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  1. Oh.....................
  2. Derek Jeter is a brother, you must be thinking about A-Rod.
  3. Ghost sighting! Been a while since we've seen you in "these parts."
  4. Ol' Man, I know I can be a jackass (sometimes), but I was not trying to be a condescending prick either. I guess I get tired of people parroting the line "he's not got to telegraph his moves" when that is not remotely true AND I don't think he is fully aware of what he DOES say (the subs). Something is terribly off................................... For retirement, yep, still seriously considering Florida, Amelia Island and Merritt Island, even considering the Keys now. I'll be 57 this year, ready to seriously hang it up in DC (but not GA), but my son is going to George Washington, so I guess I'll be here for a weeeeee bit longer!
  5. Nah Drake, the videos from that disastrous Easter Egg Hunt did it for me, 1) Tossing the kid's hat into the crowd, and 2) being in la la land and Melania (God bless her), having to nudge him..............
  6. Worse yet, he told them there were subs lurking off of the coast! Forgive me for saying this, but Ivanka is serving the same role (now) Nancy did for Reagan's second term.
  7. Just so I am clear to the masses, I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH LEGAL IMMIGRATION, BUT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. With that being said, your last sentence is 100% true!
  8. Drake, bruh, that made my head hurt.
  9. You do realize that task force is being tracked from space, right???????
  10. No, you'll see the Monroe Doctrine reinstated to keep out a Russian or Chinese naval base in Mexico. To be honest, Trump is going about this wrong. I'd quit harping on the wall and keep on kicking out illegals en mass............................
  11. You can tell a lot from a photo. Dave's wife had to get his priorities in order (Dave wanted to mow grass). See that trailer? Dave don't have time for a trial run, he has to put out mulch!
  12. I use one of those up here in Maryland, a Fiskars. Does a good job!
  13. Toadfish, the funniest part of that movie (well, one of), was when MC Gusto (Murphy) was riding the bike trying to hype himself up (can't repeat what he was saying)!!!