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  1. Simply pick 20 players that you think we will draft. Who ever has the most players in their 20 is the winner. Last year we had a player to get all our picks in the 2016 Draft so you really need to fill in the tie breakers.. Many times we have to go to the tie breakers. I;m changing the tie breakers so as to give the win by knowledge instead of Luck. Example, We used to always get each player to pick what Position we will take in each rd. But from now on I'm going to make it simpler, and make it to win with knowledge of our needs.. Good Luck!Main Game= Post the 20 players you believe TD&Quinn will select in this draft for our team, Post full name and position.1. First tie breaker ...Name the first 6 positions we pick? You don't have to pick which rd we will take them in like in years past and not even in order, this way it's more knowledge than luck. You can even have 2 at the same position,,Example. OT, OG, DE, LB, LB, S.2. Second tie breaker....If you could choose just 3 players in this draft that you believe we take, who would they be?3. Third tie breaker.....What position will we pick in the 2nd round of this draft? .......... 4. Fourth tie breaker....Will we trade down or up or both and how many times in this draft ? I'm going to do something different this year that makes a lot of sense,,, A lot of times we have to claim the winner by the tie breakers, So in order to make it real and who does best in the tie breakers, I'm going to use the overall best in tie breakers. So it will be very important to fill in all 4 questions.. Most likely it will be used to claim the winner. About half the time it does have to be used in this game. So the last tie breaker will be just as important and the first tie breaker. We will lock the game the night before Draft day... So to be sure we all have the same amount of Info and make it level playing ground. Thanks, and good luck....Draftnut57
  2. I tell ya,, this guy really looks like he could be a true sleeper... Good find....Can you say,, 7th round draft pick? Doubt he even makes it that far thou, probably will go in the 6th round...
  3. I think so,, and I sure hope so.. it's to hard to find a RB like him, Why in the world would he not be?
  4. Well, I don't make any Mocks to please anybody but me,, I'm a little selfish when it comes to my mocks... But as Ive already said, I don't make them to please the crowd,, Just me, I simply try to figure out what positions we need and then what player at those positions Do I like most and put them in my mock,, But one thing is that I make a mock considering where the best players at each position will be and which rd should I take each need , If a certain need is loaded in this draft.. then I should take that position latter in the draft. and if a position is weak ,, I need to take that position early. I think we can all agree that if a great DE is still on the board at 31 , now that we have Poe, we should go with a DE. I had a DT in my last mock with our first pick, And that is why I should not have made my last mock before we get done with FA pick ups. I usually don't do that. And I will not again. I will most likely have a DE in my first round of this last mock.. Because it is our greatest need and it's hard to get a starting DE latter in the draft. so it will be a DE,, I'm pretty sure.
  5. If you will reread what I said,, I Did not say it was better than the draft we had,, But it was the best one I have ever made. All those players I had in my second and finial mock for last years draft had really good rookie years. I'm not suppose to be as good at drafting as TD and Quinn.. But I had a great Mock draft last year. the best one I've ever had.. This last mock I had for this year I got in to big a hurry. So I'm going to make another one right before the draft , by then I should have a lot better feel and knowledge of all the players.. Plus , I've seen that my first Mock this year had a couple of players in it I should have left in my second one.. For example,, I'm pretty sure I'll re add Perine back into my finial mock. He's the type player I'm hoping for , That 3rd big back that can get those must 2 or 3 yards when we need that crucial 3rd down conversion. Don't read into my post , read out of my post.. You are doing what is called an (Ice-a-gesus) that is how it is said not how it is spelled. You are reading into my post instead of out of them. And thank you for your complements on my post. BTW,, today is 3-16-17 ,, My name is John,, today is 3-16 and that is the greatest verse in the Bible. For a great life, read it and do what it sayes, and I promise you, You will always look back and say that was the greatest day of your life!! Believe , and Call on Him and you will always from that point forward, say, that was the greatest day of your life. If you don't believe me, It will only be because you have never been there and done that. I did that on 3-27-66 and I have never been the same, Greatest day of my life. I've never gotten over it and never will. PM me if you have any questions about the greatest gift a person can have. And is free for just believing and asking....
  6. Go back up and read the last post I made before you made this one and you'll understand.. I'm not happy with it either but your post has nothing to do with it, I reallized right after I made the last mock , I did it to hurriedly ... And was not ready for my last mock,, usually I only make two,, but this year I'm going to make a 3rd and finial mock before the draft.. I was not ready to make my last mock,, and still not.. So I'm going to wait until right before the draft so it will be more reallistic and as good as most I've done in the past.. I think my last year's 2nd and finial mock may have been the best one I've ever done..
  7. No, And that is one reason why I'm going to make a 3rd mock,, I usually only make two, but I have to make a third because I'm not real happy with my 2nd Mock, I tell ya what happened.. I got in to big of a hurry making my 2nd Mock.. My first one was actually better than my last one.. I wasn't ready to make it.. I'm going to wait a while,, continue to study the players and the combine numbers and what they did in College and then make my 3rd and last one sometime before the draft. Thanks for asking..and your concern.. I don't blame you for asking.. Sam Rogers would be a good pick as well, But I'm not sure who will be in my finial Mock right now.. I'm sure it will be better than the last one I made. Another reason is the players keep moving a round in the rankings until just a few weeks before the draft.. So Hopefully I'll have a better Mock before the Draft.
  8. Thanks,, I have to say,, I always just done two mocks,, But I'm not happy with a few of my picks.. I think after the dust settles and I look more at the players ,, I may do a 3rd and finial mock this year... I've been very busy so it's hard to get settled on a mock where I'm extremely happy will all the picks.. So i'm probably going to do a 3rd and finial mock before the Draft.. I've got time so I should have it done in a few weeks.
  9. I'm ready and set,, all I need now is to hear that we got Poe .. Ready, Set, Poe !!
  10. Will never happen here,, Thankfully our FO is way to smart for that. This is pro Football, not a political nightmare. I noticed one like, /and only one other like that I think may be Colin Cancer himself.
  11. They have made resterants all over the south for this man,, "Poe-boy" ! I sure hope this happens..{ Blank, TD and Quinn, are on a mission.....} And being very successful !
  12. Just this one pick up alone on our D#, would make this an awesome FA off season.. being that we are already one of the top 2 teams in the NFL. I'd love this one pick up.. even if we didn't get anymore.. WE can finish it off in the Draft.
  13. After watching the combines.. There is a lot of great talent at the OL and DL positions.. I think we should take the positions we need the most as the talent falls.. In other words,, we should get the positions we need early that we can't get in the latter rounds.. A Top DT and DE is what I'm hoping we can get in the first two rounds , and the reason why is because we can get a really good OL in the 3rd and even in the 4th rounds in this draft.. I love seeing us take those positions early that we can't get latter.. then take advantage of the depth at DT and DE. ,, But now that I see what the talent is in this draft. I truly think we will go DL in the first and maybe even in the 2nd also.. with us taking a DE and a DT in the first and 2nd rounds. and then getting an OL in the 3 simply because the OL is deep and solidly very good players.That's why I made my only mock in this order. It is how I would draft if I were GM.
  14. Well I agree, if he has a real issue with his mind ,, Then no, I wouldn't draft him either. And I thought about this for a while before i made this mock.. I usually don't put a player in my mocks that has any type of problem.. but i am not convinced he would be a problem once settled into a team. I'd need more evidence to not draft him. I just haven't seen it.
  15. Hey, maybe he's like the incredible Hulk ,make him mad before every play and then put him in the game to blow up the line and reek havoc !!!! lol He's a beast for sure,,if we can tame him.... Ive sometimes wondered if top player want to slide down a bit to have a chance to be on a winning team?