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  1. Here's my list for them: Michael Wilbon & Kornheiser
  2. AP is/was one of the best running backs ever to play the game, but even in his prime - at his best - he's always been fumble prone. With the defense we have getting better and better at causing turnovers - this might be a match that plays in our favor. Just a thought.
  3. There are 2 preseason games scheduled before that.
  4. I think even coming off a Thursday night game - we played that Philadelphia game tired. The brutal schedule before week 10 really showed up in that game - and the bye week couldn't have come at a better time.
  5. But watch the commercial - you'll see what I mean https://www.ispot.tv/ad/APiq/chantix-thomas-such-a-relief
  6. I swear - there is this Chantix commercial for smoking and every time I see the guy on there it makes me think of Heath Evans and I get nauseated. Not that he looks like him - but he reminds me of him
  7. PS - Even if I don't sell all of my extra tickets as a season ticket set - I'll definitely sell some of the games. I will be reasonable with the tickets although I'm probably going to sell them slightly higher than what I paid to help recoup a little of the PSL cost. . My seats are in section 117 - row 18 (Seats start at row 14 in this section on this aisle so there are 4 rows of seats are in front of these) and it's on the Falcons sideline side - seats 1-4. We will use seats 1-2 which are on the aisle - so I'll be selling seats 3-4 or just 4 in some cases because my granddaughter may be going with us and taking seat 3. The price I paid is $115 per ticket (not counting the $3000 per seat psl cost). Depending on the game, I'll be charging between $125 and $215 per seat. If you are interested in any of the games - pm me. I'm waiting for my granddaughter to confirm which games she's going to - but I should know soon. Here are some pictures of my section and of the actual seats
  8. From the Falcons. When I bought my PSL's I wanted only those tickets that were at the Falcons tunnel. We had long discussions about it to be sure - and I was absolutely, positively assured this is where they come out. That's where I was in the current stadium - and that's where I wanted to stay and wouldn't buy the PSL's unless I could.
  9. Hey Nate - if I'm selling - it's only 2 tickets - don't you need 3?
  10. I have 4 seats in the new stadium. I'm considering selling 2 of those for the season or by game. I really haven't decided yet - but I figure it will help pay for the PSL on those 2 extra seats for the season. The seats are lower level by the tunnel where the Falcons come on the field. We have the 4 on the aisle about 7 or 8 rows back I think, but we'll be using the 2 on the aisle. @NateDogg1215 - I still have your towel. I couldn't bring myself to deal with it after the loss - and I hid them. I was cleaning my office this weekend and ran across where I had put them. Since you are coming to the game - we should hook up before the game and let me give you the towel if you still want it - it's the one from the post season game.
  11. Safety is not where we need the most help. Get those lines finished - and watch this defense rise to the top of the league!
  12. It shouldn't be a problem. I was in the test program for this - and at the end of the year they send you your book with all the paper tickets.