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  1. I'd like to have won the superbowl....... But yeah I get it. And yeah thatd been nice, But it is what it is. We lost. Rule change wont help THAT. But I wouldnt be against it being implemented.
  2. Ebay or Amazon
  3. LOL...that will work. Heaven forbid we should have outside air for a few games. If it rains the artificial turf might need mowing.
  4. I'd give up the NFL altogether...No falcons.No reason to watch.
  5. Has Clowny found a new hobby? havent seen any new posts from him.
  6. Some of my Faves. My older brothers and Sisters had me singing at an early age. I have a huge range of likes. daddy had me listening to Floyd Kramer, hank Williams SR. and so on...Brothers had me liking Kiss, Blackfoot, BTO, The Guess Who, The Eagles Linda Ronstadt on and on.
  7. Kind of doubt Arthur would go back to the OLD logo. But you never know.
  8. Mother in law has one she is about 10 years old now. She spends the summer months under My porch where she digs about two fooot down into the ground and stays there until the evening where she will go down to the pond and jump in. She stinks afterward,,,but at least she stays cooled off ...well as much as possible. They also have a baby pool for her to get into if she wants.