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  1. I realize there has been a lot of Ryan bashing over the years for his level of play. Some of it probably justified. However, when you compare him to Cam Newton, you must appreciate the type of player he is when you consider the antics of Cam Newton. You never see him perform childish celebrations for a routine first down. No over the top display after a touchdown, He answers all questions, after loss, albeit dull and predictable. He never complains about calls, or lack of calls. Example: He was hammered in the Sewhawks game, some of the hits at the very least, borderline personal fouls. When asked about that, he just blew it off. No doubt he said differently in private, but never made it a "Matt Ryan" issue. He's a good player and team mate. You all can debate his quality of play, but as a team mate, he is one of the best. Try saying that about Cam Newton.
  2. A better idea is to NOT be in a position where one penalty ruins the game. The 10 points off of turnovers is what hurt the Falcons more. Take those off the scoreboard, and the last missed pass interference penalty is moot.
  3. I had them 1 - 7 after 5 weeks......I suck at math.
  4. They still have the Falcons emblem on the helmet. It's some sort of curse. I've seen so many times in the past, where things are looking great, then.....Well, the history gets in the way. Doesn't stop me from being a fan. It just has me more cautious.
  5. I still remember last season. Not to be a buzz kill, but I've been around for awHile and have seen things go from great to bad.
  6. All this rhetoric regarding the prevent defense and the late game yards/points being piled up reminds me of the primary criticism towards Mike Smith and the teams inability to finish games.
  7. So this means the Falcons won't get in a bowl game?
  8. It's true. I could never hit a woman.....Even if she has a stutter.
  9. It's still a problem with me.
  10. Can we question his kidney, or any other internal organs?
  11. I can't decide if he is lazy, extremely dumb, or both.
  12. Who cares. He kicked me off his blog years ago because I made fun of the interior design of his house from one of his video blogs.
  13. Well, Grady Jarrett seems to be doing better than Hageman.