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  1. Agree to disagree. Freeman was a steal where we got him. Matthews has been solid but not spectacular and Rico is probably undervalued. Doesn't mean that we can't be judged by not getting anything (not much anyway) out of the rest of those picks.
  2. I think we did really well to get Free, Jake and Rico but with the Shembo disaster, Spruill never playing a down, and Starr being Starr I can't see how we could get an A. The hope would be that those later round guys would at least be STs contributors, etc.
  3. Is he really? Just figured Southward was done. That was a tough break for Spruill. I was optimistic about that guy.
  4. Hageman's 2nd half last year and the playoffs probably boosted that from the B- or below it would have been with just Freeman, Matthews and Rico.
  5. Was about to type the same thing.
  6. He definitely stood out to me in the 2nd half of the season and the playoffs last year. Really hope he can build on it this year.
  7. This just makes me want to punch Shanny in the face.
  8. Figured this was relatively obvious. When we jumped up and took Takk I figured it was because we were worried about Dallas going after him and clearly the front office was a lot more fond of Takk then they were Taco or TJ Watt.
  9. Nope. Feel good about where we're at with our D-line.
  10. In retrospect, seeing how low Blount came in, Free may be lower than I expected. Still, for the most part, with the guys that have shown up thus far I would expect Free & Vic to be in the top half.
  11. Yes Yes...I now know that Mack won't make it according to the other posts. I said Tev & DBo had outside shots so it's not a shock that they're not on it. Free probably won't be any lower than 40 but if Tevin is not on there at all I think there's a good shot at top 25. He's still a 1000 yard rusher with over 10 TDs on the top offense and people love skill position players on offense.
  12. BOOOO! I still feel good about all my other picks.
  13. Did they already say only one Center can make it?
  14. That's likely true of some of that bunch. Still, I can't ever celebrate an injury even when it happens to a hated rival b/c I hate when it happens to us.
  15. Also worth noting: Don't they collect these player votes at the Pro Bowl? AKA...right after Championship weekend? I think that would influence some votes as well.