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  1. Unfortunately, our offense was the primary reason we didn't close the SB. Also, the defense is young and we have a draft in 2 weeks. The defense needs more infused into the front 7 and FS; especially along the edges / potentially projecting ahead for DT if Poe doesn't work out by FA next offseason. Atlanta's pass rush is more of an issue overall than it's CB position; not for the price of Sherman. Why give up valuable cap space for someone you never invested in when you could invest into your own draft this year? It makes no sense. We'd have two of the highest paid CBs in the league and the highest paid Nickel. Common sense. The real story was our pass rush died when the offense couldn't stay on the field. Defense to the next level with another corner? There is a reason the DL has gotten a lot of love this offseason already and it isn't over. We lost Freeney this offseason and Clayborn didn't make it to the SB. Imagine the SB with Clayborn and Trufant. We would have won. Then again, Pats didn't have Gronk; still should have won. Alford stepped up his game despite his penchant for getting flagged at times and Collins was a pleasant surprise. You are at least 3 deep at CB in terms of starters. Get Poole more experience and we still have other youngsters being groomed already. There was talk Poole would be considered for FS as well. If that conversion happens then CB depth/a draft pick is a potential this draft or next year. #Depth #RosterTurnover Sherman would be a move for trying to win the SB in the next year or two; however, there are other areas of concern for this team and some of them relate to the draft. The "asking price" would be legitimately to take over the contract and maybe give them a pick? Asking price goes from steep to they are desperate to trade him? Stop reading the media. It makes you drunk folks.
  2. If you have the cash to pay him for restructuring/extension; thereby lowering cap hit over remaining life, then great. This means you project him as your starter past age 32. Not a bad thing, hopefully Mack can be our starter for a few years and his leg heals up well. The thinking at the time was if we overpaid for a FA RG; instead of going after Poe, and thereby everyone on the OL eventually being signed to expensive contracts. Granted, in the next 2-3 years it might make them all seem like bargains.
  3. If Atlanta were to move up for an OL, it is doubtful to be into the teens and doubtful for someone other than Lamp. A move into the teens signals someone more like Reddick as others have mentioned. Disclaimer: I'm not necessarily in favor of some all/nothing on an OL in round 1. I would without question "live" with a first rounder on the whole Lamp argument; even in a trade up scenario, if it meant a for life RG for Atlanta with flexibility to play C. (read, Atlanta truly did their homework on him and know his ceiling) I am also a fan of the draft classes Atlanta had in recent years as proof of it doesn't really matter in the end "where" you draft per se; as long as you believe strongly that it's 'your guy' with each pick. Sometimes they are reaches technically, but the results can't be argued with and also some players will drop and you get better value lower than expected. #commonsense #overthinking #justwinSB
  4. I like Wes and he could win the job, but i think the notes on Garland and the overall lack of proven depth for the emergency tackle/what happens if Mack ever went down for real scenario is a bit scary. Plus, 4 starters are already getting paid on the OL. I think you must draft at least 1 OL rounds 1-4 even if you aren't in the "maybe" move up for Lamp crowd; I'm on the fence only because I personally believe Quinn/the staff can coach up a 2nd or 3rd rounder into another edge rusher if we get best OL at 31, but I also doubt anyone other than Lamp is worth a first in the projected mid-low first round. So...hard to say but I firmly believe we likely go OL/DE or DE/OL to start the draft. Trade possibilities on draft day plus how the picks unfold will tell the tale. That's what makes Mock drafts insane to me. You literally have to mock several times to also include variances in teams preference or a run on a position. ADDED: Realize Atlanta has probably given Lamp the most attention publicly. That isn't a bait for other teams, they are making sure what he could be worth to move up for on draft day if he fell into the 20s; IMO. That's my gut. Same with Rivers if he fell and Lamp were picked earlier.
  5. I hate this with so much love.
  6. I'm of the opinion you can go either way. What is the more glaring hole right now for this team compared to the Super Bowl? What was a bigger issue in the Super Bowl? Ask yourself those questions and also project ahead many years. This should heavily influence what you really think the Falcons might want to do the most. IMO, they'd love Lamp or Reddick the most; aside from another preferred rusher or another top-5 pick they know can likely go ahead of 31 but would be targeted if they fell. Atlanta does not need to trade up and could trade down, but my gut says they listen and make a move only if absolutely their guy is remaining and others have gone which makes staying at 31 less than optimal in terms of value/reach pick AND if they can't trade down. My personal opinion is if we had more depth/a healthy OL in the SB we'd be champs today. I don't think the D collapse ever happens; not to that degree, with our OL protecting Matt better than being pressured on16 of 28 dropbacks. Freeney is gone, true, but other DEs (Clayborn/Shelby) are coming back, Beasley will be year 3, we did sign a veteran DE, and we got an entire draft after round 1 to get more talent to infuse/groom into the depth/potential camp battle such as at FS or situational edge rusher to develop. Then, think Poe's addition as also being undersold how it will free up other players; instead of always having certain ends come inside to DT in pass situations if you just want to stick with Poe/Jarrett at times than always leaning on a DE going inside; unless it is your best rush package. I think Lamp fills a need at OL; while heavy in the $ side right now, doesn't have near the depth the DL has already before the draft. If you argue RG is a starting need and we don't have a need for a starting DE (situational edge rusher for sure but your first round pick if Lamp were targeted in a trade up if he fell further into the 20s than say Reddick taken in the teens?) Thornton hasn't proven he can stay healthy and we all remember what happened with injuries to OL in one offseason camp alone. Remember the year Mike Johnson was going to be the guy, but got hurt in camp and we got stuck with Konz at RG as a rookie when he was supposed to be groomed to be the future C, plus Hawley in the mix...only one has panned out as an NFL starter/still plays and he isn't even playing RG anymore. What do we have to definitively suggest that 100% Wes or Garland can start all year at RG. This is a need let alone emergency OT; which Wes could in theory be groomed to do as well. Even still, might need another body late in the draft or UDFA to fit into ZBS. My limited opinion is depth is a need and I don't have any evaluation for Wes, but sooner or later OL is a need with aging OL. Your oldest just retired, your OTs have had some injury concerns here/there, but Mack did have his injury nearly cripple our chances before the SB began; an injury that did end his season 2 years ago. Could a Lamp be more useful when Centered in emergencies? :thinking: Levitre moving forward vs Wes replacing him next year was a theory out there (to save money)? If you get Lamp, he creates not only roster move options but ones with the reality of the cap we're going to be tight against needing to make tough choices. For the record, I like Levitre as the perfect LG in our ZBS. Just an example of flexing if Wes was truly a possibility at RG/swing OT, but that may not be the reality. Just a lot of money invested in an OL that doesn't even have 5 clear-cut starters. To me, that screams the need for a rookie contract that can flex your overspent OL back in favor of the eventual increased salary this young defense will need. #BigPicture
  7. This is a PR move by Evans to get another thread/tweet/clickbait from anyone that is duped enough to buy into his rhetoric.
