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  1. Straight Up, No!
  2. I hope i'm wrong too but, not really feeling this pick.
  3. Who Dat? dude dat KN22 knock the crap out of. (Pun intended)
  4. If the team left i would want to keep the naming rights for a future team but I could not support a move. (No for me)
  5. Georgia born and raise living in Jax, FL. The Falcons are very well represented here in Jagland.
  6. Don't over pay for positions we can get in the draft.
  7. His never really had a great game against us even in his prime but Evan's is different.
  8. I saw this in the first half of the SB and was concerned about our defense playing too many plays even though we were up. Which is a defensive problem of not get off the field. Make the defense stouter and we will close games out.
  9. If the pice was right would any of you consider Calias Campbell? I believe that he would be DE in base and move in to DT in rush situation.
  10. No reason to get rid of freeman now. When we have the upper hand in negotiations (cause he will not sit out and lose game checks)and could franchise him the following year. Anyhow. fans wanted a RB unlike turner (who I really like) a guy who was a dual threat and now we have him. He would be great in any system and he's great with ours. He has the "it" quality and you don't just let that go without making a reasonable deal. Unless he wants to go elsewhere and from his own mouth he want to be a falcons. FO make it happen!
  11. We know shanny's part but what about the part the patriots played when they were on offense either extending drives and scoring. I still believe that they cheat and will never acknowledge them as a dynasty. Thats just me others can think what they want.
  12. I have and you just have to take the 'F" It approach and say "It is what it is" and not care what anyone says or think.
  13. yeah but, brady threw a pick six so it happens but just gotta overcome.
  14. Our defense was gased because we couldn't get the other team off the field with that same bend but dont break style that allowed teams to score during the regular season. We need game wrecking DEs.