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  1. Including the SB. Ya know. The game we had 16 QB pressures in 1 half then 4 in the 2nd? Pretty much why pass rushing DE and even LB is being looked at for Falcons first 2-3 picks. OL might get some love still. Maybe a S, maybe a RB/TE. Who knows.
  2. He was my farvovitre QB since Leritrve our RT played QB with Dantriari OhPee our new EDGE. o7
  3. Well, Atlanta lost Freeney and rushing the passer is our primary weakness along the DL right now, IMO. That and perhaps another LB, that's why Reddick and a number of LBs have gotten tagged with Falcons showing more interest. However, it's difficult to say if an edge rusher will be the first pick if there is a projection on them into round 2. Also, could the Falcons trade down or take BPA on their boards if not? Who that guy is and how the draft unfolds will say a lot. I don't think DE needs more run D oriented players. They may really want a player like Reddick if he fell; as the other thread indicates, instead to defend the edge and have versatility rushing the passer. Similar to Beasley in some ways, but not as oriented into a dedicated pass rush DE. It does make you wonder what the team truly thinks of Campbell long-term, but a 3rd starting caliber LB outside of Beasley being asked to play snaps at DE/Upshaw & Reed being converted to DL primarily could in theory leave a hole that a hybrid player like Reddick might be able to fill well. Wheeler clearly isn't your best every down LB if something were to happen to one of your rookies last year and Campbell did have some issues staying healthy. What about on sub-packages? Does he unseat Campbell? I thought he played well in the SB and overall as a rookie, primarily in coverage. Maybe Reddick gives a more pass rush oriented from the LB position player Atlanta is scouting for? Seems to make sense. Even so, if you were to grab a player like him another pass rushing talent could be had in round 2. Hard to see us getting a shot at Reddick, though.
  4. To me, after the signing of Poe our needs at LB go down a bit due to the nature of LOS battle freeing up whomever you have in the back 7. And, if Poe is indeed a force on run downs you likely are in your Nickel packages for 3rd down. That means the value of Reddick in a trade up would be PRIMARILY utilizing his flexibility as a pass rusher in certain formations/blitz packages. While he would be a nice pick there are other DEs that Quinn may want to secure at 31 and I'm of the opinion in my gut Atlanta has the luxury of going BPA or trading down more likely than trading up. However, it would be nice to get him without needing to trade up much if Atlanta in fact really did like him more than what end or BPA could be at 31. You just really have to weigh the cost of moving up and losing out on another pick until our 2nd rounder. Would you rather Reddick + our current 2nd(assuming we don't have to give it up?) OR trade down from 31, have 2 second rounders and perhaps an extra 3rd or 4th? EDIT: After further consideration and not knowing what the coaches think of Campbell moving forward it makes more sense why the Falcons may target a LB of Reddick's caliber. Interesting...he could have more chances at getting sacks rushing the QB than Campbell perhaps showed and given his injury status as a rookie. IF that is the case though you could argue Atlanta still drafts an OL in round 4 or 5 assuming Thornton was signed with hopes of being favorite at RG if healthy.
  5. Good to hear from Freeman. Sounds like he will be a man possessed next year, and really you have to hope most of our players will feel that way. If the offense comes back with a fire, I don't care if they set records as long as we can compete for 4 Quarters with a projected improvement on defense I see a good run again this year and hopefully we can close all games we have control of unlike that last game. Time for another run!
  6. The way I see it is understanding is half the battle in communication.
  7. Given his injury history isn't it more difficult to play OT due to mobility on every snap vs occasional running play for the guard?
  8. This exactly. Loving the moves. Get some UDFA FBs to compete, draft an OL mid-rounds as insurance still/see if someone else falls on draft day, but it helps you focus BPA if we can't trade up/down, etc.
  9. There is no way we take a DT at 31, but it's possible if he is clearly BPA to take one lower. The Falcons probably would envision that player replacing Hageman/Poe if he walks. Entering the season, DT may need a mid-round pick, but 2nd isn't that appealing unless it's BPA. Now, if we trade down from 31? I wouldn't mind a DT as long as OL is deemed okay before the draft & our pass rush overall is considered set / a FS is less desirable to draft compared to a particular DT. It's all about the spot/players available; identifying needs for depth/prejections as a starter.
  10. I always find it interesting when so many players 'fly up the boards' in the draft. Of course, that by definition means others are falling; at no fault of their own. So, players you wouldn't think to be in a lower round start to drop there due to a run on players/positions and differing evaluations(read BPA?)/positions of need between each team. I wouldn't mind a TE in the middle rounds, just as long as we "KNOW" OL/EDGE/S/LB etc are set; also the theme of what to do about FB. Could see possible H-Back types, but I expect a few UDFA signings to compete as a FB in this offense. The idea was Falcons wouldn't change their offense. How much is an H-Back a change from the formations we ran the last 2 years?
  11. Coaches/orgs can make hits and misses. The problem is wishing we were already the Patriots or a perennial winner. Remember, before Mike Smith Atlanta never had consecutive winning seasons. He was a foundation from which the need for Quinn and a next level was needed. I will always respect what Mike Smith did for the Falcons. Now, as regards Poe I agree. As long as he is healthy; read effective and not super hampered by a past back surgery which is less likely and more that he was burned out/overused and in the 'wrong' way in KC during his final year+, then Dontari will be able to do more than what Babineaux or Jackson were able to do here. Instead of playing outside at end situationally himself though, he frees up those guys and by slimming down some gives an interesting matchup problem for some teams as the 3T compared to 1T, and thankfully he won't be asked to sit on the C all of the time and play the most snaps of any DT in the league (?).
  12. ...and play-calling with awareness to your player health.
  13. 330 is an attainable target for him. Let's get it done personal trainers!
  14. Really liking the idea of trading back more. Wouldn't it blow your mind if we traded up and down?!