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  1. Great thread, what I loved best is we didn't trade up, and you took a NEED, and BPA approach with our 1st that fit's DQ's mindset... We are going edge in 1st....Who? find out in a little bit. Safety in the 2nd, I still think Rico is OK, but with the deep class of talent at the position...No problems(personally here is where I wanted a Guard) TE in the 3rd., I love Jonnu Smith(as I posted in many TE threads) his measurable's blow away the likes of Kittle.. But I was hoping we could get him in 5th, seems he already has moved up to a 4th round grade(personally here is where I wanted a safety) Guard in the 4th...Well as previously mentioned....I want a Guard somewhere in the top 4. LB in the 5th- Great choice of player. 7th,,,,would a RB vs WR...but who cares I would be happy regardless, and your correct, we are probably not getting 4 starters in this draft,,,,2 would be great
  2. With that offensive line and QB play...I'm sure he's glad to be anywhere but with the Vikes.
  3. Well he lives in Houston makes sense I enjoyed watching AD run even, even at OU. Saints are going to have a good combo of RB's, not something to scoff at.... He didn't fit our offense in the first place, be interesting to see him and POE say hello.
  4. To is are our, blocking TE, Hooper does a little bit of everything OK, Perkins who knows? 4th round Jonnu Smith will be our jokker TE.
  5. Nope, he would be about the 9th fastest TE in this draft class alone.
  6. Yep, Hooper would be a 5th rounder in this TE draft class. AND I like Hooper, It's simply this years class of TE's are unheard of...
  7. I know plenty of people who don't drink and many people who do drink. I've never met anyone who doesn't drink that should, BUT many who do drink that shouldn't. Cheers .
  8. What the heck...I always liked younger gals if there close to 25, give or take a few years on either side.
  9. And there just getting started...
  10. He's a nightmare to cover, Julio nobody can cover him period ,Sanu will beat you also, Gab, when you least expect it will tear your heart out.
  11. Her athleticism is clearly visible, name one player on any NFL roster that has more bend. Like I said, little on the small side, 110 lbs. But with everyone wanting Mack to cover for our Guard play, might as well stick Poe out there and make sure Shak get's around the corner.
  12. TE in the 4th, Guard in the 3rd, before and after I don't care....NO QB