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  1. agree on the above. yeah watson's dad is going to be a thorn in our side. he is working on our 2019 commits trying to get to get them to flip to fsu. he also is going to deliver 5 to 6 grayson kids the next 2 years. the guy is a slimeball who is a wannabe street agent with his hand out. murf i have some big issues with as well. he is covering uga recruiting and yet visiting with recruits to fsu and clemson campuses and even had some recruiting for fsu tweets. i believe watson is having an impact on the 2018 class. he is trying to show his muscle and get back to uga for not hiring him. agree there are still some bigtime offensive talent we are in on and will hopefully get. we need the two bigtime guards and zeus at rb. the defensive side is a big question mark. tyreke johnson that ship has sailed. i really wonder if kevin sherrer is in some trouble. he has whiffed on a lot of guys this class so far and slow played or ignored others that would be solid pickups. kevin isn't holding up his end of the recruiting equation up to this point.
  2. well cox isn't a done deal. cox told ohio state and uga in the past week he was going to commit to them. i hope we get whatever support we need to flip cox. he is pretty impt to this class imo. yeah this 2018 class is going to be real interesting to see where we end up. we will take between 23 to 25 this class so the camps we have will be very important to find some diamonds out there if we are going to get over the 20 mark.
  3. lolol.. that's a very appropriate gif.. ha
  4. rusty commented on this on his board, but they have been throwing out a lot of offers and he has never seen so many offers from UGA being sent out. Crazy stat - end of 2017 cycle, Georgia offered 213 prospects to sign 26. They have already offered 234 prospects here in late April for a likely 24-person class.
  5. critdawg pretty much says it all: Family full of uga fans and lead for 6 months. Gone with two visits. yeah urban meyer is a POS and has the booster support to come in and help him get the kids he wants.. see 5 star parsons. if they don't get him i would be surprised.. i know i talked to a few penn state guys and james franklin was livid. he knows what happened with parsons. we need our boosters to give kirby more support.
  6. yeah the winning on the field is nice to say and all, but no that's not going to salvage this 2018 recruiting class. there are some kids who are probably waiting to see how we do, but if we win on the field we will flip a few guys, but not enough to make a huge impact overall. we are going to need to work our tails off and get some momentum this summer. that's the only way and then get a few flips if we win, but understand winning on the field really affects the next class (2019) than he does the current class. i have been following recruiting for over 3 decades and i haven't seen such a bad start in my entire life. that's not hyperbole either, this is the worst i have seen a start to a class. that doesn't mean we can't get momentum and finish with a top 10, but the odds are not in our favor.. 12 of the top 23 are committed elsewhere instate. something is going on and guys who are usually very confident i know are very concerned and when a guy like bulldog bob is concerned and he says so publicly that means a lot.
  7. so it's the best for cox to leave the state and end up in ohio.. lolol.. right dude.. urban meyer is such a POS. we aren't getting his teammate.
  8. like i said if we lose out on Cox it's a big blow instate.. he was the one big target that we needed on defense in the state and we were in good shape at one time. if it's true that he is picking ohio state i have to just say wow..
  9. yeah they lost robinson to ucla so they then turned their attention milton which looks like that is where he is going to go unfortunately.
  10. they know each other and are probably friends, but i don't think getting white has a big affect on hill and salyer. it won't hurt for sure, but i don't think it's a sizable boost. hill and salyer i really think goes where ever they want to regardless of what white does. i hope we get both. we do that and this offensive line will be elite. pierce goes to the same high school that kirby smart did and regarding him it was more will we pursue him hard or won't we. we have slowed played a few guys we shouldn't have. i hope we put on the full court press and flip him from bama.. they have so many rbs they are after it won't hurt them to lose him. the key to our 2018 recruiting class is going to be how we do on the field. right now all of our rivals are doing an effective job of negative recruiting and there are a number of kids who are waiting to see the results on the field before they either jump onboard or flip from their current commitment. there is reason for concern because right now it's not going very well, but recruiting is always very fluid. we need to get some MO and we could this week with cox and hopefully milton picks us.. we must get 2 qbs this class. this qb depth is one of the worst in the nation. not referring to top tier talent, but to the depth chart. we need to have at least 4 to 5 qbs on campus.
  11. everything i have heard for a while was we were in good shape for cox and until i hear otherwise i believe we get him. if we don't get him that's a big blow instate and really makes it even tougher to get ourselves the MO we need.
  12. Concerning D'Antne Demery and other SEC schools ... ... I have now confirmed that Demery can NOT sign with another SEC school. There has been some confusion with this over the last 24 hours, but I've now confirmed that according to SEC transfer bylaws he would have to sit out the next two years, and not be on scholarship, if he went anywhere within the SEC. He could go the JUCO route and go to another SEC school in two years. According to a bylaw passed two years ago and then revised last year, SEC schools are prevented from accepting a transfer student with a history of domestic or sexual violence. While it does not cover high school athletes, it's been confirmed now that because Demery signed a letter-of-intent and SEC financial aid agreement, he cannot receive a scholarship from another SEC program for two years. That's under SEC transfer rules. Essentially, Demery is considered a transfer because he signed the LOI and SEC financial aid agreement. Last year, Mississippi State was able to sign a recruit, Jeffery Simmons, who was captured on video hitting a woman. But Simmons had not signed with another program.
  13. from buckeye site... RB Zamir White: Heard from a source over the weekend that this was a "done deal" for Georgia after his spring game visit there. Of course we know there's no such thing as a lock in recruiting, but it seems that after the great OSU visit last weekend, that the Dawgs one-upped it this weekend. I have my CB sitting on Georgia right now for Zamir White.
  14. neither as tru7 said did anything.. they had 1 pass play to chubb and basically they enjoyed the game from the bench. they don't have anything to really prove. also it was clear we didn't care to run the ball and it was basically a throw the ball all over the field offense. the defenses knew that and went after the qbs. i believe kirby said after the game they basically didn't put forth any effort in keeping the defense honest by running the ball. the play calling was vanilla.. they won't show anything in a scrimmage. the ol has been whipping the dline for 14 practices and today with no rushing threat the dline basically went all out and had 5 sacks, but really could have had 7. walker for the defense was something. it's going to be fun to see him this year. we will have a few different starters on the oline then we saw in the scrimmage. understand it's one scrimmage and we have had 3 of them. people sometimes take too much from just 1 scrimmage. the only thing that really matters from a spring game is injuries.