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  1. I love our draft picks we got, My favorite was Hill, We've been needing a RB of his size , strength , and wiggle for a back of that size and with speed.
  2. I've never bet on anything as I said before the last season,, And have never bought a Lottery ticket,, But if I was going to bet on anything , as I said before the season last year, I would bet on the Falcons to win most of our games last year in games,, and I would have won most of them because I knew we were going to be the shock of the year more than any other them. NE just lucked up that our Coaches blew the playcalling by not running the ball , and keeping the Pats guessing what we were going to do and not do. Great great game by Falcons in the first half and worst game ever in the second half.. i think our coaches frooze up in the second half... , Any way,, I think that -7 means that to win that bet , we have to lose by less than 7 AND WOULD WIN EVEN IF WE LOST AS LONG AS WE DON'T LOSE bY 7 OR MORE . And if we have a +7 , then we have to win BY AT LEAST 7 POINTS.. ,, I've never bet or bought a lottery ticket. Even thou I knew I could have won z lot of money before the season started and knew we would be at top 4 in the thread I made, I actually made that thread with We will be a top 2 team.. I made it 4 just to make sure I wouldn't have to eat crow, But I was very comfident we would be a top 2 but just did that in case we had an injury or two...
  3. Exactly! For us the have only 6 picks to start with and them all being the 31st pick in those rounds, and to wind up with all those amazing players we got,, which were all our greatest needs.. Evidently he hates our team to make up such a lie...
  4. By Lance Zierlein---------------------------------------This man has somewhat against the Falcons, evidently he has something against us, I think many people are jealous because they have the best young team in the NFL because we had another Great off season Just like last year and they know we will be dominating the league again as long as Ryan stays healthy ... Draftnut 57. It looks like people will not pay attention to such non sense ,, Every body in the Football world know we are the youngest , and have the best chance in the NFL to win it all,, Now put that down that is Draftnut57s ranking for this year.. NFL Media draft analyst Published: May 3, 2017 at 05:00 p.m. Updated: May 3, 2017 at 06:03 p.m. 0 Likes | 0 Comments Read Discuss TEAMS 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-28 29-32 Let's take a look at the draft hauls of the 32 teams in the league. In putting this list together, I looked at how teams addressed their needs, operated within the confines of their draft picks and sprinkled in my own assessments of some of their selections. My rankings continue with teams 25-28. Note: Click through the tabs above to where each team is ranked. 25. Atlanta Falcons Draft picks: Takkarist McKinley (No. 26 overall), Duke Riley (No. 75 overall), Sean Harlow (No. 136 overall), Damontae Kazee (No. 149 overall), Brian Hill (No. 156 overall), Eric Saubert (No. 174 overall) Atlanta found help for Vic Beasley in the form of Takkarist McKinley. While McKinley might miss the beginning of the season as he rehabs from shoulder surgery, he is a talented rusher with a big upside. Duke Riley adds another LB who can run, but it will be interesting to see if he is stout enough in the NFL. The addition of OG Sean Harlow in the fourth felt way too early. CB Damontae Kazee might not have great speed, but he believes every pass is his when it is in the air.
  5. I HATE TO BREAK THE NEWS,, But that is not a true statement... Only about 1 in 25 is as good as Freeman,,, He's that all purpose RB that is one of the very best in the league.. So what Free has to be a smaller Full time RB With way more power than anybody knows untill they try to stop him...added to his power that people find out this truth when they try to stop him and they get ran over or get embarrassed when that the stout Shifty Back leaves them with their chin on the ground. 2.What's great is now that we also have The big back in Hill who I believe could end up being the Steal of the draft and my favorite pick this year , He has the God gift of being able to do it all. And the Big back who can get those must few yard to keep the drive alive..See SB,, This is the pick at RB I wanted,, And couldn't believe it when they called his name,, He's the only pick that I jumped up and down about when we got him, and especially for in that round ,, I thought for sure he would have been gone by our pick. He's much faster on the field than he looks,, But He will strangle want to be tacklers with Hill dust. 3. Coleman who is an all purpose back but not as much of a power back like Hill, but Cole does have the gift to be a return back also.. He's more gifted in Speed than the other 2. His only weakness is he seems to have problems staying completely heathy with minor things.. Which turn into major when you can't get on the field.. The great thing is now that we have another all purpose back in Hill that we can use when needed.
  6. We now have the best Trio of RBs this team has ever had... You heard me,, Find one better with all Three ??? Freeman, all purpose shifty, Strong, And very dependable,, Coleman,, the long speed RB that and all purpose back Hill,, and now , my favorite Draft pick the one I jumped up and down when we picked him,, The big bruiser Powerful RB that can keep a drive alive those times we are 3rd and short,, Ball control is every thing ....
