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  1. Classic thread right up there with Kris Jenkins speed.
  2. Really went out on a limb there putting the SB runner-up 2nd to the SB Champs.
  3. Jake had a solid year. Not his best but solid. People are really focusing in on a few performances and the SB in particular. I prefer to think Jake will have a better year next year but the reality is we won't let him walk.
  4. Not reading through 6 pages but I'm not sure how this topic got started. Have a hard time seeing how it's not us when I look at their schedule. Not another truly compelling matchup that they have to play in Foxboro.
  5. JJ Matt Mack Vic Free
  6. 4 TEs? No.
  7. How would this even make sense? I don't have anything against him other than I never thought he was a good QB (Jaworski) and we just threw a ton of $ at Schaub.
  8. Good move for him.
  9. So it was not the Cowboys DT I was thinking. Still expecting is to bring in another DT.
  10. Free agency got me like:
  11. I know he's older but I am definitely intrigued!
  12. Good. Saw this one coming. Poe or McClain. Gotta think it's going to be one of them with Jackson gone and Babs not in the future plans.