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  1. I'm sure we all appreciated your contributions this year, even if we didn't respond.
  2. He was a Jew, so the chances of him looking like a white man are pretty low.
  3. Here in Colorado, that's called Tuesday.
  4. Spoon obviously didn't need it.
  5. Reed has steadily improved throughout the season. He has hit his stride with the Dirty Birds at an opportune time.
  6. It was the the best Vader action scene.
  7. Hamill's comment is the best part of this.
  8. It seems to me that neither subset can see through their own hypocrisy. Until that happens, you will continue to be at odds with no real progression. The goal is not to make the other believe as you, but rather to mutually learn from each other and keep both sides balanced with a society that is somewhere in the middle of it all. I could not bring myself to vote for Trump, but I'm also glad Hillary didn't win. I felt that a victory by either her OR Sanders would have put the entire country out of balance for the foreseeable future. I hope that the extremism that Trump showed on the campaign trail is somewhat curtailed during his actual presidency.
  9. And now, back to the topic... I really enjoyed the movie and all of the character cameos that they put in. I thought the CGI, while not perfect, was some of the best I've seen. The story was good, too. I can't wait to discuss the movie directly instead of using vague references.
  10. Because Super Bowl ring means: Saints >>>>>>>>>>>>> all (always and forever) Amirite?
  11. ^^^ what does this even mean?
  12. Fair enough.
  13. So, the cultural expectation (as clearly stated in what I posted) was that a girl was supposed to say no even if she wanted to say yes. How is that rape culture?
  14. Although some critical analyses of the song have highlighted parts of the lyrics such as "What's in this drink?" and his unrelenting pressure to stay despite her repeated suggestions that she should to go home, more in depth analysis has noted that cultural expectations of the time period were such that women were not socially permitted to spend the night with a boyfriend or fiance, and that the female speaker states that she wants to stay, while "what's in this drink" was a common idiom of the period used to rebuke social expectations by blaming one's actions on the influence of alcohol; the song is therefore a collusion by two willing lovers to engage in a romantic liaison, using the pretext "it's cold outside" as a shield against the social stigma of the time period.,_It's_Cold_Outside