  7. I'm going to make a prediction that I don't want to take place,,, But I truly believe that in two years Taco Charlton will become a top DE in the league,, And will produce more sacks than Tak .... I may have to eat crow,, But if I didn't believe this ,, I would not make this prediction.... I actually wanted Taco more than I did Takco ! But keep in mind that I said after 2 years in he league... Then Taco will be a greater force and pass rusher.. But i sure hope I'm wrong...
  8. Everythang... "The main thang is to keep the Main thang the main thang!"
  9. What people don't understand is that we gave the Pats the SB,, We beat the slop at of them,, Our loss came by one very very very poor decision to not Run the ball, I have good news thou,,, That is the reason we now have the best trio of RBs in the league.. We now have all three type backs.. My favorite pick in the draft we got was RB Brian Hill, And trust me,, they will use him after being taken to school in the SB. 1. the all purpose pin ball machine ,, Freeman,, My favorite player on the team. 2. The speedster straight line also being a great REturn man... 3 And finially that huge power back Hill, to finish what I think is the best Trio of RBs in the NFL the moment we picked him. He can get those must few yards to keep A drive going and slowly bleed the clock to death so to not allow the other opponent an opportunity to make a comeback.. I think you know what I'm talking about,, But..... If we don't use him in those critical times , He will be useless.. SEE Superbowl game. I really think they figured it out,, TD always makes the adjustments and makes them.
  10. Not going to happen,,, Even any fan can see that , well, almost any... They reallized the last time they brought him back it was a huge mistake.. He only looks the part,, But the proof in not in the puddin.. That we should not make a huge mistake even bigger.
  11. I agree with you, My biggest doubt is that Tak is not the player people make him out to be.. But even if he's not as good as we think and is just a solid player, added to the rest of a really great draft for the picks we had,, added to the fact of how good our D# already was, If Tak can be even a middle of the road type dependable DE,, I'd take that right now because our D was one of the best even before adding the players we got in the draft. And if he is what our Coaches think he is.. If Ryan stays healthy this year. I don't know how in the world we don't win the SB.
  12. He is the exact size that I am,, 5-10, 190 And built like Tarza !! Well I was one time,, still in good shape for my age 60 and I've been blessed with good health.. My work and hobby keeps me fit. So it's a blessing.
  13. I'd take Atlanta now... Because we have a team much better talent wise than their team,, Last year was the first time in years,,, WE were actually a better team,, we just simple did not run the ball in the second half and who ever it was that caused that acted like they made us lose on purpose. it was so obvious that it could not have been the game plan to throw the ball every time just because we had a big lead.. Something very fishy ..... Just so stupid ,, I don't think that our two coaches where that dumb.. Then again??? Maybe they were.. WE now have the talent,, For us to have the best two off season moves in FAs and Drafts,, back to back , And considering we had a lot of talent already,, this team is by far the best talent wise that I've ever seen in any organization. And we also had the best team talent wise last year.. They lost because we didnt stick to the basics.. even a grammer School team would have known to run the ball with a big lead,,, Run it out and run home as winners.. But no,, that was just to simple for Shanny Mainy Acty.!! It is very unusual for me to be negative... But when it fits ,, Wear it... Who would have thunk that our Coaches would have had to learn such a Grammer School Football lesson ??
  14. Wow! I think we did awesome considering the picks we had,, I don't see how we could have done better for the picks,, And for us to trade up in the First and still come away with 6 picks all in the first 6 rounds??? I don't know how that we could have done any better than What TD did in his trades... WE had the 31st picks in 6 rounds and came aways with the players we got ???? How in the world can fans not like how well TD and Co. turned this draft on it's head,, Personally , I think we took the who league to School on how to Draft . Lets talk about this after this year.. And then say we didn't have a lackluster Draft.. I do not agree with that statement at all ! WE had another Great Draft and considering the picks we had last year.. WE had a much better Draft this year.. simply because we got great players with the picks we had.. With me loving the draft. Let me say,,, I've kept up with our drafts for like at least the last 16 years,, And I must say for the picks ,, This is the best Draft we have ever had for the picks we came into the draft with. I was just thinking right before this draft started,, If TD and Quinn and have another draft this year ,, Even 75% as good as last year,, WE will be the most talented team in the league,, Well like I said, For the picks, This draft was even Better than last years draft,, But I said for the picks we had this is the best draft Atlanta has ever had,, find one better.. You will not... WE out drafted this year teams that had way higher picks in each rd.. We won this game, trust me.
  15. Well, If he runs Like Payton at his size he will be a great back than Walter... I see the similarity's but it's hard for a big back to make the moves that Walter made.. But Hill was the top back on my board for us considering The two great backs we have and where we were drafting.. I don't think people reallize what a back like this can do for our team.