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  1. After a non-active morning at the eagles nest, I decided to call it a day a little after lunch as the clouds for tonight's storms were moving in. As I was leaving, I noticed one of the occasionally seen fox squirrels trotting along the top of the fence to my left. I turned around and parked on a pull off near the check in station. As I quickly walked along the fence line hoping to get a couple of shots off, the little bugger was chased off by a grey squirrel. I could hear them tussling in the pine straw and leaves and saw the grey squirrel scurry off as I approached. The Fox Squirrel, however, stood his ground and posed with is prize while I snapped away. I don't think that I could have posed him any better. Fox Squirrel 1.3 by Jason, on Flickr Fox Squirrel 3 by Jason, on Flickr Fox Squirrel 5 by Jason, on Flickr
  2. My wife loves this show for some reason. I think I may have to tune in for this episode when it airs...
  3. A few more from Old Car City... OCC Buick Eight by Jason, on Flickr OCC Dodge Ram - 1 by Jason, on Flickr OCC Ford F100 - 1 by Jason, on Flickr OCC Plymouth - 1 by Jason, on Flickr
  4. Went to Old Car City in White, Ga yesterday and had a blast photographing some rusty classics and some of the details on them. Here are a few of my favorites. OCC 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie by Jason, on Flickr OCC Hudson - 1 by Jason, on Flickr OCC Pontiac - 1 by Jason, on Flickr OCC De Soto - 1 by Jason, on Flickr OCC Studebaker by Jason, on Flickr
  5. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have a lot of the the same touristy stuff (Think Myrtle Beach PCB in the mountains). Tons of eating options in both. They do a couple of Rod Runs throughout the year, so you may want to check what might be going on during your trip. If there is a Rod Run, driving is pointless unless you can get to Teaster Lane which runs parallel to the strip. The entire strip is usually bumper to bumper traffic during a Rod Run with every parking lot packed. There's a Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg that we always enjoy. If you like the outdoors, there's plenty of hiking and trails in the National Park and the park is well worth driving through. Lots of waterfalls that you can hike to as well. Cades Cove has a lot of history and some wildlife throughout the year. They have dinner shows out the anus. My son LOVED Dixie Stampede when we went last. He was 2 and a half and absolutely enthralled with the show. Plenty of stuff to do for the family from young kids to older. The Island has a bunch of shops and several restaurants as well as a giant ferris wheel like in Atlanta. Lots of mini golf. The women folk seem to love The Christmas Place which is a huge Christmas store that you can get lost in. Literally. Some of my favorite restaurants are Bullfish (Longhorns style), The Blue Moose (Sports Bar type place), Margaritaville, Mama's Farmhouse Kitchen (buffet style where the food is brought to your table and you share with your party instead of the entire restaurant. Great for breakfast), several more common chain places as well.
  6. It's great to read about all of these travels. I have a June trip to Jackson Hole WY, Grand Teton NP, and Yellowstone planned. I'm meeting a couple of buddies out there that run photography workshops and they decided to limit the group to the 2 of them, myself, and 1 other person that they both know. I'm really looking forward to the trip and have bought a 2nd camera body and a new lens for the trip. Picked up a Canon 5D Mark III and a 16-35 f/4L for landscapes to pair with my other gear that's primarily for wildlife. The trip was originally going to be Monday, June 12th-Saturday, June 17th but then they limited to the size of the group. Everyone else was getting out there on the 10th to get a couple of extra days worth of shooting in, so I jumped on board too. My flight has a layover in Chicago both ways, so I'm looking forward to at least seeing Chicago from the air. There are going to be a lot of early mornings, but I'm stoked. The same two guys did a winter workshop in the Tetons this past January and the area had already received 3.5' of snow and got another 2.5' the week that they were there so we're expecting a good bit to still be capping the mountains. Should be gorgeous!
  7. I think just offing herself is a horrible choice from the writers standpoint. Kind of like Glenn hiding under the dumpster and not getting his comic book death. I know enough about the comics to know some characters have been replaced while some are long gone but live past that point in the tv series, so I have no clue where Sasha falls into all of this. I think it would be incredible to see Eugene, of all people, be the one to end it for her. I think he's in full "who's going to get me furthest in the apocalypse" mode. I can see Sasha as a walker and Eugene going to talk to her and then having to kill her out of necessity though.
  8. Not too bad of an episode. Had a decent build up for the finale, which looks like it could be pretty dang good! Then again, after all of this filler, I think seeing opossums turning into walker opossums and infiltrating Negan's compound would be pretty dang awesome. I think Sasha is ****-bent on killing Negan and will go down in a blaze of glory attempting to do so as opposed to offing herself. And you know who I say takes her down? Eugene. Oh, and who else is ready for a full episode dedicated to Judith? It has to be on the horizon since everyone else is getting full episodes as filler.
  9. Three more from downtown Rome. Flag Bridge 1 by Jason, on Flickr DeSoto by Jason, on Flickr Myrtle Hill Sunset 1 by Jason, on Flickr