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  1. If we get a TE, I'd want to get Legget from Clemson.. best deal in draft for a TE IMO. We'll take the best DE with our first pick.. I'm pretty sure. It could be Lamp if he's there. but most likely I'd say a DE. There is a lot of really good OGs in this draft.. But you have to take the DE early or get left out....
  2. Well , I gave you a couple of names.. another one could be DE Taco Charlton... the guy I have in my Mock for us.. He has risen up the boards. When you make a good Mock even in their rankings at the time. The Good players always rise until draft day... There will be a good DE when we draft.
  3. If the draft fell that way and I was GM,, I'd take DE T.J. Watt or DE Charles Harris ...... And be very happy... Budda is a good player, but I wouldn't take a player that early that I can fill in latter rounds.. If we took a S with our first pick.. All the good DEs would be gone by our 63rd pick... The only one left that may be available would be DE Kpassagnon who is ranked 61 right now,, but he's sliding up every day,, So I think some team will grab him before our 2nd pick. I think we MUST get our DE with our first pick, if we want a decent DE. I'm hoping we trade up in the 2nd round and take Chris Wormley... WE would only have to trade up about 10 picks according to rankings right now... Who ever we take in the second,, I think we will trade up in that rd. And down in a latter round to pick back up another pick to replace the one we lost , even thou I know it will be a much lower pick.. But that OK,, if we got these two players, I'd say we win anyway.... I also feel like we will draft a OG in the third,, There are more good OGs in this draft than any in recent memory... I had Taco as our first pick, but now he is ranked in the top 25,, so we have to go another route .... But that's OK,, Watt or Harris will do.
  4. Don't agree with Garrett and Watt being over rated.. Garrett should be the #1 pick and Watt is slatted to go in the second round.. I think that's about right. And he may end up being a steal. But for now, that's a good rateing for him.
  5. I dont think you understand.. I put up a post a few weeks ago ,, if you could get just one player that we really don't need that badly , but you love the player.. Who would it be... So I know we don't need Fornette near as bad as we need a DE , or a Guard... But Fornette is going to be an amazing back.. I would live for us to get that 3rd bigger back latter in the draft , one that can get that must yard or two to get a 1st down in critical times of a game.
  6. Lamp is a really good OG , but I don't want to use our first on a Guard either. And I don't think we will.. There are way to many good Guards in this draft.. And I do mean really good, many.. So my prediction is we take a DE with our first pick . The good news is their will be a few good ones to choose from..
  7. Last post on this,, But if that ball had touched the ground. It would not have been a turnover. And we would have kept posses ion.. So it was that play and because we didn't run the ball, either one of those and we would have gotten it. No doubt. But I'm done with this ... Onward to hopefully having another great draft.. I really do believe in TD and Quinn. That they will get it right in time.
  8. Truth brother.. Truth... All I can think is the moment overtook their right Coaching mind.. Because it left in the 2nd half... And sadly,, that's a fact we will have to live with.. I just hope Ryan can stay healthy and on this team for a few more years.. If he does.. I truly believe we will win a Championship. And if Quinn nails this draft as well as he did the last few years. We will be THE TEAM to beat as long as we have Ryan. The sad thing is .. WE were one inch from winning it in that game.. ONE INCH... from the ground.. That interception..
  9. Well, I'm not sure. I don't want to misjudge anybody,, But which ever one it was.. I know they both learned a huge lesson.. That is where a huge back like Fournette was be a hero. But we do have two really good backs, they could have gotten the job done if they had just mixed it up just enough to not let them know what we are going to do.
  10. I'll say it from now on,, it's so simple what the mistake was.. and everybody, even the outsiders said it all over the news.. And NFL net.. We didn't run the ball hardly at all and keep the clock running.. I was sitting ,, no let me take that back,, I was standing up , I couldn't' sit and watch it. And saying Run the Ball, Run the ball, cause I could see that we needed to do that not only to keep the clock running but to make sure they don't know what we are going to do... But they knew after so much time went by.. That was the reason we lost that game.. Ask anybody who knows Football.
  11. Well, even if I was running the draft , I know we need to draft a DE and a Guard,, But People don't understand what a RB like Fournette can do for a team.. And Yes I love our RBs , but Fournette is so powerful and strong , he will run over the opponents and beat them down , A RB like him can open up the passing game in an amazing way.
  12. Well, the only thing I can think of is that Shanny choked and lost his sense of what to do... Weirdest game I've ever seen the Falcons play.. Beat the slop out of NE in the first half and then choke in the 4th quarter, Throw the ball every play.... I'm serious,, it was so plain to see it really does make me wonder what was really going on..
  13. Remember the post I made a few weeks ago, what player would you get that we don't necessaryly need? I put the OJ Howard.... after further review,, it would not be OJ,, it would be Lenord Fournette. If I could get a player that we don't exactly need as much as other players.. It would be http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/leonard-fournette?id=2557973 This freakish RB.. you know how I've talked about us gettting a bigger back for those must couple of yards to keep a drive alive?? This guy is going to be the next Star at he position... I love our two backs, but we don't have one like this dude. Could you imagine if we had Formette and another great DE and Guard.. Those three players alone would put us in the SB once again and we would be extremely strong team... But always with that big if... If Ryan can stay healthy ...
  14. I guess I wrote that because I put up a lot of finials in my work... I work for all the decorators in Dalton and North Ga.
  15. I know one thing, I'd love to have him in our ˈfinēəl/ Draft !!