  8. At least they'd have CB depth. I'm pretty sure they know if our OL didn't go to the trash heap we would've kept torching them during the SB. BB and Pats are smart; prepping for stiffest competition. Can't always count on opponent being hurt during a game.
  9. Think of it like this, if you can still improve your DL entering next year and D overall is expected to be an improvement already before the draft why not sure up the OL? We did lose Dwight and developing/drafting more edge rushers is a thing; might still try for Reddick. Of course, it's more likely easier to trade up for Lamp than Reddick one could argue. Both small chance of being at 31, but it is possible. Ask yourself this: If the OL wasn't so broken down throughout the Super Bowl collapse and we kept scoring / had a better overall performance on offense with a superior OL does a 1st round pass rusher at 31 even matter? I rest my case. Plus, we have seen the D improve on paper already minus a straight up replacement for Freeney's production. Hopefully, Poe's arrival, getting injured players back/draft picks as well as 2nd/3rd year players on D is enough to elevate the unit. If they project top10 D and you have a guy like Lamp at RG instead of the "?" which undeniably rests there pre-draft why not see if you can secure him as other rushers can be had lower in the draft?
  10. Including the SB. Ya know. The game we had 16 QB pressures in 1 half then 4 in the 2nd? Pretty much why pass rushing DE and even LB is being looked at for Falcons first 2-3 picks. OL might get some love still. Maybe a S, maybe a RB/TE. Who knows.
  11. He was my farvovitre QB since Leritrve our RT played QB with Dantriari OhPee our new EDGE. o7
  12. Well, Atlanta lost Freeney and rushing the passer is our primary weakness along the DL right now, IMO. That and perhaps another LB, that's why Reddick and a number of LBs have gotten tagged with Falcons showing more interest. However, it's difficult to say if an edge rusher will be the first pick if there is a projection on them into round 2. Also, could the Falcons trade down or take BPA on their boards if not? Who that guy is and how the draft unfolds will say a lot. I don't think DE needs more run D oriented players. They may really want a player like Reddick if he fell; as the other thread indicates, instead to defend the edge and have versatility rushing the passer. Similar to Beasley in some ways, but not as oriented into a dedicated pass rush DE. It does make you wonder what the team truly thinks of Campbell long-term, but a 3rd starting caliber LB outside of Beasley being asked to play snaps at DE/Upshaw & Reed being converted to DL primarily could in theory leave a hole that a hybrid player like Reddick might be able to fill well. Wheeler clearly isn't your best every down LB if something were to happen to one of your rookies last year and Campbell did have some issues staying healthy. What about on sub-packages? Does he unseat Campbell? I thought he played well in the SB and overall as a rookie, primarily in coverage. Maybe Reddick gives a more pass rush oriented from the LB position player Atlanta is scouting for? Seems to make sense. Even so, if you were to grab a player like him another pass rushing talent could be had in round 2. Hard to see us getting a shot at Reddick, though.
  13. Jamaal Anderson
  14. To me, after the signing of Poe our needs at LB go down a bit due to the nature of LOS battle freeing up whomever you have in the back 7. And, if Poe is indeed a force on run downs you likely are in your Nickel packages for 3rd down. That means the value of Reddick in a trade up would be PRIMARILY utilizing his flexibility as a pass rusher in certain formations/blitz packages. While he would be a nice pick there are other DEs that Quinn may want to secure at 31 and I'm of the opinion in my gut Atlanta has the luxury of going BPA or trading down more likely than trading up. However, it would be nice to get him without needing to trade up much if Atlanta in fact really did like him more than what end or BPA could be at 31. You just really have to weigh the cost of moving up and losing out on another pick until our 2nd rounder. Would you rather Reddick + our current 2nd(assuming we don't have to give it up?) OR trade down from 31, have 2 second rounders and perhaps an extra 3rd or 4th? EDIT: After further consideration and not knowing what the coaches think of Campbell moving forward it makes more sense why the Falcons may target a LB of Reddick's caliber. Interesting...he could have more chances at getting sacks rushing the QB than Campbell perhaps showed and given his injury status as a rookie. IF that is the case though you could argue Atlanta still drafts an OL in round 4 or 5 assuming Thornton was signed with hopes of being favorite at RG if healthy.