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  1. This is a guy I really like. And while S two years straight in round 1 would be unorthodox, he fits in at a position where he could (not he will) provide an immediate upgrade. To your point, I don't think he lasts to #63.
  2. I'd say it's more about stopping DAL or a team that can control game tempo through their run game.
  3. Day 2 is a 2nd/3rd rounder... Now I thought Gabriel was a great addition to the Falcons last year. But he's 5'8 165 and at that size, durability and ability to play significant snaps is going to be an issue (Aldrick Robinson actually played more - including playoffs 343 to 331). Plus, is he THAT established as an NFL WR? I'd love for Gabriel to build on his 2016. But I also recognize that he's a bit of a wild-card. And with Robinson gone and Hardy who has hardly distinguished me this is an area that might not be as deep as we think it is. At the end of the day, the Falcons are still built around Ryan and while he's gotten better at making the players around him more than they don't want to take this position for granted. The Falcons have not spent a Day 1 or 2 pick on WR since Julio, with a roster that has depth along with a solid talent base...I just think this could be an area of focus where you draft a kid high, allow him to fight for snaps against decent, but not otherworldly, talent his rookie year with an eye on said player taking on a more significant role in 2018.
  4. I think this is an under the radar focus for a Day 2 pick. Gabriel will get paid or be damaged goods in 2018. Either way, with $20 ACV committed to Julio/Sanu...the way to replenish the position will be via the draft. And Rounds 2/3 are where you get value at need positions.
  5. I think a lot of us need to undergo a shift in thinking with respect to how you draft for a team coming off an 18-30 stretch vs. one coming off a SB appearance. #1 - If you made the SB, then likely the amount of starting slots open and thus snaps to consume in the near term is less than it would have been 12 months ago. We hit HR's with Neal/Jones/Campbell. But they also had line-up gaps to step into. Those gaps have lessened dramatically. #2 - So if you're a franchise builder, picking #63 or #95...the chances of finding a player that can immediately contribute in a large manner immediately for a SB team is going to be much more limited. Meaning the gaps you are looking to fill are for 2-3 years down the road. As it stands now, your 3rd round pick (Hall) given the players we have along the DL could be largely a gameday inactive in 2017. Especially if we drafted Watt in Round 1. #3 - What's interesting about our WR usage in 2016 is that Gabriel/Hardy/Robinson all played more than 300 snaps but less than 350. Robinson led the trio with 343 but 105 came in the two games Julio missed. My point? Hardy/Gabriel are similar players, Robinson had a different skillset. Is Roberts OK? Well, for a team that struggled to find pass catchers in 2016 (DET), he had 14 receptions. I see him more as a replacement for Weems on ST.
  6. Obviously Poe would be a big get and I hope we're able to close the deal there. I also like idea of bringing Burkhead in as a swiss-army knife type of player at RB. Replacing the snaps of Jackson/Babs would be complete with Crawford/Poe. Obviously, someone could lose their place in the pecking order, but: Jarrett Beasley (I count him as a DL given how much he has his hand in the ground) Hageman Reed Shelby Upshaw Clayborn There isn't a lot of irreplaceable on that list. But there's a lot of good professional players there that I wonder how much a rookie would impact. My original scenarios in the off-season had Freeney retiring and only signing one DL. With 2 DL signings, I'm wondering if the Falcons don't go more developmental along the line. Reed is likely the 'weak-spot' where you can bring a rotational player in and Watt would be a nice fit there. What other positions does that leave? Obviously OG. FS is a possibility. Given the depth at DL, 1st round is still in the mix for sure, but for a rookie, that could be a tough rotation to crack. An underrated focus of a Day 2 draft pick IMO could be WR. I know it's not talked about a lot but consider: Julio is a beast and should give the Falcons #1 WR production for at least 2-3 seasons. But if you remember Roddy - he started to breakdown in his 9th season. Julio is entering season #7. Sanu has shown himself to be a nice complimentary player. But while Gabriel was a revelation - is he a guy the Falcons see as a long term investment? Meaning - we got him in 2017 for cheap. But if he has a good season in 2017, he likely prices himself out of the Falcons ability to pay another WR. And Hardy seems to be a bit player. Bottomline - the WR position for the Falcons beyond next season is murky beyond Julio/Sanu. So this is an area the Falcons could look to invest a high pick in the more I think about it.
  7. If Blank is at the dinner, he'll be signed by dessert.
  8. Of the DE prospects on your list we have decent access to, Charles Harris is the guy I thought had the best weekend/Sunday. Looked fluid/smooth and strong/solid frame. I know you like Tim Williams, but he's a guy I'm fairly down on. In this day and age of going over kids character with a fine-tooth comb - he's one with a lot of red flags. You mention that in your write-up, but when character flags start popping up, I don't see it as a mark in the 'con' me it's more akin to a virus that infects the prospects entire eval. In addition, he seemed fairly slight when I saw him Thursday. Slighter than I thought he would. Very Barkevious like...I'd be bumping him down/off. Brantley seems to be a guy lots of people like - no one loves.
