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  1. Illegal immigrants that commit violent crimes should be deported, period. I'm in favor of a path to citizenship for non-violent illegals. We already spend more on our military than numerous other super powers combined. We already have a rigorous vetting process in place that takes up to two years. And it couldn't have stopped the home grown terrorists in Orlando, San Bernardino, Charleston, Oklahoma City, etc . . . We need to figure out how to combat, without trampling all over the First Amendment, the radicalization of American citizens. The wall is stupid and a waste of money. If people really want to get in, they will find a way. Trump is an *** hole and a con artist. He is the exact same person he's been for 70 years. He lies to the American people without abandon, and he is continuing and stepping up Obama's drone campaign in the Middle East. I wanted to give him the first 100 days to see if he would ease my concerns and prove me wrong, but I've seen all that I need to see. Newt has gone off the deep end. I have no respect left for him.
  2. Nope. He just sitting somewhere, grimacing.
  3. They're all awful.
  4. You mean like being pro life and wishing that we could have a fiscally conservative, socially moderate president?
  5. You don't live in the real world.
  6. I'm right handed. Also, I don't think you understand how the English language works.
  7. No, they're still the victimized, oppressed minority . . .
  8. Kaepernick doesn't have a job right now because no team views him as a starting qb, he is a backup qb at this point. And you don't pay backups starting money, you don't accommodate your offensive scheme for a backup, and you don't tolerate distractions from backups. That's he doesn't have a job.
  9. Yeah to my knowledge the miners and other teams never said "knock it off."
  10. Mods, please change hmfic's screen name to "Benjy" from The Sound and the Fury.
  11. The new apple Iphonemicrowave is pretty sweet.
  12. Also, if you would just read the main presidential thread instead of making new attention whore troll threads every time you change your delicate little under garments, you would see where I **** all over Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, etc . . .
  13. No, it doesn't. You're incredibly obtuse.
  14. Those are Nunes' own words, not mine or Schumer's. Pay attention.
  15. There's a documentary on Showtime that followed Trump around throughout the primaries and the election. They also met with Roger Stone and interviewed him in the movie. He is bat **** crazy.
  16. Yes, I did.
  17. @Billy Ocean Louise Mensch is on Maher now.
  18. Except he signed an executive order to repeal and replace as soon as possible.
  19. I bet a RINO could have fixed healthcare.
  20. Obama was ******* awful. I criticized him daily. Try again.
  21. Promises to bring jobs back are great, but this administration has been one giant embarrassment. I wanted to give Trump the first 100 days before judging him, but after 60 days it's just a ******* disaster.
  22. "78 under reported terror attacks . . . Obama wire tapped me, bad (sick) guy!"
  23. It's hilariously sad you included this.