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  1. no i don't agree with that.. calipari doesn't really care who is UGA's coach when it comes to beating us or not.. of all of the team's out there a mark fox coached team usually plays UK tough. i really believe calipari as do many other coaches have a lot of respect for mark fox and what he has accomplished at UGA. he was really making a case out of respect. even if we tank i don't see anyway CMF is fired. first we don't have a booster who cares enough to make the move. second cmf can point to maten getting hurt and replacing a number of players from last year, yada, yada..
  2. i believe Zeus is committing June 27th which is his mom's birthday. Getting his mom and him on campus for 2 out of 3 weeks is huge and right now we have some great momentum with him. I loved that top 4 he just put up. if we can get him to commit this summer is freaking huge.
  3. wow surprised not more people are talking about this commitment.. he is a heck of a prospect. very happy he committed early.
  4. agreed.. march madness is going to be something.. some terrific teams in that list.
  6. report brian daboll will be bama's new co-oc
  9. the rumor is that it's 2019 WR Hazelwood who will be a 5 star kid.
  10. still not sure what crump has done to mark fox.. so crump starts against tennessee and has double digit points on just 5 shots in 16 minutes.. so he decides to start willridge and give him 29 minutes who gets a whopping 5 points in that time.. crump gets 3 points in 5 minutes.. it's moves like that which shows me how bad of a coach mark fox is. you put the best players on the court and he doesn't. he is still trying to figure out his starting lineup with 5 games to go.. pathetic..
  12. it's about dang time.. we have needed to have improvements to the stadium for a freaking long time. i love it that kirby is getting his wish of a recruiting room. that is something the staff really wants. also it sounds like we are getting a new scoreboard.. our scoreboard is small compared to others. it would improve the gameday experience to get a huge one.
  13. we have a number of instate targets that we have the love from that will help us at least have a top 10 class. we will get the top 2 guards in the nation who are instate. we will probably get another 13 to 14 instate kids. it's funny how the instate kids are for Georgia.. you have so many transplants that even if they are in georgia for a decade due to parents they have loyalties outside the state. the good thing is the 2017 and 2019 which are by far the most instate talent we have had in a while in this state are very loyal to UGA.. the 2018 which is not a great group overall of instate talent they aren't so while it will be tougher to get out of state kids, i would rather 2018 be the year we don't have the loyalty. we are going to have to hit out of state very very hard. i like so far the kids we have targeted out of state.. we have a good chance of getting them.
  14. i don't agree with that crystal ball there to bama for owen. regarding zeus it's going to be tough to beat out lawrence and clemson. if we had found a way to get lawrence i would feel great aboout zeus. lawrence is going to work hard on the top instate kids in Georgia. we are going to have to win big on the field to show progress and gain momentum. instate a lot of kids are leaning out of state right now. we are going to really need to hit out of state targets.
  15. omg that is an hilarious thread.. hahaha