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  1. Get 'em, Jeb.
  2. Questions reveal your thoughts as much as any statement.
  3. Don't they bend it?
  4. Peppers is definitely a hybrid SS/OLB.
  5. ed's views on this topic is one of the least surprising things ever.
  6. You talk about women like you're from the stone age, so you are one to talk about how Muslims treat their women.
  7. Soros paid the refs to make calls against UK, he paid the UK players to miss free throws, and he paid the UK students to riot
  8. Begby is the greatest supporting character in a comedic role ever.
  9. I wonder if skareffect is going to make the leap from MRA to this group.
  10. Carl Lawson in the first, Montravious Adams in the second. Send it! Say word, BO
  11. They're attempting to weaponize their undesireability.
  12. How many times do I have to explain to you that this is protected free speech under the First Amendment?