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  1. Pass rush galore!
  2. I'm happy with the positions selected. Just hope they are the right players to fill those needs.
  3. Versatile OL depth, he's not a starter. Looking for us to add an OG in FA.
  4. Go to Japan and see how bad our customer service is in comparison. I was blown away by the level of service in pretty much everything in Japan. And tipping is considered to be insulting in Japan. So basically you get the best service you've ever had with zero expectation of a tip.
  5. It would cost our 2018 1st to move up. Don't do it!
  6. Is free safety really a huge need? I thought Ricardo Allen was doing fine? I think we need OG and pass rush the most.
  7. Oh and for the record @SpongeDad since it was brought up the people of Naples I've talked to aren't too concerned about Mt. Vesuvius either. Now that's the part that gets me since it's still an active volcano that could Pompeii their azz on any given day.
  8. Thanks Einstein. In my little survey every single one of them had very little concern over North Korea and spoke in terms like "we" which implies that more than just them shared the same opinion. It's the American media that drums up the North Korea stuff. We get more freaked out over this stuff than actual South Koreans do thanks to our sensationalist media.
  9. Unless your building is in South Korea their opinions are influenced by the American media. In actual South Korea the locals I talked to there aren't really concerned with North Korea.
  10. The ones I talked to weren't really concerned with North Korea at all. And I probably talked to about 10 of them on the subject. It was big in the US news at the time.
  11. I've been to Seoul, South Korea and the DMZ at a time when Kim Jong was doing a lot of saber rattling. To my surprise South Koreans are less concerned about North Korea than you would think. The American media was freaking out over Kim Jong and the South Koreans there brushed it off as "same old". Contrary to what our media portrays, most South Koreans really don't give a crap about North Korea and their saber rattling.
  12. Libs who think this is some kind of victory are in for a rude awakening. O'reilly was pretty moderate and his time slot is going to Tucker Carlson who is much more conservative. And then Eric Bolling, another conservative, gets his own show. Congrats, you just pushed Fox News further right.
  13. So savage...OK this one really is too soon:
  14. OUCH: