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  1. I giggled.
  2. I have a friend whose boyfriend is on the USS Carl Vinson and they were just notified of a 30 day extension of their stay...
  3. Playing victim?? If u bothered to read my comments the thread was about my not being aware of the problem that a lot of Christians worldwide are facing. It wasn't a difficult concept to grasp. Ur ridiculous...not gonna bother responding to u anymore.
  4. Yay... eatcorn is here with his sarcasm but nothing to say about the actual purpose of the thread. Sounds about right.
  5. He looks like he needs a boobs!
  6. Oh wow...that's crazy! So we had someone inside that facility to put the USB into place? Btw, thanks for the info!
  7. Nope....I admit I don't have a lot of in depth knowledge on our capabilities against these types of weapons.
  8. That's interesting. I read the other day that they're also afraid of Kim using gas similar to what was used in Syria on these missiles and firing them into S. Korea or Japan.
  9. Oh okay...didn't think of that..that's pretty cool. So it never got off the launcher thingy today?
  10. He does...the best, really....this I can tell you.
  11. Like shooting them down? Would seem like something we SHOULD be capable of doing...
  12. I knew I could count on you, JP!
  13. That would be bad enough tho...we have bases and soldiers there...even aside from our losses, the innocent S. Koreans or Japanese lost. I don't know what the answer to NK problem is tho....the last strategy with Obama didn't work, and who knows if this new strategy with China leaning on them will work either (didn't seem to today)
  14. You can easily ignore it if you don't like it or think it's stupid. I'm not even sure why u all talk to each other if you're just going to go back and forth calling names. Edit to add: not that I've never called names when irritated...I have...but that's literally all some of u do with dh...just seems like a big waste of time for everybody if that's the extent of it.