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  1. Never traded the tops of 2 drafts to get a player until he did. This could be the year for a trade down. If a couple of QB hungry teams want to trade back into the first round, he could get an offer that makes sense to trade back for.
  2. Yeah, don't see any game on the schedule that's an automatic loss. . Some tough games, but Falcons can beat any team on that schedule.
  3. TD says this every year. TD discusses trade possibilities with other GMs prior to the draft every year. Pretty sure every GM does. Seriously, if I wanted to, I could find the same TD quote from the last 7-8 years running.
  4. Well, they scare panther fans every time they take the field....
  5. Turner did the 05 start times because it meant his shows got their own listing in the various TV guides. Really basic, but really clever marketing.
  6. The major benefit is getting the QB they want before another QB hungry team does. I think the fifth year option is more important than you do, but getting the QB before someone does is the real point. Love to have two or three teams wanting a QB at 31 and get a bidding war going. Get a second and a third for the pick, then trade back up into the second with a 3rd and a fourth- having 3 seconds in this draft, plus a 5th and a 7th would be fun.
  7. It would just be 11 mil a year-his prorated bonuses don't come with him. Falcons would have to re-do his contract to get him under the cap this year anyway.
  8. From what TD has said in interviews in previous years, they always have trade scenarios laid out before the draft.
  9. Not for Alford, there's a 20 mil dead money cap hit if they Falcons trade him this year. Don't see any way that a reasonable trade can work.
  10. That would make a difference to me, LOL, as if I get to vote on it.
  11. OK, I'd really like to know why they're trading him away. I'd be really worried about chemistry and the cap implications if he came here.
  12. Doesn't bother you that the Seahawks want to give up such a vital piece? And take a bath financially while doing so?
  13. Couple of questions, Seattle is willing to take a 13 mill cap hit to let him go, why? Shouldn't that worry you? Remember the meltdown he had in Seattle when the Falcons scored 3 times in the 3rd quarter? Wasn't his only one of last year. You really want that on the sidelines? How are you going to make him fit under the cap, both now and in the future? You'd have 3 secondary players making 10-14 mil apiece. Cap isn't rising that much. By the way, trading Alford is an 18 mil dollar cap hit, it ain't happening.
  14. Well. now, he's obviously a fifth columnist, working behind the scenes to undermine the Falcons. Gotta wonder too, why Seattle is willing to eat 13+ mil to get rid of him.
  15. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/436/621/464.jpg You can save that link, put it in a post and it should automatically display the meme.