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  1. Yes, and the strange thing is he's never done a da#n thing for anyone. Heck he's not even a republican(for those who voted only for that reason).
  2. Yeah, Something is not adding up. In any case none of what was said today makes any part of Trumps tweet less than a lie. Obama Did not order a Wire tap of his phones at Trump Tower! Its ridiculous to watch grown men try to expand and explain what trump really meant while tweeting from the sh!tt3r at 3:00 am. Ringly Bros has nothing on the circus this Bufoon is putting together.
  3. Trump once said he loved the poorly educated. I assume because they are easily fooled or turned into loyal worshipers. Here we have a nice group of these poorly educated servants at yet another Campaign rally. Hey, Trump..the elections won.
  4. Trump is a liar!..He's been pulling sh#t out of his A$$ his whole life. He continues to do so, only now at the expense of the country. There is undisputed evidence that Russia hacked our government and interfered with the election. (FACT) 6 or more in Trumps circle were dishonest(lied) about having conversations or meetings with Russian Officials. (FACT) An investigation is currently under way. Now maybe you care more about Trump than you do the safety of this country but I don't. Hypocrisy is to spread fear and exaggerate the numbers and the dangers of anything connected to refugees..and then pretend its perfectly fine that our leader is the puppet of Russia.
  5. The idiot was tweeting during a defense briefing back when Nordstrom's dropped his first lady. He's more concerned about this silly sh#t that he stirs up, than he is about the country. The man is an embarrassment.
  6. First of all No One would even consider tweeting this at 3:30 am..or anytime. This should tell you something about Trump. He's trying anything to divert attention away from something. Surely this is obvious to anyone.
  7. Its Astonishing just how full of $#it he is. People who gave their support should be a little annoyed at this point. Even as I watch the press Conference with Merkel, I see Trump acting childish and taking jabs. He's a 70 year old adolescent who has no idea how to conduct himself. Its just another game to him.
  8. "Put a Lunat..(Ahem)..a Businessman in the Whit house..he'll fix everything" "No no..don't worry he's against Wall street and the corruption of the 1%...he's devoted his whole life to the little man. He'll take all these slings and arrows for you" "Remember..there's no advantage for him to be President..he has money ..he doesn't need this burden..he's doing it for us..isn't he wonderful." The most unqualified man to ever hold the job. He's running this country like a circus..along with his band of misfits. Doing just what we said he would..
  9. Now you know that these hungry children and the poor elderly should have thought about food before buying that new I-Phone.
  10. Its was embarrassing to watch Spicer try and spin reality into Alt reality. At one point accusing the reporter of a false narrative. He should be ashamed of himself. The country is being turned into a reality show..
  11. You just described Donald Trump. How do you point fingers and make accusations, when Donald Trump can't tell the truth about anything? He's the same Buffoon he was in the 80's..90's..and now.
  12. As stated, there is no current restriction..and there will be nothing that says a doctor has to accept said insurance. This will be an issue to overcome.
  13. The talking points or positive points being made repeatedly are that competition will lower pricing. We will create this competition by allowing companies to sell insurance across states lines. It has already been pointed out that there is no federal law that prevents insurance companies from doing that NOW. In fact there are a few cases. Is this cost effective for insurance companies to do this and attempt to develop networks? probably not. As Spicer likes to say, " insurance isn't worth a D$mn is you cant get treatment. It doesn't matter how much competition you create by adding fly by night companies to the pool if no one will accept their insurance. A doctor in Alabama will not accept coverage from a company in New York ..or visa versa. You can hardly find a doctor to accept Medicaid.
  14. How come some of the best parts of Trump Care are just carry overs from Obama care? Pre exisiting coverage, extended coverage and so on. Why not take a plan that has something to build on and fix the problems? Is it because they want to say that they wiped out and replaced Obama? Call Obama care a Beta test. Health care is very complicated. Apparently this was a revelation to Donald Trump.
  15. Yeah, I would have to agree. I'm not a fan Of Maddow(at All). I'm trying to figure out what I missed in the story. If this was suppose to be a "gotcha", then she failed..and may have been involved in something illegal by airing the Taxes.