automation.
  7. ..And I'm not sure why people can't comprehend the difference? To see Americans defending the people who just broke in to your house is hard to wrap your head around. "Hey, Betty..the guy who lives next door just broke in and stole all our Sh!t!.. "Wouldn't it be great if he liked us?" "I would consider that an asset."
  8. If its so common then why lie about discussions with Russian officials and associates? Why dispose of Flynn if he did nothing wrong? Why was Nunez removed. You are saying that it is common for 6 or more of your surrogates and cabinet members to have contact with the country who committed the cyber attack(in your favor) while to Campaign/Election is going on? Please provide other examples of this ...I'll Wait.
  9. And this Fool wouldn't even go to the briefings because it was boring and he has the attention span of a 4 year old. Stating that he was 'smart' and didn't need to attend so frequently. ,The Commanders with decades of experience felt it important enough to attend
  10. So, knowing that Hitler attempted to carry out Genocide, Spicer made those comments. I'm starting to understand why he and Trump have this common bond. Congratulations folks, They're gonna make America Great Again!!!!
  11. Not sure if this has been posted. I almost forgot what it looks like to see a President speak intelligently. Notice that he didn't spend half the interview bragging about himself. In comparison Trump seems like a childish fool.