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  1. But you can only post on TE if you either have the tickets on hand for the barcode number or electronically select them in your account. There is no way to select tickets which aren't there yet. I'm really confused about this new process.
  2. I have 4 seats in the new stadium - and it's paid in full for this year. However, the tickets do not show up yet in my account to manage, yet I see tickets for sale already in NFL Ticket Exchange. Anyone know how they are putting tickets up for sale through TE?
  3. Cam Newton's Career Stats Against Atl - 5-7 record, 213/369 for 57.7% comp - 2589 yds, 17 TD, 12 Int, 81.2 rating - sacked 19times, 83 rushes for 576 yds, 6 rushing TD NO - 7-5 record, 216/378 for 57.1% comp - 2761 yds, 19 TD, 7 Int, 89.2 rating - sacked 24times, 86 rushes for 434 yds, 6 rushing TD TPA - 6-3 record, 154/241 for 63.9% comp - 2068 yds, 15 TD, 7 Int, 99.7 rating, sacked 20times, 73 rushes for 348 yds, 8 rushing TD 2016 Stats Against Atl - 0-2 record, 32/68 for 47.1% comp - 363 yds, 2 TD, 2 Int, 61.1 rating - sacked 3 times, 13 rushes for 66 yds, 0 rushing TD NO - 1-1 record, 41/80 for 51.3% comp - 514 yds, 3 TD, 1 Int, 78.9 rating - sacked 4 times, 7 rushes for 8 yds, 1 rushing TD TPA - 0-1 record, 18/32 for 56.3% comp - 237 yds, 1 TD, 3 Int, 51.2 rating, sacked 3 times, 3 rushes for 6 yds, 0 rushing TD
  4. Exactly. The comparison of timeframe is a good way for me to judge how Ryan is comparing with other quarterbacks at a given stage in his career. Overall - it probably doesn't mean a lot to everyone - but I use it as a gauge. I do the same thing when I try to get a picture in my mind of how Ryan is progressing in his NFL career as a QB compared to the best. Maybe it's not fair to compare him to the best of the best - but to me - that's the ultimate goal in any position - to rank with the best of the best. Now, there are always arguments about who the best QBs in history have been - but for me - I've selected a group that I usually compare Ryan to - Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Kurt Warner and Drew Brees (yeah, yeah, I know). To me, they are the best selection within an era to see how well Ryan is progressing at this point in his career - so it's just a habit for me to compare when he's ranked with any group. Just for the record - here is how Ryan ranks in the above mentioned group for the first 9 years Career and Per game average numbers in specific categories: Total Yards - Career 1st; Per Game 1st QB Rating - Career 4th; Per Game 2nd Touchdowns - Career 3rd; Per Game 5th Least Interceptions - Career 7th; Per Game 3rd Comp % - Career 3rd; Per Game 3rd Most Sacked - Career 3rd; Per Game 5th Here are the actual numbers for each during that time frame (ranked by qb rating)
  5. Oddly - if you compare Ryan's stats (through the same period) to the guys who are ahead of him but have been in the league a shorter period of time - you get this: Matt Ryan - through 5 years - Record 56-22 .718 win percent Russell Wilson - 5 years Ranked #2 - Record 56-23 .700 win percent Andrew Luck - 5 years Ranked #5 - Record 43-27 .614 win percent Matt Ryan - through 6 years - Record 60-34 .638 win percent Andy Dalton - 6 years Ranked #6 - Record 56-35 .602 win percent
  6. lol! I always remember the ones that we won - not to mention that play! Here is one of my prized and most loved possessions. Forgive the picture - I'm not tall enough to get a level shot - I have it hanging over the entrance from the TV room to the kitchen so I can see it every time I go through there.
  7. I remember that game.
  8. No - I really didn't take it in a bad way - I just wanted to share that it's not really the term but the impact. The fact that the fans have "bought in" full force is actually encouraging because it tends to energize the team.
  9. I have to say that William Andrews was my favorite Falcons back ever. His career was cut short - but he was brutal. That being said, Freeman has been a favorite of mine since even before he was given a fair chance. I've been begging them to put him out there more - even when Smith was in charge. I'm so grateful that Quinn is a better judge of talent. Freeman - to me - he's the true definition of B.A.D. - Breaking Ankles Daily!
  10. Not the only team - but Our team - henceforth - it will be discussed on Our message board. It's not the phrase that matters - it's the belief - and Quinn has those guys believing in The Brotherhood - which shows on the field and off. That makes it a powerful catch phrase - and the fact that the fans embrace it just gives it validity to the team and empowers them even further. It may be used by many teams - and it may be just as valuable to them - but what it has become with this team is special - and is working - so embrace it and expect to hear it a lot more - as long as we are winning anyway! Rise Up for the Brotherhood!
  11. Yep - I might forget to put my shoes on in the morning - but I won't forget the important things!
  12. Happy Birthday Matty Ice, The Mattural, The MVP - and best of all - OUR Quarterback!
  13. Ah - see you already got it - and you are spot on - that was Rico's int - saved the game!
  14. Season opener - Quinn's first game as HC 2015