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  1. My current favorite miked up guy is Sanu. My favorite player on the field is Neal - but Collins catches my attention every time he's on the field. Julio may be the guy on the team I admire most because he's so ****ed good at what he does and so business-like in his approach to his work. Ryan is the guy who would probably be a great person to hang out with and talk football. Freeman has the most amazing attitude and just rules on the field. Could I just invite all 6 of these guys out to my place? We can have a big bonfire out in the back yard - barbecue some ribs and burgers, cook some hot dogs and chicken wings over the fire - drink beer - talk football and watch the Green Bay last game in the Dome on the outdoor movie screen. Get drunk enough - we can crank up the 4 wheeler and ride through the trails my husband cut through the woods. Of course you guys can all come too - but if you get drunk - you have to bring your own sleeping bag and sleep under the stars. I've got 40 acres so there is room. Tomorrow night would be good - it's my husband's 75th birthday and all my grandkids and great-grandkids are either up there or on their way! That would be a helluva party!
  2. Nothing argumentative there - that's why depth is as important as stamina.
  3. Yeah, Rodgers was drafted 3 years before Ryan, but he was younger. He's only 2 years older than Matt.
  4. Nah - Ryan can take a sack and he actually has some protection now. He was sacked 37 times this year in regular season and still threw 38 touchdowns. First game against the Panthers - he was sacked (3 times) by Kuechly, Love and Short and still threw for over 500 yards and 4 TDs and a 142 passer rating. Second game against the Panthers - he was sacked (4 times) by Addison, Coleman, Ealy and Short and still threw for 277 yards with 2 TDs and a 121.8 passer rating. Against Green Bay in regular season - he was sacked (2 times) by Daniels and Julius Peppers and still threw for 288 yards and 3 TD with a passer rating of 129.5. They asked Cameron Jordan who he likes sacking the most - he said Cam Newton. He said Ryan's not his favorite quarterback to hit because he doesn't react - said Ryan just gets up and shakes your hand and Cam - well, we know..... http://www.nfl.com/videos/good-morning-football/0ap3000000781598/Who-is-Cameron-Jordan-s-favorite-QB-to-hit
  5. We played the Jets in our first game in the Dome. Since our schedule is so similar - it would make sense to open the new Stadium with the same team.
  6. Away game - but yeah - that would be the right thing to do
  7. It should probably be the Jets - but since that's an away game - then it must be the Saints
  8. what did you want him to do, run up to the booth? He's the QB and not the OC. He's yelling at them to run the ball, but bottom line, he's going to run the plays they call, as does Brady. Yelling at the coaches and wasting more time outs doesnt change the fact that in the end, they do what they are told. I wanted them to run a couple times and kick, Kyle wanted to stay aggressive and score a TD like he'd done all year. One chip from Free and he's a hero. It didn't work out and it cost us the chance to ice the game, but it could have been the greatest play ever. 2 players were wide open for a TD The bitter side of me will always hate Kyle for not playing situational football and icing it with a fg, but there were a lot of things that happened in that last quarter to give them the win and if we had scored the TD it would have gone down as one of the greatest in SB history.
  9. I have seen it more than once.
  10. According to Finneran he did just that, but as Finn said, Shanny made the call and Ryan had to follow and Peyton nor Brady would have done differently. I remember @fatboy talking about this too. Don't forget too that Ryan lost his helmet communication and had to waste a time out for that too and then reportedly was screaming for them to run the ****ed ball
  11. I disagree. Guys like Peyton and Brady don't buck the coaches either. You have to go back to Favre - although maybe Cutler to find those guys. Ryan does what he's told. So does Brady and so did Peyton. They'd ***** and moan and yell at the coaches - but on the field - they did/do what they are/were
  12. I love the addition - and I think it's all part of Quinn's game plan. He couldn't build the team in one or two off-seasons - it takes time. He's putting "his" kind of players on the team - and Poe is a fit here. I just think the pressure could have held up if the offense had done their part. Let's face it though - it didn't matter because coaching screwed the pooch with less than 5 minutes in the game and the opportunity to run the clock and go up another score. Situational football - that's where we failed.