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  1. Good read, and if, the Seahawks implode sometime during the year, well, I'm OK with that.
  2. That goes without saying.
  3. Which is why I said "Don't know bout top 10 all time but there's some really good offenses that stay really good for years."
  4. You not liking my points doesn't make them invalid. Why didn't they shift to a quicker passing game to compensate for the Oline, because Cam really isn't very good at a short passing game, whatever the cam fluffler you're quoting thinks. Cam's a really good QB because he runs so well it distorts the defenses. I don't think that's sustainable and I doubt Cam becomes a really good pocket passer. We'll find out. I also think that thinking Oher or M. Kahill is the answer at tackle is just wishful thinking that will probably have Cam killed before our two teams play. Not wishing for that, just thinking it's a real possibility. Ryan checked down during the Smith regime because that's what Smith wanted him to do. He checked down a lot 13-15 in self preservation, because the Oline sucked worse than the panther Oline in 16 those years. And, as far as bad decisions, Ryan is a career leader in both INT% and game winning drives, not possible to make many bad decisions and end up on top of both those lists. Remember what i said about throwing players open? Ryan was finally in an offense that allowed him to do that. All the reports from last offseason and during the year were that Ryan's arm was stronger- He threw for a 9+YPA Same guy that said his arm was weakening gave him a higher grade on deep throws than Cam, Tell me how that works. Tell how he both makes fewer bad decisions and makes more bad decision at the same time. Tell you how, the guy that put that list together has a strong Cam bias and a strong dislike for Ryan. Aside from Julio, all the other weapons on the offense were 3rd or 4th rounders or FAs, Ryan made them better. Almost half the passes that Cam threw to his number 1 WR were uncatchable. That's not making the people around you better. You know the scheme you're talking about, those weapons, the Oline- he still has all that, you're putting a lot of faith into Shanahan being all the difference. Think that's also wishful thinking. Did you realize the Falcons could drop a TD a game from last years scoring total and still be a top 5 offense?
  5. Cam isn't to blame for a 50% catchable throw rate at all? And that guy isn't saying anything at all about shorter throws, Also he has Ryan rated higher for deep throws And he also says Cam's accuracy is erratic. You really need to consider that Cam is the reason so many throws are contested. One, he holds onto the ball trying for deep shots when he should just dump it off and live to play another down. Two,his mechanics get really sloppy. Three, he doesn't throw players open- he throws to them, which he can get away with because of his arm, but a QB like Brees throws to the spot the receiver is going to be, Brees throws the ball before the player makes his break, much harder to defend. It's why Brees looks like they're throwing to open players and Cam doesn't. Also think it's absurd that the guys ranking of QBs going into 2017 has Ryan ranked 15th and Cam 3rd. That he has Tanneyhill, Mariota, Wilson, Prescott, Palmer and Braford ranked higher. Claims Ryan's arm strength is weakening. His cons for Ryan" Cons -Arm strength looks like it’s weakening -Decision making more random than earlier in his career ???? decision making more random?????WTF So, yeah, might want to consider he's biased towards giant arms.
  6. It is isn't it? As long as they're reasonably healthy, this offense should roll through teams, and the defense is catching up rapidly.
  7. That was total offense. Falcons could drop a full TD a game from last year and still be a top 5 scoring offense this year.
  8. Total offense ranks last few years Saints 1,2,1,4 2,1 NE 4, 2, 11,7, 1, 2 PITT 7,3, 2, INDY was up there for years with Manning. Don't know bout top 10 all time, but there's some really good offenses that stay really good for years. Atlanta was 2, 7, 8, Last few years themselves.
  9. assume you mean spurts. You realize that the ratio of catchable to uncatchable balls was 65 to 53. That's barely 50%, that's just horrible, seriously, Cam didn't have inaccurate spurts, he was inaccurate, period.
  10. Just looked at the Falcons roster on ESPN, of the 43 players listed on defense, 30 are 25 or younger, nobody is over 30, only Reed is even 30. Might be smart to bring back Freeney as a veteran presence.
  11. Of course, just waiting to hear his explanation of that.
  12. Less shoot outs, more blow outs, I'm good with that. Think this team will steamroll lesser teams.
  13. You don't need to, but a panther fan should really understand that.
  14. You realize that was a joke right? "Kelvin Benjamin slipped to No. 28 overall in the 2014 NFL Draft after running a sluggish 4.61 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine. To hear the Panthers rookie tell it, the slow time was no accident. "Because I wanted to play for the Carolina Panthers," Benjamin said this week, via ESPN.com's David Newton. Benjamin added that he had been clocked as high as a 4.41, which would have ranked fifth among 2014 wide-receiver prospects. The sentiment is sure to put a smile on the faces of Panthers fans, but it strains credulity that a prospect would tank a combine drill and risk losing millions of dollars. Pro Football Talk reports, via a Panthers source, Benjamin was merely joking about sandbagging the 40. "Wasn't even close to being serious," the source added. "Didn't know he was being interviewed for a story." Whether or not speed questions artificially deflated Benjamin's draft stock, Cam Newton calls it a "blessing in disguise" that the Mid-season All-Rookie selection fell in Carolina's lap. "His role on this team has far surpassed any type of rookie's expectation," Newton said. Deemed by NFL Media's Michael Irvin as "the steal of the draft," Benjamin is neck-and-neck with Sammy Watkins as the best of a historically great wide-receiver class." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000419639/article/kelvin-benjamin-slow-40-helped-me-fall-to-panthers So, two questions are you Saca312 on the panthers messageboard? How do you explain the discrepancy between 65 catchable balls and 118 total targets?
  15. Also think that another 7-9 season in NO might just break him.