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  1. HBD DAE
  2. How these two didnt make it is beyond me. OK NOT REALLY
  3. Yeah sorry i forgot to paste the article. I posted and moved on. Thanks Fentaye
  5. HEy Mozzie I lost a bunch too. No worries all of us oldtimers remember who you are
  6. Glad that he doesn't have a doberman......... (purple)
  7. I wouldnt hate it.
  8. Same here man. I aint eskeered to admit it.
  9. Dogs are awesome people. I have three and love them all.
  10. I saw the same report man, let em rip its all good.
  11. All I know is mybrother had a doberman, and all it ever did was attack any other dog that it saw. So we got rid of it.
  12. Just saw that. WOW. Had everything he wanted except street cred.