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  1. I would be cool if they could do that and play during the offseaon to fill the void
  2. Beasley looked huge in that clip of him swinging a hammer at the soccer game that was on twitter
  3. Plus he has an arm length of about seven feet
  4. This site says the Falcons have a little over 23 million in cap space and espn says more like 18. It's weird how each site has a different number so who knows the real number. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/
  5. You are thinking of the franchise tag
  6. Come to think of it, I have never seen Bill Bellichick and Dennis Rodman at the same place at the same time. Dennis Rodman IS Bill Belichick. Peopl need to open their eyes to the TRUTH!
  7. Heath's Patriots Underoos are on too tight for hiim to understands things such as: 1. Julio Jones was still getting over turf toe. 2. The Falcons do not have to have Julio on the field evry play to move the ball 3. Players snaps are managed to get optimal performance
  8. I was going to guess it was "IheartRoddy"
  9. Cowboys have seven starters who are free agents and are currently over the estimated cap for next year. Even if they were able to trade Romo, it wont help their cap space much per Over the Cap. http://overthecap.com/calculator/dallas-cowboys/ Five of those six starters are on defense. Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, and Barry Church from the secobdary, DT Terrell McClain, and De Jack Crawford. On offense, Wr Terrance Willaims and G Ron Leary are both free agents. On the positive side for the Cowboys, Jaylan Smith may be ready to play next year. Due to their cap issues, they will loose most if not all these players. I don't see how they dont regress without an incredible draft and/or trade.
  10. The director of the gym I go to has a son who plays for the Saints (of all teams) and he is even pulling for the Falcons
  11. Peppers at 33 seems weird
  12. Does anyone know when they will go on sale?
  13. He also led the nfl in forced fumbles which has occired one other time since 2002, He would have to get some votes for DPOY.