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  3. Lee K. Howard‏Verified account @HowardWKYT 13h13 hours ago The final seconds of the Kentucky-North Carolina game was an emotional roller coaster for Big Blue fans. #marchmadness #WKYT
  4. I am at work so I can't add a lot of info yet, but some great articles today and interviews. It really looks like kirby did what a great coach should evaluate his team, himself, and his staff to see how they can improve. We are practicing more RPO in the offense and this year looks like we should be able to have Eason make a change at the LOS if we are in the wrong play. Last year that wasn't happening so when we had a run play on we would still run into 9 or 10 defenders. Hopefully that does change.
  5. yeah i heard a number of recruits talk about our weight room as being small and it is compared to other sec programs. it's really pathetic.
  6. we are still behind other facilities and it's not even close.. we have the 2nd smallest weight room in the entire SEC.. a very good read. please read both articles.
  8. sorry duke fans, buy this was funny.. Tough But Fair: Coach K Suspends Grayson Allen For Rest Of Tourney.
  9. this is a great picture.. lol
  10. so the acc started off with 9 teams and 1 remains in the sweet 16.. wow
  11. shaq morris is freaking awesome. a man his size who can pass like that. nice.
  12. wichita st giving kentucky all they can handle so far this game.. up by 4 points.. great game.
  13. great defensive play to block that 3 pointer and michigan takes down louisville by 4..
  14. great game today between michigan and louisville..
  15. to only score 39 points in a college game is just unbelievable and embarrassing. i was just stunned by that. fsu surprised me as well, i expected them to compete and they didn't. this early louisville/michigan is going to be huge. should be interesting to see who wins that game.. that's one game i am looking forward to today.