  9. This is the year to be buying at this position FA-wise.
  10. I don't know if he's going #31...but I think he goes waaaaay before #63. Those are the picks that matter to us. The 2nd round is where teams take guys like this who are size/speed freaks (which he is). Let's say he runs a 4.7 at 6'7 280 (which he's reported to have done last year) and shows well in drills...the guy is a complete non-risk from a character perspective so he'll receive no red flags there. So, we'd obviously have to do our homework and project him out recognizing that we might get a limited contribution from him in 2017. But the guy he actually reminds me of his Michael Strahan. Strahan had monstrous hands (K-Pass comes in at 10 7/8) and while I can't find specific measurements, his wingspan was also a key physical trait of his. Here was Strahan's scouting report... Giants Director of Player Personnel Tom Boistune's Director's Report: (compiled from reports by scouts Jerry Shay, Jeremiah Davis, Greg Gabriel) A tall, gd looking athlete who needs bulk &additional stg for next level--He has plenty of QAB's spd & change of direction to be a VG pass rusher--No reason why he can't grow into a power rush, neutralize & control LOS type--An upfield player for Texas So/not a leverage player & runs self out of too many plays--Michael is agg & works hard in pursuit--Potential to be a top player in NFL--A situational pass rusher 1st yr-Sr Bowl/Indy workout helped his grade. Translation: A tall good-looking athlete who needs bulk and additional strength for next level. He has plenty of quickness, agility, balance, speed and change of direction to be a very good pass rusher. No reason why he can't grow into a power rusher, neutralize and control line-of-scrimmage type. An upfield player for Texas Southern. Not a leverage player and runs himself out of too many players. Michael is aggressive and works hard in pursuit. Potential to be a top player in NFL. A situational pass-rusher first year. Senior Bowl and Indy [Combine] workout helped his grade. Strahan was drafted #40 overall...and didn't have his first double digit sack year until his 5th season.
  11. I'm on his bandwagon. But I also feel like the draft process is one in which we'll see his stock rise to the point where unless we're willing to spend #31 on him, we won't have access.
  12. OK...I'll bite. I'm going to take some of the points individually. From a production stand point Freeman is not worth top 5 money. He just didn't put up enough numbers compared to top backs. In 2015-2016, Freeman finished first amongst RB's in Yards From Scrimmage (3174) and 2nd in TD's (27) behind David Johnson. ...but he cannot carry a full RB load During the two year period above, he handled 618 touches (5.14 Yards/Touch). Also 1st in the NFL. While players like Bell, McCoy, Murray, Ingram, Hyde, Martin, Peterson struggled to stay on the field or dealt with injury, Freeman missed one game. A huge portion of Freeman's success has been the scheme he has been put in Without any type of quantification, I really call bull on this. ZBS doesn't exist elsewhere in the NFL? Noone was claiming this was such a great scheme when Freeman emerged in 2015 when he was named 2nd team All-Pro. In fact, he was producing amidst Matt Ryan's worst season as a pro. If we want to claim personnel, beside Julio/Ryan...are we really going to point to Sanu/Gabriel/Hopper as players that distracted the defense away from Freeman? Come on. The more accurate claim is a huge portion of the Falcons success last season was due to Freeman excelling in the scheme Would I have preferred for Freeman's agent to not bring up the contract during SB Week. Yes. Am I getting rid of the Falcons best RB who is it's most versatile and productive piece because of it? For a 2nd or 3rd rounder? Hey...maybe we can get Kiko Alonso. Ask PHI how that worked out.
  13. I think it's our definitions of 'reasonable' that differ. Taking a contract Mark Ingram signed 2 years ago after having his first good season in his 4th NFL season, and marginally bumping up the ACV doesn't fit mine with regard to Freeman.
  14. This year, I think there were 11 3rd comp picks...couple that with the likelihood that we could wind up in the middle to end of the pack on the 4th round comp pick and we're really talking about 5th round value. Meh. Modeling the Pats and actually being the Pats are two different things. The Pats have earned the right and prerogative to be selective like you mentioned because of 5 SuperBowl titles in 16 seasons. That buys you the ability to run your organization in a unique manner. That's why guys sign there. To your point about 'Brotherhood' won't mean anything until/unless the Falcons win. Next season, we won't be able to pick up 'brothership' like nothing happened. The Falcons didn't get to feast on 6 months of off-season glory. It doesn't mean that it's dead - but what matters is winning. I don't think you clear that hurdle by playing hardball with your best players like the Pats can without having the record to do so.
  15. Why do you think we'd get a 3rd rounder? The lowest APV for this years batch of 3rd round comp picks was $9M.