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  1. we were not even runner up for him when he committed last year.. jackson wanted to leave the state bad and if it wasn't auburn it would have been ohio state. not sure he would be a guy we would consider unless we are desperate, but he would have to go to juco and graduate to be able to transfer to another sec school. i don't know his academic situation.. that could be part of why he is leaving.. the same for calendar.
  2. Moultrie (Ga.) Colquitt County head coach Rush Propst has five Alabama state titles and two Georgia state titles to date, made a name for himself nationally after having his teams featured on MTV's 'Two-A-Days,' and has sent over 50 players to FBS programs over the years. On vsporto's SEC Recruiting Buzz, Propst gave his take on Georgia after watching them in spring practice and the G-Day scrimmage. "I think they are better defensively," Propst said. "They should be really good on defense. That should be their strong point - that old JunkYard Dawg, play hard defense. Limit scoring opportunities. I think they are going to be sporty on defense." Propst feels the offense still has a few question marks. "Outside speed at receiver," Propst said. "Guys that can go beat you deep and get their hands on the ball and beat you with one play. I think their tight ends are really good. Obviously, Chubb - can he hold up? Michel - who is the third back? You have to have three - can it be Holyfield, can it be whoever?" One of the ongoing discussions is whether Jacob Eason will take the next step in year two. "To me, this is just me - watching G-Day, sitting back, I know it is a simplistic deal. But I really Jake Fromm. I really do, and I think he has the intangibles," Propst said. "Jacob Eason is a good player, but at the end of the day, he was 8-for-23 in that ball game. Maybe that is the way they scripted it. "I really like Fromm. I have seen him in action. Kids relate to him, he is a great leader, he is going to complete streaks of balls where he completes eight or nine in a row. He has a lot there that I like. In my offense, and what I like to do, Fromm would be my guy." Propst feels there should be a true quarterback competition this fall. "Eason has a lot to like - he's got the big arm, strong body, can throw it a mile," Propst said. "There are just some things there. Who do I think needs to go? I think you open it up the first two weeks of fall and see what happens. Don't count Fromm out. If Eason can't get it done and Fromm can get it done. Maybe Eason does." At the end of the day, Propst feels Georgia will need to find ways to manufacture points this season. "I think, offensively, Jim is going to have to create some opportunities to score based on they have some deficiencies on offense that they don't have on defense," Propst said. On the full show, Propst also gave his predictions for who will play in the SEC Championship. "I gotta go Alabama, but I think Auburn and LSU have closed the door," Propst said. "I have a feeling Georgia is going to have a good year if they can get offensive play. If they can get offensive play, they have a chance."
  3. OMG!!!! i want to physically beat those football players down. gang raping women as a BONDING EVENT!!!! WTF!!!
  4. same here.. i shouldn't have read it at my job.. such a great read and an amazing story.
  5. freaking awesome read!!! thanks for posting.
  6. I would love to see him in person.. his video is amazing.. one of the best athletes in georgia and we are in need for for a qb with his abilities imo.
  7. Tennessee WR charged with domestic assault, reportedly fought his roommate.
  8. Very excited man he got that offer.
  9. Roquan Smith gives tour of UGA indoor facility.
  10. UGA has a great history with getting players out of north carolina.
  11. yep that's been the scuttlebutt. mcgarity wants him to stay on, but fire the entire staff and replace it.. as if they are the problem.. LOLOL it's cheaper for UGA doing that so they don't have to pay out a bigger amount of money firing him after this year.
  13. good article on our new basketball commit... Kante.. PF
  14. oh yeah he is a very nice addition and i like him better than cole. our coaches did as well they went for him hard over cole.
  15. also guys we should be getting a basketball commit today.. Isaac Kante.
  16. i thought it was interesting that even our new commit Chris Smith talked about "even with all of the guys they took in the last class I feel I have a shot to play.".. it's pretty clear what is being used against us by all of our rivals.. you get that same message from everyone some guys are talked into being afraid that they won't see any playing time. if i was a conspiracy guy I would say that our rivals are very worried after the 2017 class and what kirby did and decided to use the same message so they have an easier time getting kids out of state and beating us in recruiting..
  17. Holyfield wasn't smoking in the common area, he was allegedly smoking in his room. sounds like she is trying to tell the story so she isn't harrassed due to calling the police on a person smoking dope in their own room. holyfield did try to get rid of the weed he threw it outside his window (didn't throw it very far since it was easily found). the police also searched gibb's and hardman's rooms and didn't find any weed. they found 2 small buds one burned and the other not in holyfield's room (doesn't the toilet work?). I agree it was pretty stupid he had time before they came back with the search warrant. one reason we are not like other programs. you think an RA is going to call the campus police on a alabama player for smoking weed in their room? lolol.. oh heck no. they are untouchable on campus. the bottom line for holyfield if you are going to be stupid then you gotta be strong to deal with the consequences. so we will suspend him for a game due to university policy and he will be in the best shape of his life come the fall after all that running.
  18. Not sure who the Predator fans on this board are (I am one), but I found this 25 minute made by Predator fans movie that won 'best fan film' at the Tri Cities International Film Festival last year. I thought it was very well done.
  19. DB 2018 Chris Smith commits to the G!!!! Boom!!! Nice pickup. We need some big MO!!
  20. yep.. i can't stand RA's.. power hungry tools in most cases.. no reason to call and get him arrested. if that was the case we would lose track at the number of students who got arrested. we just can't have nice things man.
  21. Just picked up the police reportMecole Hardman and DeAngelo Gibbs were also in the room with EH but were not charged
  22. this was from a trey dean update today.. read this paragraph.. "With Georgia, a lot of guys at my position are scared because they signed a great class of defensive backs in 2017, but I am not worried about that. I want to be around great guys at my position because I know it will make me better. I know a lot of the players there, I like the coaches a lot and it is close to home." ****** Scared? seriously. who in the heck is able to convince kids to be scared of coming to Georgia due to competition. There is no way we have the depth and talent that an ohio state and alabama has in the secondary. There are some rival coaches really selling that we have no playing time for kids.