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  1. i wish
  2. something like.....oh well it was against a team with no earl db went out during the game...rookie guard went out....
  3. beat Seattle this saturday then two more wins to finish the season please
  4. over 50 and from the UK
  5. IT was devastating, I woke up as a fan convinced we could win it all, and then to wake up to the news of what he did, i think he had a devastating hit on team morale and a number of players didnt show up as a result....would we have won without that happening...who can really say...but i think so.
  6. it suddenly popped up in the leadup to the broncs game so yeah....
  7. great, keeping picking against us everyone, love it.
  8. ah this explains why the jet jones thing suddenly appeared out of nowhere.....
  9. if we beat the seahawks it will be oh lets wait until the packers.....
  10. i think it will be a really interesting game, I have no idea who will win, but it will be fun watching. i supported the falcons a long time, and season after season we've seen this happen where the team looks good and collapses, I am really hoping this isn't another and thats the truth of the situation for both teams.
  11. can we replace rise up with this please, best thing ive seen from our pr department for years....