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  1. Worrilow is our worse lb by far!!! To say Reynolds is worse is laughable. Also, Reynolds isn't on the field nearly as much as worrilow. Worrilow should NEVER see the field other than special team
  2. Wouldn't we get the higher seed remaining?
  3. I'm wondering how many "firsts" the Rams offense will have today...first time scoring, first time not punting, first time with x amount of yards...etc
  4. The giants blitzed the Eagles to death and 9 times out of 10 they either made mistakes or were stopped short...we rarely blitzed them, why??!!!
  5. Every since the Raiders game teams have ran their rb to the middle of the field wide open!!! Every game!!! We can talk about rookies all we want, but when you don't adjust to that when you see that's all they are doing, it's on the coaches!!! San Diego probably ran about 5 pass plays all day and they were wide open every single ******* time!!!!
  6. Why in the **** would anybody here still want worrilow to start at mlb??!!! We have seen that scene play out way too many times!!