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  1. I only asked a question. The only obvious thing at this point is a lot of you are sticking your foot in your mouths about something that should't be a major issue.
  2. The BEARS gave up too much. Ours was a drop in the bucket compared to them.
  3. So it's only about language? Some of you haven't heard the F word before?
  4. Well, it was asked.
  5. That, too! It's easy to run the demonize game on those who you got a victory over, those not in power and what you cannot control, especially when you have absolutely NO F'N CLUE about how to govern.
  6. I know, right. They're even saying the F word on regular cable TV now. I hear at least two curse words a week on an NFL game due to accidental mic coverage. I love how people select the things they want to get "outraged" over. GTFOH.
  7. No, it's just you.
  8. They can't get over him actually winning the election. That's all they have left to hang their collective hats on. Heck, even Trump is still in shock he won. lol
  9. You or Coach Q? According to the vid, Coach Q was hype.
  10. EVERYTHING. And know nothing.
  11. Think Good Cop, Bad Cop, except on the field. In this case, the Good Cop will hit you as hard as the Bad Cop.
  12. Listening to his post-presser, he even said that knew that Dallas was going to get him before we moved up to grab him. Probably had Jerry waiting on the phone. lol